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bitGuru provides the ideal platform for your ICO advertising and marketing campaign. Thousands of visitors come to the site every month looking for inspiration for new ICO projects to invest in, meaning it’s the perfect place to promote your ICO and boost your marketing campaign. We love learning about interesting projects and spreading the word about ones we feel will benefit the world. ICO marketing is a very delicate process which you need to get right the first time. We can help.

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How can we help with your ICO Marketing Campaign?

We understand that volume is key when launching any kind of token sale event. From start to finish, every day matters and we’re here to help you be seen. We have a number of partnerships with other cryptocurrency related sites. We’re always looking for new ways to share our content and get people on the site.

Over 60% of our outgoing traffic goes to the landing pages of ICO’s promoted on bitGuru.

We offer a wide variety of ICO advertising opportunities, all designed to increase the exposure of your blockchain based project. Our site attracts hundreds of thousands of potential token sale investors, many of them looking to invest in a well grounded and reputable ICO project. Promote your ICO today.

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Token Sale & ICO Advertising options: 

ICO Press Release Campaign

An ICO press release campaign on bitGuru is the most popular option our clients opt for. We can write and publish your ICO press release. No link limits, stays on the site forever and reads like a genuine news article. We don’t mark our press releases as sponsored and it’s also featured on the token review section on our home page as standard! Get your ICO or token sale press release campaign off the ground today.

When it comes to ICO marketing, the competition is fierce. With so many projects begging for readers attention, it’s vital that you promote your ICO in the right way. Using a press release, you can effectively highlight the benefits an investment will bring to both the investor and the world. We share all the press releases we publish across a variety of Social Media platforms including Reddit, Facebook & Twitter.

ICO List Calendar:

Choose from General Listing or Featured Listing – Our ICO calendar list is another popular option for projects looking to maximise the exposure of their ICO marketing campaign! Many investors look for ICO list calendars when considering which one to advertise one. This is one of our most popular pages in term of traffic! Advertise your ICO today on the bitGuru ICO calendar.

The feautred ICO’s appear at the top of the page, meaning they will be the first ones visible to our readers. The main list runs in date order, so ICO  and token sale projects finishing first are at the top, with the calendar running down the later the project finishes.

Home Page Feature:

Promote your ICO press release at the very top of our home page. We have 2 featured news slots available to increase the exposure of your press release. These slots will make your press release the very first thing our visitors see when they land on the home page!

More people reading your ICO press release mean more potential investors and a successful ICO marketing campaign. The featured news slots can be bought for up to 1 week at a time. We like to keep the home page fresh and update in regularly, so we run a 1 week max time period for all ICO press releases featured on our home page. The featured news section is a well recommended way to increase the number of people reading and learning about everything your project has to offer.

Cryptocurrency News Page Side Bar:

Sponsor an ad on our news page side bar! The cryptocurrency news page is the perfect way to advertise your ICO! This page gets the majority of traffic and therefore the most eyes on your token sale event! Our banner advertising slot is perfect for your crypto marketing campaign, it appears next to every single article and is 200×600 px in size.

Promote Your ICO today, time is ticking!

ICO Press release on bitguru
ICO List page calendar
Featured News section for ico press release
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Ongoing blockchain and cryptocurrency project promotion

Now the ICO promotion is over and has been a success, the team is undoubtedly busy building and developing the best possible product. The next stage is to attract users to whatever product or solution the project is building. Whether it be earning potential, benefits for the holders or simply attracting people to test out and use the platform, you need to promote the concept to those willing to participate.

Altcoin page

We have over 50 different pages dedicated to particular altcoins on bitGuru. The page describes the project in detail, features any recent news that has been published about the project, links to additional learning resources such as your website, whitepaper & subreddit, as well as a live price chart from cryptocompareSee our NEO coin page as an example. 

We can also publish a dedicated news page about the project, with a long term media partnership on offer. We write and publish all of your recent news, announcements and updates, which all display as news on the site, with a dedicated page to your cryptocurrency project. Our crypto news pages rank highly on Google and we’re constantly improving our SEO ranking on them. It’s the ideal way to promote your blockchain or cryptocurrency project and help push it out to the masses.

neo altcoin page on bitguru

ICO Marketing Done Right!

ICO marketing is a very sensitive topic, and there’s a very fine line between getting it right and getting it wrong. bitGuru can help with your ICO marketing, ensuring the project successfully raises the funds necessary to hit the hard cap goal and ensure the project can be a sweeping success.

We have more options available, simply request a price list by email and get your ICO advertising campaign started: