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Advertise on bitGuru

Advertise your ICO on bitGuru!

bitGuru provides the ideal platform for your ICO advertising and marketing campaign. Thousands of visitors come to the site every month looking for inspiration for new ICO projects to invest in, meaning it’s the perfect place to promote your ICO and boost your marketing campaign. We love learning about interesting projects and spreading the word about ones we feel will benefit the world. ICO marketing is a very delicate process which you need to get right the first time. We can help.


January: 263,000

February: 100,000

March: 56,000

April: 150,000

Expected for May: 350,000

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We understand that volume is key when launching any kind of token sale event. From start to finish, every day matters and we’re here to help you be seen. We have a number of partnerships with other cryptocurrency related sites. We’re always looking for new ways to share our content and get people on the site.

We offer a wide variety of ICO advertising opportunities, all designed to increase the exposure of your blockchain based project. Our site attracts hundreds of thousands of potential token sale investors, many of them looking to invest in a well grounded and reputable ICO project. Promote your ICO today.

If you think you could benefit from an advert on the site, have a scroll through our Media Pack below for our current advertising rates!

Token Sale & ICO Advertising options: 

ICO Press Release Campaign

Our most popular option for 2018. Our cryptocurrency news page is the main source of our traffic. We will write and publish your ICO press release. No link limits, stays on the site forever and reads like a genuine news article. We don’t mark our press releases as sponsored and it’s also featured on our home page as standard! Get your press release campaign off the ground today.

ICO List Page:

Choose from General Listing or Featured Listing – Our ICO list is another popular option for projects looking to maximise the exposure of their ICO marketing campaign! Many investors look for ICO lists when considering which one to advertise one. This is one of our most popular pages in term of traffic! Advertise your ICO today on the bitGuru ICO list.

Home Page Feature:

Advertise on our Home Page. We have a new section on our home page dedicated to featured ICO’s!

News Page Side Bar:

Sponsor an ad on our news page side bar! The cryptocurrency news page is the perfect way to advertise your ICO! This page gets the majority of traffic and therefore the most eyes on your token sale event!

Promote Your ICO today, time is ticking!

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