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  • Ripple update Ripple cryptocurrency

Trading Ripple vs Other Cryptos: Comparison

The cryptocurrency market has recently become crowded, with the leading coin – Bitcoin - having risen nearly 60% from its bottom of $3,147 in December [...]

  • abbc coin

China’s Alibaba Group Successfully Seizes “Alibabacoin”

The vast power and potential of the Internet as a medium for trade and business has been utilized through the years. Multiple e-commerce platforms have [...]

  • cryptocurrency digital marketing choosing the right domain crypto website

Choosing the Best Domain Name for a Crytocurrency Related Website

Cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming one of the most sought-after trading and investment instruments. While the concept of Bitcoin was foreign to the average trader only [...]

  • How blockchain will influence ecommerce

How Blockchain Will Influence the Ecommerce Industry

The blockchain technology has revolutionized the financial transactions in the last few years. 2019 is going to be the year when this technology will influence [...]

  • Buy Bitcoin Billboard - Promote crypto campaign

Would You Like To Help Promote Cryptocurrency to The Public?

Now's your chance to help increase awareness and adoption of cryptocurrency and help promote crypto to the world! The bitGuru cryptocurrency marketing campaign is 'an [...]

  • Sweatcoin app

SweatCoin Literally Pays You $0.06 USD Per 1,000 Steps!

Sweatcoin is an App available both on IOS and Android devices that literally pays you for working out. By allowing the app to use your [...]

  • coinbase wall street

Coinbase Looking To Recruit 150 More Staff, Recruiting Wall Street’s Finest!

Coinbase, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States have recently opened an office in New York City. Instead of selling cryptocurrency to regular individual [...]

  • mco card spending

MCO – Accelerating The World’s Transition to Cryptocurrency

MCO, formerly Monaco, have recently began testing their VISA payment cards. The solution will allow users to spend a variety of cryptocurrencies anywhere in the [...]

  • Coinbase Promise To List Most Digital Assets Coinbase 'Error' Shows 45 Additional Cryptocurrencies On The App

Coinbase Promise To List Most Digital Assets

Coinbase have announced that they have created a new process which promises to "rapidly list most digital assets that are compliant with local law". This [...]

  • bitcoin atm machine stolennnn

Bitcoin ATM Thefts Are Becoming A Problem For Owners!

Since the first ever Bitcoin ATM opened it's digital doors in Vancouver, Canada back in 2013, the digital currency Bitcoin has increased significantly in both [...]

  • finding the best ico to invest in

5 Things You Must Consider Before Investing in an ICO

Altcoins or crypto-currencies are fast emerging as top investment options worldwide. The phenomenon is not restricted to investors in wealthy, developed countries. Instead, we have [...]

Coinbase Issue Statement over “Self Trading” Allegations

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world, Coinbase, have rubbished claims that they have been engaging in in proprietary trading. In an official [...]

  • cryptofuse press release worlds first offline blockchain

CryptoFuse to Offer World’s First Secure, Internet-free Transactions

Cryptofuse is the world's first company to create secure, internet-free transactions, backed by the power of patent-pending, military-grade technology. CryptoFuse was launched in June at [...]

Dubai Police Predict Digital Money Will Replace Cash

At a recent event, Lt-Gen Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, deputy chairman of the Dubai Police and head of general security in Dubai addressed attendees about security [...]

  • Marshall Islands launching cryptocurrency

Mainstream Cryptocurrency Adoption is Happening Around Us – You May Have Just Not Heard About it

The Marshall Islands plan to adopt a cryptocurrency called ‘Sovereign’ later this year. News broke recently that the Republic of the Marshall Islands have been warned [...]

  • finding the right ico

An ICO list Can Help You Choose Which to Invest In

The Benefits of a List of ICOs The world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, at first, can seem very strange. Many people have avoided getting [...]

  • coronation street cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Featured in The UK’s Most Popular Soap Opera

Coronation street first aired on British television in December 1960, and for the past 58 years has been one of the nations most popular television [...]

Another Crypto Boom Impossible Says Vitalik Buterin

Most have heard of the cryptocurrency boom in late 2017, where the majority of the cryptocurrency market saw unparalleled growth. Many have speculated when another [...]

Goldman Sachs CFO Says Crypto Trading Desk Rumours Is “Fake News”

Goldman Sachs Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has rubbished claims that Goldman Sachs have sidelined plans to open a crypto trading desk. Stating the reports are [...]

  • Goldman Sachs Insider Trading With Bitcoin?

Goldman Sachs Insider Trading With Bitcoin?

Goldman Sachs announced earlier today that their supposed plans to open a cryptocurrency trading desk will not be going ahead. This news appeared to spark [...]

  • Coinbase Promise To List Most Digital Assets Coinbase 'Error' Shows 45 Additional Cryptocurrencies On The App

Coinbase Update Shows 45 Additional Cryptocurrencies On The App For Some Users

Coinbase is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world, so when they announce the addition of new cryptocurrencies the price tends to [...]

  • 22 Cryptocurrency ATM's Seized By Russian Police

22 Cryptocurrency ATM’s Seized By Russian Police

22 cryptocurrency ATM's have been seized by Russian Police following orders from the country's central bank. According to RBC, a local media source in Russia, [...]

  • The Days of Crypto Mining are Ending. The Possibility to Profit is Just Getting Started.

The Days of Crypto Mining are Ending. The Possibility to Profit is Just Getting Started.

Since the cryptocurrency movement burst onto the main stage of our collective conscious in 2017, it has produced a slew of ancillary products and peculiarities [...]

  • Chinese Google Equivalent Baidu To Block Crypto Content

Chinese Google Equivalent Baidu To Block Crypto Content

Chinese multinational tech company, Baidu will block cryptocurrency content on its online portals according to China Times. Baidu will follow in the footsteps of Tencent and [...]

  • JP Morgan

JP Morgan CIO Says Blockchain Will Replace Existing Tech

JP Morgan have a habit of making headlines within the cryptocurrency news space. This time it is JP Morgan CIO, Lori Beer whom has stated [...]

  • Bitcoin ETF Decision Due Within 24 Hours SEC coinbase regulated securities broker

Bitcoin ETF | Decisions’, Dates’ & Reasons’

You are probably aware by now that the SEC have declined a further 9 bitcoin-based exchange-traded funds (ETF's). This is a quick summary highlighting the [...]

  • Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In - Top Cryptocurrency Coins in 2018

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies Grabbing Investor Attention in 2018

What is Сryptocurrency? Сryptocurrency is a digital currency designed to function as a medium of exchange for financial transactions. Cryptocurrencies work in tandem with Blockchain which [...]

  • Bitcoin ETF Decision Due Within 24 Hours SEC coinbase regulated securities broker

Bitcoin ETF Decision Due Within 24 Hours

Not more than a month since the SEC decided to delay the decision on the impending bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). The SEC is set to [...]

  • bitcoin adoption venezuela

Venezuela Currency To Be Pegged To Cryptocurrency In “Questionable” Move

Nicolás Maduro, the president of Venezuela has announced that the country's national currency, the Bolivar, will be pegged to the government's own cryptocurrency, the Petro. [...]

  • Wall Street Interest in Crypto at All Time High

Wall Street Interest in Crypto at All Time High

Speculation surrounding Wall Street and cryptocurrencies continues to be at the heart of crypto markets. It is being reported that Wall Street interest in crypto [...]

  • 60% Of Top 100 Cryptocurrencies Have No Working Product

60% Of Top 100 Cryptocurrencies Have No Working Product

Following a recent study by Invest in Blockchain, a cryptocurrency analysis site it has been determined that only 40 of the top 100 cryptocurrencies have working [...]

  • crypto coaster going down

The Cryptocurrency ‘Bell’ Run – August 2017 – August 2018, Cryptocurrency Timeline of Events

Satoshi Nakamoto's famous digital currency, Bitcoin which pioneered the 'blockchain revolution' has put on a spectacular show over the past 12 months. From dizzying <1000% [...]

  • 90% Of Cryptocurrencies Are Doomed

90% Of Cryptocurrencies Are Doomed

Ted Rogers, the President of Xapo has recently made a very bold claim about the rapidly declining cryptocurrency markets. He believes the ongoing 'recession' which [...]

  • John Mcafee's 'Unhackable' Wallet Hacked... Again

John Mcafee’s ‘Unhackable’ Wallet Hacked… Again

You may well be aware of the Bitfi wallet released by John Mcafee in recent months. The supposedly 'unhackable' wallet had a bounty programme which [...]

  • Cryptocurrency Trading is Officially Illegal in Saudi Arabia

Cryptocurrency Trading is Officially Illegal in Saudi Arabia

Cryptocurrency trading is officially illegal in Saudi Arabia after a government committee have issued a statement saying “the unautharized virtual currencies are illegal inside the kingdom [...]

  • Domain Names Are Crucial For Mass Adoption

Domain Names Are Crucial For Mass Adoption

Domain names will make using and sending cryptocurrencies much easier, just like when you use a .com site or any other domain for a website, [...]

  • bitfi hardware cryptocurrency wallet

15 Year Old Kid Hacks John McAfee’s ‘Unhackable’ Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet!

"The radically innovative Bitfi wallet is the world’s first un-hackable device that is the quintessential expression of disruptive research and development." That's the claim being made by Bitfi on [...]

Cryptocurrency Markets Hit Lowest Point For 2018

The cryptocurrency market doom and gloom continues and the cryptocurrency market cap has now hit a new lowest point inn 2018. After starting the year [...]

  • Bitcoin & Crypto Markets Continue To Plunge Amid Market Manipulation

Bitcoin & Crypto Markets Continue To Plunge Amid Market Manipulation

The bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices continue to drop, and now new research has potentially identified that this may well be the result of mass market [...]

The Canadian Government is Studying Ethereum and Smart Contracts

Paul Krugman can say what he wants about the dubious utility of blockchain, but it does not seem to stop the technology from being noticed [...]

  • First Ever Cryptocurrency Company To Be Listed On London Stock Exchange

First Ever Cryptocurrency Company To Be Listed On London Stock Exchange

Argo Blockchain is a crypto mining company based in the UK, all will become the first ever cryptocurrency company to be listed on the London [...]

  • coinbase index fund

Coinbase Custody Planning Support For 40 Cryptocurrencies

Coinbase have recently announced their plans to add custody support for 40 cryptocurrencies, including, XRP, NEO, Ontology and many other major cryptocurrencies. Coinbase  is one [...]

  • coinbase add gbp support

Coinbase Now Support Same Day GBP Withdrawals

Coinbase is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the USA. It's a great choice for new cryptocurrency investors because of the user friendly interface and simple [...]

  • Swiss Bank Profits Surge 44% After Adding Bitcoin Trading

Swiss Bank Profits Surge 44% After Adding Bitcoin Trading

Swissquote is is an online banking service provider based in Switzerland. Back in July 2017 they became the first online bank in Europe to launch [...]

  • Coindeal sponsorship deal

CoinDeal Agree Sponsorship Deal With Premier League Football Team

The English Premier league is one of the largest sports leagues in the world, with viewing figures of over 600 million worldwide. Well now cryptocurrency [...]

  • Mastercard CEO Calls Cryptocurreny Junk

Mastercard CEO Calls Cryptocurreny Junk

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are never far away from a negative remark, and it's almost tradition that the occasional CEO has something bad to say. Although [...]

  • Winklevoss Cryptocurrency ETF Rejected By The SEC

Winklevoss Cryptocurrency ETF Rejected By The SEC

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has officially rejected a proposal by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, founders of crypto exchange Gemini, for the first-ever cryptocurrency [...]

  • Coinbase Enable Cryptocurrency Gift Cards

Coinbase Enable Cryptocurrency Gift Cards

Coinbase is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, they have now announced a new partnership which will enable cryptocurrency gift cards to [...]

  • Former JP Morgan VP: Blockchain May Be The Key To Avoiding Next Financial Crisis

Former JP Morgan VP: Blockchain May Be The Key To Avoiding Next Financial Crisis

The former vice president of the global investment banking giants JPMorgan Chase has said that blockchain “may be the key to avoiding the next global financial [...]

  • blockchain of things with iotw

The ‘Blockchain of Things’ is Here

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of devices that are connected together in a way that allows them to exchange data with one [...]

  • Chris Kelsey, How To Become A F**king Millionaire

Chris Kelsey, How To Become A F**king Millionaire

Chris Kelsey is a become a more familiar name, the self made millionaire dropped out of school at the age of 17, 6 months before [...]

  • 3 Reasons Why The Cryptocurrency Bull Run is About to Start

3 Reasons Why The Cryptocurrency Bull Run is About to Start

2018 has been a downhill slump for most cryptocurrency investors with the entire cryptocurrency market cap losing almost 70% at the lowest points. There have [...]

  • World’s Largest Asset Manager BlackRock Looks Into Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin up by 4%

World’s Largest Asset Manager BlackRock Looks Into Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin up by 4%

BlackRock often deemed the worlds largest 'shadow bank' has caused a surge in the cryptocurrency markets after a report in the  Financial News London on Monday [...]

  • 1 trillion dollar market cap crypto

Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization Expected To Reach $1 Trillion This Year, Despite Current Down Trends!

The cryptocurrency market capitalization is expected to reach $1 Trillion USD for the first time this year, despite the current bear market. The current total [...]

  • How To Avoid Coinbase Fees | Buy Bitcoin With No Fees

How To Avoid Coinbase Fees | Buy Bitcoin With No Fees

Coinbase is one of the largest online cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The exchange allows users to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash directly via their [...]

  • The global debt bomb, 3 times more debt than money

There Is Now Officially 3 Times More Debt In The World Than Money

You may well have seen in the news the last couple of days that global debt has reached another all time high. After climbing to [...]

  • Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In - Top Cryptocurrency Coins in 2018

Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In – Top Cryptocurrency Coins in 2018

2017 was an exciting year for the cryptocurrency market as a whole, the market cap was $17 billion on 1 January, 2017… It surged past [...]

  • YouTube Have Been Accused Of Negligence in Bitconnect Lawsuit

YouTube Have Been Accused Of Negligence in Bitconnect Lawsuit

Some of you may remember the BitConnect scam which arose during the cryptocurrency boom at the end of 2017. Well BitConnect was eventually handed a [...]

  • $23 Million Security Breach In First Ever Decentralised Exchange Hack

$23 Million Security Breach In First Ever Decentralised Exchange Hack

Bancor is a decentralised exchange which allows users to convert their tokens directly from their wallets. At approximately 00:00 UTC on 10th July, 2018 [...]

  • QuarkChain Testnet Now Live & Has Already Hit 14.7k TPS

QuarkChain Testnet Now Live & Has Already Hit 14.7k TPS

QuarkChain is quite possibly one of the most highly anticipated projects this year, with claims of 100k TPS using a sharding technique they ICO sold [...]

  • MCO On The Verge Of Putting Crypto In Every Wallet

MCO On The Verge Of Putting Crypto In Every Wallet

Making cryptocurrency easier and more accessible to the everyday user is a critical step towards accelerating the growth and longevity of the overall cryptocurrency market. [...]

  • coinbase index fund

Coinbase Index Fund Will Be the Dow for Cryptocurrencies

Coinbase is acting swiftly, taking strategic actions that will grow its brand and larger presence in the marketplace. The widely adopted cryptocurrency exchange and wallet [...]

  • playboy cryptocurrency

Playboy Are Still Working on Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments Through Its Own Wallet

Back in March, the internet was abuzz with reports of the super model magazine company, Playboy developing their own cryptocurrency wallet. When Hugh Hefner founded [...]

  • London Stock Exchange answer to ICO's

London Stock Exchange Are Actively Building an ICO Alternative To Give SME’s Easier Access To Funding!

Blockchain Summit London has provided some major insights into how some of the largest companies are planning on implementing blockchain technology. Michael Coletta of the [...]

  • Blockchain A

Blockchain A “Slam Dunk” For BP

BP are one of the world's leading oil and gas companies and it is is no secret that blockchain technology has the potential to drastically [...]

Bank of America Acknowledges Cryptocurrencies as a Threat to Their Business

Bank of America and crypto concerns In one what may be considered as the first time that a large financial institution has gone on record [...]

  • what is Vite

Former Goldman Sachs Vice President Forms Crypto Startup Vite

Vite is a "next generation high-performance decentralised application platform" according to their website and is one of the most recent projects to be announced to [...]

  • john mcafee almost dies poisoned by enemies

John McAfee Almost Died This Week, Claiming He Was Poisoned By His Enemies

"I am more difficult to kill than anyone can ever imagine" The extravagant multi-millionaire shared the news via Twitter this Friday, claiming an attempt had [...]

  • Akoin crypto city

Akon To Found Own Cryptocurrency, Akoin

The list of celebrity endorsements in the cryptocurrency world is continuously growing, much like the number of actual cryptocurrencies. Well now we can add another [...]

  • Bithumb hacked

Bithumb Freeze Operations and Send everything To Cold Storage after $30 Million Was Stolen in Hack!

Over $30 Million in altcoins has been stolen after one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, Bithumb was hacked today (Wednesday 10th June [...]

  • Rick Hilton To Sell Mansion For Cryptocurrency Via Blockchain Auction

Rick Hilton To Sell Mansion For Cryptocurrency Via Blockchain Auction

Richard “Rick” Hilton, chairman of Hilton & Hyland and perhaps more famously known as the father of Paris Hilton, is to sell one of his [...]

  • ceek

Ceek Launching a Virtual Reality Crypto Economy

It has become the norm for blockchain startups to crowdfund new projects with an ICO, building a community of investors and early adopters. However, it’s [...]

  • Coinbase Index Fund

Coinbase Index Fund: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin & Bitcoin Cash Available to Institutional Investors

Coinbase announced back in March their intent to launch an Index Fund, allowing "U.S. resident accredited investors" to invest in a cryptocurrency linked fund. The Coinbase index [...]

  • cryptocurrency news

Cryptocurrency News Today – 09/06/2018

Here at bitGuru our focus is on providing the most up to date cryptocurrency news. We provide daily updates on the most exciting and important [...]

  • gads becomes coinbase pro

Gdax Becomes Coinbase Pro on June 29th & Could Offer Crypto Securities

Coinbase announced on 23rd May, 2018 that on 29th June, 2018, GDAX would evolve to become Coinbase Pro. GDAX has been Coinbase's professional trading platform [...]

  • Bitcoin ETF Decision Due Within 24 Hours SEC coinbase regulated securities broker

Coinbase To Become Regulated Securites Broker and What This Means

Coinbase recently announced that they are in the process of of becoming a regulated securities broker dealer, pending approval by the SEC. This is just [...]

  • Fujitsu launch blockchain powered retail solution in Japan

Leading Japanese IT Company, Fujitsu Launch Blockchain Based Shopper Rewards Platform

Sales began yesterday (6th June 2018) in Japan for Fujitsu's newly developed blockchain solution for retail customers. Read the full announcement on the Fujitsu website. Fujitsu [...]

  • what is fantom

Next Investment – Fantom – What is Fantom?

You may have been following our bitGuru investment fund recently, well we now have decided on our next investment... Fantom, with the whitelist opening on [...]

  • Belgium Government

Belgian Government Launch Website To Warn Against ‘Fraud With Crypto Coins’

The Belgian government backed website temooiomwaartezijn.be has been launched in an effort to crack down on crypto scammers. The website which is run by the Belgian Federal Public [...]

  • cryptocurrencies are commodities

Cryptocurrencies Are Commodities, After Being Cleared For Trading in Indonesia

Cryptocurrencies are commodities... or at least in Indonesia The Ministry of Trade in Indonesia has supposedly signed a decree to allow cryptocurrency trading on futures [...]

  • Coinbase announce they will be opening in Japan!

Coinbase Exchange Will Oficially Be Launching In Japan

Coinbase, the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the United States recently announced their plans to tap into the Japanese cryptocurrency markets. The exchange which allows users [...]

  • russia to overturn cryptocurrency media ban

Russia Overturn Their 2 Year Cryptocurrency Media Ban

Back in July 2016, a court in Russia ruled to block bitcoininfo.ru without allowing the sites owners any trial. The court was Vyborg district court [...]

  • Binance to list quarkchain what is QuarkChain

Binance To List QuarkChain (QKC) Just One Day After Public Sale

Last week we wrote about QuarkChain being one of the upcoming 3 best ICO's to invest in. We also announced we would be adding QKC [...]

  • bittrex exchange banking agreement

Bittrex Land Agreement Which Could Enable Crypto Trading Directly To and From Bank Accounts!

The cryptocurrency exchange, Bittrex were recently overtaken as the number one exchange in terms of volume. Binance exchange now hold the top spot, but this [...]

  • blockchain summit london june 2018

The Blockchain Summit London – Everything You Need To Know & Why You Should Attend!

It is usual for every growing industry to be rife with a slew of discussions in the period of its infancy, and the same holds [...]

  • stability coins

Best Alternatives To USDT Tether – Best Stable Coins To Use For Holding Value

A stable coin is something used by cryptocurrency traders to temporarily cash out of a position. They're usually pegged to the price of 1 USD, [...]

  • 3 Best ICO's

The Upcoming 3 Best ICO’s To Invest In

As you may be aware we have recently started our bitGuru investment fund, which we have allocated $10,000 which will be invested mostly into ICO's [...]

  • Pras Michel

The Fugees Co-Founder, Pras Michels May Be Satoshi Nakamoto

Pras Michel's, famously known as a co-founder of the fugees. Has recently switched the music industry for the technology industry with new blockchain startup known [...]

  • Binance to list quarkchain what is QuarkChain

The Search For The Next Bitcoin Ends Here… QuarkChain

Bitcoin was first designed as a decentralised, permission-less,   peer-to-peer transactional system which has since took the world by storm. Before anyone discovered the true potential [...]

  • bitGuru investment fund

bitGuru Investment Fund

The bitGuru investment fund is here... Cryptocurrency is an extremely exciting prospect, for many reasons: Investors, companies, businesses, governments and many more will inevitably benefit [...]

  • Crypterium

Trading Fiat for Crypto: Crypterium Appoint Former Head of Visa as CEO

The former head of Visa, Marc O'Brien, who spent 6 years working for Visa UK & Ireland has trade the world of fiat payments for [...]

  • ddd

3 Of The Best Cryptocurrencies To Be HODLing in 2018

New cryptocurrencies are hitting the markets every day, and working out which ones to buy and hold is becoming even more challenging. There are so [...]

  • JP Morgan

JP Morgan Hire New Head Of Crypto Assets Strategy

JP Morgan Chase have taken other big step into the world of cryptocurrencies. The leading US banking group and financial services firm have recently created a new position [...]

  • Goldman Circle dollar pegged crypto

Goldman Sach’s Backed Circle Raises $110 Million To Create Dollar Pegged Cryptocurrency!

The new crypto payment start up Circle recently announced they raised $110 Million to fund the creation of a new dollar pegged cryptocurrency. United States Dollar [...]

One in Five Financial Organisations Now Considering Cryptocurrency Trading

After cryptocurrency prices skyrockets last year, it's no wonder one in five financial organisations are considering cryptocurrency trading within the next 12 months. The demand [...]

  • ibin

The Blockchain Version Of The International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) – International Blockshare Identification Number (IBIN)

The blockchain ecosystem is continually adapting and changing to accommodate self regulatory practices. All parties involved are trying to build a fair, well working environment [...]

  • exchange

Major Banks Now Planning The Launch Of Cryptocurrency Exchanges In 2018

After cryptocurrencies shocked the world in 2017, most of them increasing hundreds of times in value and making investors serious amounts of money, everyone is now eagerly [...]

  • most profitable cryptocurrencies throughout April

Most Profitable Cryptocurrencies Throughout April

April is almost over but it will go down as a largely successful month for cryptocurrencies. In which the bear run of 2018 seemed [...]

  • cryptocurrency mining chips

Cryptocurrency Mining Chips Sees Record Profits For Samsung and AMD

Demand for cryptocurrency mining chips has been surging and both Samsung and AMD are seeing healthy returns in their balance sheets as a result. AMD [...]

  • CargoX project

CargoX Supported By European Manufacturing Giant, Gorenje

Having excellent supporting companies and partners is great, but being supported by one of the leading European manufacturers of household appliances with a 68-year history [...]

  • Delta cryptocurrency portfolio tracker

Delta: Bitcoin, ICO & Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker

As a cryptocurrency investor you will more than likely use some sort of portfolio tracker app, and if you haven't already had a look then [...]

  • Mortgages on the blockchain

Here’s How Blockchain Technology is Disrupting the Mortgage Industry (For the Better)

Solving Age-Old Pain Points in the Mortgage Industry with Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) It seems like no matter where we turn, “blockchain technology” is all [...]

  • Goldman Sachs Insider Trading With Bitcoin?

Goldman Sachs Hire Cryptocurrency Trader, Justin Schmidt To Head Digital Assets Division

Goldman Sachs appear to be jumping on the Cryptocurrency bandwagon, despite previously denying that they’re delving into the digital assets industry. The Wall Street [...]

  • Daniel Masters Cryptocurrency market will get much bigger

Former JP Morgan Banker Says Cryptocurrency Market Will Get Much Bigger

Daniel Masters, who previously led JP Morgan’s global energy trading desk, says cryptocurrencies are fueling a financial revolution. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Masters [...]

  • best cryptocurrencies to invest in. Top cryptocurrency coins 2018

3 Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In – Top Cryptocurrency Coins 2018

2017 was an exciting year for the cryptocurrency market as a whole, the market cap was $17 billion on 1 January, 2017… It surged [...]

Are Amazon Set To Follow Pornhub and Accept Cryptocurrency?

As the popularity of cryptocurrency increases, we're slowly seeing mass adoption take hold. Most recently, Pornhub partnered with Verge (XVG), as well as several other [...]

  • verge pornhub partnership insider trading

Verge Pornhub Partnership… Insider Trading?

You may be familiar with the Verge Pornhub partnership in which Pornhub announced they now accept Verge as a payment method. This has been [...]

  • Pornhub accept verge

PornHub Announce They Now Accept Verge (XVG) As Payment For Their Premium Membership!

Pornhub, the world's largest porn website have just announced they will be accepting Verge (XVG) as payment for their premium membership! The Pornhub Verge partnership [...]

  • blockchain powered vehicles

Automobile Brands Racing Toward Smart Vehicles – Looking To Blockchain Based Vehicles

Blockchain technology is being looked at seriously by businesses all around the world into how it can provide solutions to age old problems and challenges. [...]

  • Infastructure

Blockchain Tech is Moving Faster Than Its Infrastructure — We Need To Develop a More Sophisticated Infrastructure

Technology, as a rule, grows and advances more quickly than the infrastructure it exists in. Back in 1886, a German man named Karl Benz (recognise [...]

  • Floyd mayweather

Why Celebrity Endorsements of Cryptocurrency and ICO’s Shouldn’t Always Be Trusted

2017 saw the popularity and awareness of cryptocurrency increase exponentially. Video's started to emerge online of well known, successful people talking about Bitcoin and other [...]

  • is monaco a scam monaco visa partnership

Is Monaco A Scam? Absolutely Not!!

Whether you are new to cryptocurrency or a seasoned investor, you have probably realised that it is important to research any projects before investing [...]

  • Bitcoin bull run

Has the 2018 Bitcoin Bull Run Started?

After an incredible year for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in 2017, the start of 2018 could not have been more different. From the bitcoin bull [...]

  • Bitcoin ETF Decision Due Within 24 Hours SEC coinbase regulated securities broker

Biggest Scam ICO? – Centra Tech Shut Down For False Claims! Was Their $32 Million ICO The Biggest Ever Scam ICO?

Yesterday (2nd April 2018), The SEC released a statement announcing to the world that the 2 co-founders of the Centra Tech have been charged for [...]

Blockstream Markets LApps: Lightning Applications that Could Rival DApps

With the introduction of Lightning Charge earlier this year, Blockstream paved way for a new family of applications that could be built upon the Lightning [...]

BlackRock Exec Vishal Karir Joins Ethos.io as Chief Investment Officer

Ethos.io, a blockchain ecosystem startup, recently announced that it has nabbed former BlackRock exec Vishal Karir to join the company as its Chief Investment Office. [...]

Supply Chain Cryptocurrency Update for April 2018 (Walton Chain, Ambrosus, Origin Trail)

Continuing from the compilation of news from various projects, here is the next set of updates for you. This includes announcements from both blockchain and [...]

Cryptocurrency Project Updates for April 2018 – Part 1 of 3

Since Q1 is now coming to an end, several new projects are coming forward with the latest status of cryptocurrency project updates on their respective [...]

Oyster Protocol to Airdrop Its New Oyster Shell SHL Token

Oyster Protocol is being considered as one of the most ambitious blockchain projects that have come to light in the past few months. The project [...]

Request Network partners with Hands with PwC France and Francophone Africa Blockchain Lab

Request Network, a blockchain based payment solution platform, announced earlier that it has forged an alliance with PwC France and Francophone Africa Blockchain Lab. The [...]

Major Cryptocurrency Events for April 2018

Bitcoin might be going through a tumultuous run as of late, but that has not stopped the cryptocurrency industry from moving on with its day [...]

What Is VeChain and What Is It Doing With Distributed Data Vending?

With the plethora of blockchain platforms out there and each of them offering so-called “out of this world” solutions, it is difficult not to miss [...]

Overwinter Is Here – Zcash Hard Fork Is Just a Better Version of the Same Coin

ZCash is all ready to roll out its first Zcash hard fork. However, the Zcash hard fork will not create a new coin but will [...]

Learn About Cryptocurrency Trading: The Cryptocurrency Trading Basics

The recent rise of cryptocurrencies saw an unprecedented amount of individuals passing through the proverbial veil to transition from conventional to digital investments. Yet, it [...]


BloXRoute Aims to Improve Bitcoin Relay Network

BloXRoute, a scaling solution for blockchains, has just come to surface and has already started gaining noticeable attention. The bloxroute solution aims to improve quite [...]

Blockchain Capital Closes Fourth Round of Funding with $150 Million

Not many entities in the cryptocurrency world hold the stature which Blockchain Capital does, so big move like the blockchain capital funding that happened lately [...]

American Bar Association Provides Suggestions to IRS on Taxes for Hard Forks

By now everyone knows that with the guidelines that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued in 2014, cryptocurrencies are subject to capital gains taxes within [...]


NoLimitCoin Launches New Fantasy Crypto Game

Fantasy sport is a medium of gaming which needs no introduction. The concept of fantasy sports has been a popular form of gaming and seems [...]

Binance is not Shutting Down In Japan. Clearing the FUD

The cryptocurrency industry was once again taken with concern when Nikkei, a Japanese publication, reported that popular cryptocurrency Binance could be forced to shut down [...]

Statements from the G20 Summit in Argentina

The upcoming G20 Summit is in the process of holding meetings between several government officials preceding the leaders’ summit, which is to be held from [...]

Economists Launch Asset Backed Cryptocurrency, Saga

Not all cryptocurrencies are to be hated by economists,  this was demonstrated in a collective announcement made for Saga, a cryptocurrency that is backed by [...]

  • Bitcoin bull run

Bittrex Will Delist More Than 80 Altcoins by the End of March

 Bittrex recently shared its plans to remove 82 altcoins from its exchange. The reasons for removing these altcoins from the exchange’s listing vary according to [...]

  • facts about bitcoin you need to know

The Ever Elusive Record High: Can It Ever Be Regained by Cryptocurrencies?

Even though it has just been a little over three months, it seems a distant dream when the cryptocurrency industry rejoiced in achieving milestones and [...]

Wikipedia’s Competitor Everipedia Is Going to Hold an Airdrop for Its IQ Tokens

Everipedia, simply described as a wikipedia competitor, confirmed this Tuesday that it will be holding an airdrop for the distribution of its IQ Tokens. The [...]

  • Robinhood commission free cryptocurrency trading

Former Facebook and Twitter Exec Josh Elman Will Share His Time Between Greylock and Robinhood

Robinhood, the popular free stock trading app, recently made a very important hiring decision in the form of Josh Elman, who until now served as [...]

  • blockchain technology

Dev Protocol Launched By Codementor, Will Help Developers To Build Reputations’ by Using Blockchain

The growing world of blockchain has brought about all kinds of different platforms. From specific blockchains dedicated to supply chain networks to platforms that are [...]

  • coinbase index fund

Coinbase Receives E-Money License from UK, Becomes the First Cryptocurrency Exchange to Get a UK Bank Account

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts in the U.K. may have a chance to rejoice, since Coinbase, one of the largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, [...]

Circle Launches New Cryptocurrency Trading App

Circle, a Goldman Sachs funded payment transfer company, recently announced the launch of its mobile app that allows its users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies [...]

Thanks to Xiaomi, CryptoKitties Get Their Own Knockoff In the Form of CryptoBunnies

The CryptoKitties craze had been at its high during December 2017, with TechCrunch reporting at the time that people had spent over $1.3 million buying [...]

  • blockchain technology

Huawei Working to Stress Test Blockchain Networks Through Project Caliper

With the plethora of new blockchain platforms and solutions popping up every other day, claiming to be the best in what they do and offering [...]

Former Brazilian Government Officials Involved in Bitcoin Money Laundering Scheme

Bitcoin has gotten involved in yet another scandal, with no doing of its own.   According to local news sources, former officials from the government [...]


Loom Network to help resolve Ethereum scaling issues

Today seems to be a day of scale, a potential leveling up across the board for both of the leading cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. As [...]

Hashgraph, the New Algorithm to Realize Extremely Fast Transactions on Blockchain Without the Scaling Issues

The scaling issues on Bitcoin and Ethereum are not exactly a secret. The way that these networks’ transaction speeds have been affected and how high [...]


Lightning Labs deploys beta mainnet ready Lightning Network

The year of 2018 just might be the year of the Lightning Network. The long awaited Lightning Network has been talked about for a while [...]

Paul Vigna Speaks on the Truth Machine and how to understand cryptocurrencies

Paul Vigna, a renowned reporter for the Wall Street Journal who is considered an authority on cryptocurrencies, appeared on TechCrunch’s podcast, TechnoTopia, to talk about [...]

Congressional Hearing on Cryptocurrency

The Congressional Finance Services Committee conducted a hearing this Wednesday, March 14, on the topic of cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs). The hearing included [...]

According to South Carolina, Cloud Mining Contracts Are Considered As Securities

After the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s repeated insistence to consider initial coin offerings (ICOs) as securities, the Attorney General of South Carolina seemingly has [...]

Elon Musk Spotted Reading a Book About Cryptocurrencies

Some names, like Oprah, really need no introduction. However, it is not just television celebrities and entrepreneurs that hold that distinction, but brilliant minded inventors [...]

Thai Bank to Add Pound and Euro for Ripple Remittances

With Ripple’s remittance platform making waves all over the world, more and more banks are adopting it.  One of Thailand’s most popular banking establishments, the [...]

South Korea May Remove Ban from ICOs

The country of South Korea and its cryptocurrency movements have been rather helter skelter since the last quarter of last year, especially as we drew [...]

Brazilian Cryptocurrency Exchange Foxbit Loses 30 Bitcoin to a Bug

It is not a new thing in the world of finance, whether conventional or the digital one of cryptocurrencies, for companies to notice loopholes that [...]

The Dutch Finance Minister Shared His Two Cents on Cryptocurrencies

The Dutch Finance Minister, Wopke Hoekstra, very recently wrote a very detailed letter to the parliament, government of Netherlands, on the topic of cryptocurrency regulations. The [...]

Thomson Reuters Is Leveraging AI to Know How People Feel About Bitcoin

The world of cryptocurrencies is certainly more advanced than its conventional counterparts. Whether it comes to processing transactions, executing paperless contractual agreements, or just defining [...]

  • Lightning network developments, lightning network issues

Lightning Network Mainnet Now Has More Than 1000 Nodes in the of Wake of Microsoft’s Supporting Comments

When a Microsoft official mentioned that Layer 2 scaling solutions that use off-chain scaling and transaction methods are superior to those solutions which claim to [...]

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Advises Central Banks to Be Careful While Thinking of Following Cryptocurrencies

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) suggested central banks around the world to be vigilant before going ahead with issuing any cryptocurrency of their own, [...]

  • Winklevoss twins bitcoin cryptocurrency

Gemini Founders Allude Towards Supporting More Cryptocurrencies

With the current nature of the cryptocurrency market after the statement of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the effects that it has [...]

Plattsburgh New York Wants to Ban Bitcoin Mining

The city of Plattsburgh, New York, with its population of around 20,000 as of 2016, is a peaceful location that offers new opportunities with old [...]

Investors: Beware of Fake Telegram ICO Websites

The Telegram initial coin offering (ICO) is inspiring several bad actors to leverage  its popularity by setting up fake sites to con naive investors. It [...]

  • bitcoin price

Bitcoin Is Continuing Its Downward Trend to Hit Its One Month Low, But It Can Go Up Again In Value

The statement which the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued last week on cryptocurrency exchanges showed just how a single indication of regulations can [...]

Banks Walk Away from Prasos, a Cryptocurrency Exchange in Finland

Banks Walk Away from Finnish Cryptocurrency Exchanges The growing talks to regulate cryptocurrency and related institutions have started showing tangible effects as of late, and [...]

  • how to buy bitcoin

Best Ways to Get Free Bitcoins – Genuine Ways To Earn Bitcoin For Free

You don't have to invest your hard earned money to own Bitcoin. There are a number of ways to get free Bitcoins and earn Bitcoin [...]

  • Thailand

Thailand to Effectively Regulate Cryptocurrencies and ICOs

Thailand is the latest country to join the ones that are imposing regulations on cryptocurrencies, local news reports. Countries as of late that are placing [...]

  • Russian cryptocurrency regulations

Russia Could Adopt Friendlier Regulations for Cryptocurrency Trading

It had been reported earlier by Russia’s Parliament Newspaper that talks are in place to discuss draft bills for cryptocurrency regulations in Russia, which are [...]

  • ETH.TOWN airdrop cryptocurrency game

Think Twice Before You Act While Trading Cryptocurrencies

It is a well-known and widely established fact that when it comes to taking business decisions, you should always leave your emotions at the door. [...]

  • Kind Ads ICO Token Sale on bitGuru ICO list page

This Innovative Advertising Solution Aims To Tidy Up The Messy Online Ad World

Advertising. The mechanism that runs the web, at least, the mechanism that powers many an internet company, ranging from individual blogs and websites to powerhouses [...]

  • Bitcoin bull run

Bitcoin Dropped to $8,300, Creates Uncertainty in Traders Amidst Mt. Gox Sell Off

It seems that this past week spelled nothing but trouble for Bitcoin, different events shook the market with happenings such as the SEC statement and [...]

Young Romanians Prefer Paying in Cryptocurrencies

Over the past few years, Romania has slowly established itself as a country that embraces technology wholeheartedly. With its growing presence in the online staffing [...]

Sierra Leone Presidential Election Powered By Blockchain Voting

Sierra Leone is a relatively unknown territory when it comes to blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies, but it recently made its name known in the sector [...]

  • Fusion blockchain to blockchain transactions

Facilitating Transactions Across Blockchains – Trade-able Risk Free Smart Contracts!

2017 will be remembered by many as the year that cryptocurrencies finally broached the mainstream consciousness. Although Bitcoin was first introduced to the world in [...]

  • bitcoin drop in value ethereum drop in value litecoin drop in value

SEC Statement sees a Bitcoin drop in value

The recent statement from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has sent the cryptocurrency industry into a state of panic, and that has transcended [...]

  • Ripple update Ripple cryptocurrency

Ripple Powered Payment App to facilitate Transactions for Banks in Japan

Ripple, the blockchain based payment solutions provider which also has its own cryptocurrency, has lately been on a streak with its corporate partnerships all over [...]

  • Russian cryptocurrency regulations

Putin Hints for Russian Cryptocurrency Regulations to Take Effect from July 1

The growing need to regulate cryptocurrencies has been causing more and more countries to share their opinion on the situation. Russia, for one, has not [...]

Daimler AG brings cryptocurrency to the automobile sector

Cryptocurrency to Automobile Daimler AG is looking to bring cryptocurrencies to the automobile sector with it's latest positive reinforcement initiative. This latest initiative provides potential [...]

  • GE transportation blockchain transportation

GE Transportation Is Now a Member of the Blockchain in Transportation Alliance

The multinational conglomerate, GE or more precisely a division of GE, General Electric Transportation is now a member of the Blockchain Transportation Alliance. This adds [...]

Decentralized escrow provider Payfair releases Trust Nodes

Decentralized Escrow Services Provider PayFair Releases Trust Nodes PayFair, a blockchain startup that intends to provide decentralized Escrow services as well as peer-to-peer payment and [...]

  • ETH.TOWN airdrop cryptocurrency game

ETH.TOWN Cryptocurrency Game Launches Airdrop

While the concept of blockchain being used for purposes beyond cryptocurrency is not novel, it is certainly lucrative enough to generate interest from various other [...]

  • Cambodia cryptocurrency, entapan cryptocurrency

Cambodia May Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency

Cambodia may be launching their own cryptocurrency... or so the rumours state, news about Cambodia’s cryptocurrency, Entapay has been circulating and it is easy to see [...]

  • coinbase index fund

Coinbase Lawsuit Woes Continue As the Exchange Gets Sued Again

It seems that Coinbase and lawsuits go hand in hand for now. After the notorious allegations of insider trading that were eventually followed by a [...]

  • Legolas

Cryptocurrency Has the Potential to Disrupt Money Transfers but It Might be an Uphill Task

Cryptocurrencies are fundamentally peer-to-peer currencies recorded and encrypted through the medium of blockchain technology. In the last couple of years, attention has shifted away from [...]

Ripple Coinbase Listing Rumors – Will Coinbase List Ripple?

Two hot topics that are always surrounding Ripple is the rumors around its potential Coinbase listing and its support of regulations and centralization. Ripple Coinbase [...]

Australian Newspaper Stands Embrace Cryptocurrency

Remember when everyone saw newspapers as a dying industry? An industry stuck in its old ways, looking for a revival and a path to survival, [...]

Is PayPal Laying Down Foundations to Enter the Crypto Space?

Looks like PayPal, the payments processing giant, is definitely not sleeping on the growth of cryptocurrencies and seems to want to make sure to cater [...]

The Co-Founder of Uber Is Launching a New Cryptocurrency

Garret Camp, the famous co-founder and chairman of Uber who had been in the news a couple of months ago for donating half his wealth [...]

Are ICOs In Trouble?

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been vocal about initial coin offerings (ICOs) and how the unexpectedly growing investment method that has been [...]

Western Union and Cambridge Piloting Ripple Services

The sky is blue, the Earth is round, and Ripple has added more partners to its portfolio. Say that statement every week, and it seems [...]

Bitmain Made as Much Profit as Nvidia

Most of the cryptocurrencies may have taken a hit in value in the past few weeks, but that has not stopped the industry from showing [...]

  • win bitcoin

Bitcoin Might Not Have Intrinsic Value, But So Is The Case with Dollar, Says Sheila Bair

Cryptocurrencies see more than their fair share of negative comments, which is why it is always welcomed whenever they get even a tiny bit of [...]

The Difference Between Bitcoin and Ripple

As far as publicity and buzz in the cryptocurrency community goes, the recent pace of Ripple’s alliances with major financial institutions all over the world [...]

MetaMask Rolls out New UI

With the world of cryptocurrency slowly transcending the invisible boundary between itself and the everyday users – who until the last quarter of 2017 – [...]

  • bitrewards ai based platform on bitguru

The Blockchain Will Unite E-Commerce and Shoppers

Loyalty programs are designed to reward customers for their past purchases or other actions and to incentivize them to make more purchases. One could say [...]

  • Free upcoming crypto and blockchain events

Free Upcoming Blockchain, Bitcoin and Crypto Events in 2018!

In 2018 there are literally hundreds of blockchain and cryptocurrency events going on around the world. Popularity is growing at an exponential rate and 2018 [...]

  • blockchain gaming, indie developers have a huge opportunity decentralized gaming

Blockchain Meets the Gaming Industry

Over the past year, we have witnessed a huge surge in the popularity of blockchain technology. It has found its way into what feels like [...]

Following Its $57.5 Million Investment, Uphold Acquires Cortex MCP for Mobile Payments

It seems that Uphold is very keen on using the investment amount of $57.5 million that it recently obtained from its funding round, since it [...]

Central Banking Chief from Latvia Detained for Bribery, Latvian Bank Involved in Alleged Money Laundering

It is no secret that central banks have a particular sense of dislike for cryptocurrencies, with almost all of them seeing them as a means [...]

Bitcoin Pizza V2 Legendary Pizza Purchaser Bought Another Pizza to Test Bitcoin Lightning Network

History repeats itself. Regarding the cryptocurrency world, it is sometimes in the form of a cryptocurrency reaching the same value from its initial days, and [...]

Bitcoin Core 0.16.0 Rolls out with Updates Centered on SegWit

The 16th major code release for the Bitcoin Core network, version 0.16.0, is here, and with major updates for Segregated Witness (SegWit). SegWit is often [...]

50 Cent Admits That He Never Really Owned Any Bitcoin

When it comes to the world of cryptocurrency, one can rest assured that it is anything but boring. From fluctuating values to ever-changing comments, it [...]

Hacker Returns 20,000 Ether to CoinDash in Another Installment, Recovering $26 Million in Stolen Coins

In what seems like a lesson taken from Aesop’s Fables, the hacker who had stolen 43,000 Ether from CoinDash’s initial coin offering (ICO) in July [...]

Is Turkey Launching Its Own Cryptocurrency?

It seems that after initial coin offerings (ICOs) in 2017, country operated cryptocurrencies are the trend to watch this year. After Venezuela’s rather controversial launch [...]

Poloniex Acquired by Circle, a Goldman-Sachs Backed Company

In a move that no one saw coming, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, Poloniex, was acquired by Circle, a Goldman Sachs funded company. [...]

Liberland Is Planning on Deploying Its Own Cryptocurrency

The first thing on your mind might be, wait, what is Liberland? Well, the Free Republic of Liberland is a “sovereign state that is located [...]

  • stex exchange buy all cryptocurrency on one exchange

STeX.Exchange Presents Ground-breaking Cryptotrading Technology – All Cryptocurrency, One Exchange

The project aims at solving the liquidity issue once and for all Moscow, February 28, 2018 – STeX.Exchange smart cryptocurrency trading platform with automated liquidity [...]

  • Robinhood commission free cryptocurrency trading

Robinhood Introduce Commission Free Cryptocurrency Trading

Remember when one of the most popular zero fee trading app's on the marketplace, Robinhood, announced that they would be including crypto trading as a [...]

  • binance coin burn dates

How To Take Part In Binance Airdrop’s

What is Binance?Binance is the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world. Launching on July 14th 2017, they became the third biggest exchange after [...]

Is DASH Really a Decentralized Coin?

Dash has certainly realized significant growth regarding utilization, partnerships and price point over the course of last year. This year, the Dash project continues to [...]

Austria to Looking at Treating Bitcoin like Gold

Austria is looking at regulating Bitcoin like it is Gold A country in Europe is looking at regulation of Bitcoin uniquely. Austria is looking at [...]

Elon Musk Wants People to Know About His Crypto Holdings

Remember, when Bitguru reported on fake Vitalik, Trump, Elon, and other celebrities or famous people asking you for your Bitcoin or your Ether in exchange for [...]

The BAT Launches One Million Dollar Referral Program

The Basic attention token is continuously taking action in furthering its mission. But first, a primer on the Brave Browser and the BAT. The Basic [...]

Georgia May Be Another Contender in Considering Crypto Taxes

It looks Arizona and Wyoming may not be only states that are competing to be innovative in recognizing the potential of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies [...]

  • coinbase index fund

Coinbase Notifies Customers of IRS Summons and Adds Support for SegWit

Coinbase has been busy lately with their announcement of developing a method for merchants to implement a payment processing method for them to accept cryptocurrencies [...]

Ethereum’s Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin Visits Thailand Officials with Omisego

Latest Developments by Ethereum Co-founder Vitalik Buterin The wunderkind and co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, doesn’t seem to have time to rest as he has [...]

Maduro Tells State-Owned Companies to Accept Petro, Launches Petro Gold

Maduro, the leader of Venezuela, has stated that the launch of the Petro, the newly deployed cryptocurrency backed by Venezuela’s oil reserves has gone well. [...]

  • Russian cryptocurrency regulations

Putin Doesn’t Want to Fall Behind in the Technological Race

The space race was a few decades ago; it took place in the material world, the new race is now, it’s in bits and bytes, [...]

Tesla’s Amazon Cloud Hacked for Cryptocurrency Mining

It seems that no one is safe from the ubiquitous hacking attempts that involve cryptocurrency. Be it that friend at work who visited a malicious [...]

Wyoming House Approves Exemption for Utility Tokens

The growing diversity of cryptocurrencies, such as the difference between payment and utility tokens, is slowly yet certainly becoming more apparent to the general public, [...]

South Korean Government Official Who Worked on Cryptocurrency Regulations Found Dead at Home

Jung Ki-joon, a South Korean government official, was found dead at his home on Sunday. Jung, 52, was the head of economic policy coordination at [...]

Segregated Witness (SegWit) Will Be Getting a Major Update

Very few updates can make a Bitcoin user as excited as Segregated Witness (SegWit) does. It does not only hold the promise to resolve the [...]

Venezuelan President Maduro Reports Presale for Petro Went Over $735 Million

Despite protests from the country’s Congress, its citizens, and by major nations in the world, Venezuela’s government decided to go ahead with the presale of [...]

Railway Rolling Stock Operator Novotrans to Use Blockchain to Make Its Operations Faster and More Reliable

The use cases of blockchain technology keep evolving, and more and more industries and market segments are adopting the technology to enhance their day to [...]

Australian University Offering First-Ever Blockchain Course

As the demand for blockchain technology increases, it points towards a growing jobs market where IT professionals who are familiar with blockchain technology will be [...]

Israel Will Tax Cryptocurrencies as Assets

With tax season approaching in various countries, some cryptocurrency holders in such territories are either wondering how their digital assets will be taxed, or if [...]

Polish Bank Allegedly Paid YouTubers for Running Smear Campaign Against Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency industry has had its fair share of scandals. However, with its adoption into mainstream markets, it was projected by some sectors that its [...]

South Korean Government Will Continue Supporting “Normal” Cryptocurrency Transactions

Lately, rumors have been circulating about the South Korean government banning cryptocurrency trading – about a month after it had presented regulations to continue the [...]

Play2Live Opens the Main Token Sale with Release of the MVP 2.0

Alexey Burdyko, CEO of Play2Live, opens the token sale event with a Q&A live stream on the updated P2L platform on February 21st, 17:00 UTC, [...]

  • Donald Trump Bitcoin Donald Trump cryptocurrency White House cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Regulation Is Not in the Cards Yet, Says White House Official

With recent developments on cryptocurrency trading regulations from countries such as South Korea, the cryptocurrency community is on edge for similar updates that might come [...]

Bodog Billionaire Building $100 Million Bitcoin Cash Resort

Calvin Ayre, the mind behind one of the world’s most famous online gambling sites, Bodog, recently announced the development of a $100 million resort in [...]

Po.et Adds Washington Post Executive to Grow Further

Blockchain might have made its way to the global stage by serving as the backend technology for Bitcoin, but it has since evolved past its [...]

Switzerland Becomes First Ever Country to Roll out Specific Guidelines for ICOs

It was initially reported that Gibraltar could be the first ever country to introduce specific rules for initial coin offerings (ICOs); however, in one swift [...]

The Prime Minister of India Comments on Blockchain

While global views remain largely divided when it comes to cryptocurrencies, it seems that almost everyone agrees upon the effectiveness of blockchain technology and how [...]

Cyber Insurance Companies Look Towards Cryptocurrency Exchanges as Premier Business Opportunities

To say that cryptocurrencies noted unforeseen achievements in the last year would be an understatement. Bitcoin made its historic bull run during the last two [...]

Forbes’ Richest People in Cryptocurrency

Forbes’ Richest People in Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency is changing the world, one day at a time. The most recent constant that it has influenced to change [...]

$4.7 Million in Bitcoin Seized from Fake ID Operation

The more popular that cryptocurrencies and their usage gets, the more creative ways to exploit them are brought to light – even if said operations [...]

Harbour Makes It Easier to Identify Trading Regulations and Comply with Them

Despite the growing interest in initial coin offerings (ICOs), the now vastly adopted method of fundraising for startups and recognized businesses alike still have a [...]

  • coinbase index fund

Coinbase Rolls out Test Version of Payment Solutions

Despite what people may say to the recent drop in Bitcoin’s value and the discussion that it has sparked, the supporters of cryptocurrencies wholeheartedly believe [...]

Are ICOs Really a Security Offering?

"I believe every ICO I’ve seen is a security." These were the words of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission chairman Jay Clayton during his statement [...]

  • Cambodia cryptocurrency, entapan cryptocurrency

Pineapple Fund Contributes to Psychedelic Drug Research

Cryptocurrencies have largely been associated with illegal activities in the past, which is something that the medium’s critics like to bank upon in present-day debates. [...]

The Crypto Asset Merchant Bank Galaxy Digital Invests in Everipedia

Galaxy Digital, the full crypto asset merchant bank that has been recently launched by Bitcoin Bull and Investor, Mike Novogratz, seems to be executing quickly [...]

How Fuel Bros’ Etherbots Is Outpacing Cryptokitties

The Rise of Etherbots Etherbots is outpacing Cryptokitties when it comes to transaction volume and this may be big deal because it shows that the [...]

How Mike Novogratz Raised 250 Million for His Cryptocurrency Merchant Bank

The vocal and outspoken manager of hedge funds has marked a significant accomplishment for this year. Mike Novogratz was able to conduct a successful raise [...]

Winter Olympics Speed Skater Paid in Cryptocurrency

Whether or not winter sports make you excited, you must have been seeing news coverage all over the internet from the 2018 Winter Olympics event [...]

SBI Holdings Exchange Selects Ripple for First Trading Pair

While Bitcoin was busy establishing its name throughout the world by its increase in value, Ripple had been quietly working towards fame of its own, [...]

Gibraltar Becomes World’s First Country to Introduce ICO Regulations

With the ever-growing talks of regulations on cryptocurrencies – including them possibly being a major topic of conversation in this year’s G20 Summit – it [...]

Proof of Stake and Why It Matters for Users!

The importance of Proof Stake The current state of many coins is that they are using proof of work to conduct the mining process. Both [...]

Zap Rolls out Their Lightning Network Testnet

As we are now stepping into the second half the second month of this year, we are seeing that different firms are already trying out [...]

How Bitgrail Went Bankrupt and Still Blamed It on Nano

The Loss Which exchange that fell into top five for XRB trading has seen it’s XRB or nano volume decrease to nothing? The exchange in [...]

Choon: The New Blockchain-Based Music Startup

The music industry has seen a great many shifts over the past several decades, music listeners initially had vinyl records, then CD’s, then the world [...]

Arizona Bill That Allows Cryptocurrency Tax Payments Is Passed

Remember that Arizona Bill that Bitguru reported on earlier? The one that was working on allowing individual residents in the state of Arizona to pay [...]

  • bithumb hacked

Bithumb Will Be Accepting New Users

Bithumb, one of South Korea’s popular trading platforms, will be accepting new users. This move is coming after the regulations that were planned and imposed [...]

  • JP Morgan

JPMorgan Chase Report on Cryptocurrencies

JPMorgan has been quite vocal on the matter of cryptocurrencies lately and has been reporting on the progression of the industry. This reporting makes sense [...]

  • Goldman Sachs Insider Trading With Bitcoin?

Goldman Sachs Issues Statements on Cryptocurrency

Goldman Sachs issued a somewhat sobering statement on the matter of the cryptocurrency industry and its potential valuations. Analysts over at Goldman Sachs have stated [...]

Beware! Trump and Vitalik Buterin Might Ask You for Your Crypto.

It looks like those rich Nigerian prince scams have moved into a different setting, that of cryptocurrencies. Have you come across those tweets from notable figures [...]

Brad Garlinghouse Talks with Yahoo Finace All Markets Summit Team

The cryptocurrency XRP has gained strength recently as its price has moved from its current level somewhat anemic levels, ranging around .78, compared to the [...]

Russian Government Arrests Employees at Super Secret Russian Lab

Crypto never sleeps, at any given time someone somewhere is working on a project, another may be readying an initial coin offering, others are mining, [...]

Why the SEC Halted AriseBank’s Initial Coin Offering

AriseBank, a self-dubbed cryptocurrency bank, recently saw an abrupt halt to its initial coin offering (ICO) when the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) intervened [...]

Canada to Use Blockchain with WEF for Air Travel Security

Blockchain is so revered as a technology in so little of a time that it is not overwhelmingly shocking but delightfully pleasing when one hears [...]

  • binance coin burn dates

Binance Resumes Trading After Halt, Denies Any Possibility of Being Hacked

Binance resumes trading, blames server issues The Hong Kong-based trading firm Binance has resumed operations after being under maintenance for a few days. The exchange [...]

  • global payments made better with the blockchain

Can Blockchain Make International Money Transfers Safer?

Sending money overseas is more common than ever nowadays. For lots of people, it’s the only option if they want to pay their mortgages, send [...]

  • Token card on bitguru

Beyond Banking Using Cryptocurrencies to Facilitate Transactions

In 2017, cryptocurrencies began making regular headlines for the tremendous growth in value and popularity. Led by Bitcoin, the first and most famous cryptocurrency, the [...]

The Cryptocurrency Market Could Hit $1 Trillion in 2018

When the year started, almost everyone in the cryptocurrency industry was ecstatic. Bitcoin was on a bullish run, other established cryptocurrencies were doing very well [...]

The City of Berkeley Is Pondering an Initial Coin Offering to Solve Its Housing Issue

The new funding vehicle of Initial Coin Offerings have been used by many projects over the course of this and last year, but it seems [...]

The Indian Government Might Classify Cryptocurrencies as Assets Soon

The Indian government will be ready to provide an early draft of its cryptocurrency regulations to relevant authorities by April 2018. The update was shared [...]

Fund Manager on ICOs, China, and the Cryptocurrency Market

The emergence of cryptocurrencies is slowly redefining the overall economy. Due to the rise of this financial phenomenon, new markets have come into existence, new [...]

Cryptocommunity Is Bullish on CFTC Comments at Banking Hearing

The past two weeks have been mundane at best-regarding market value for cryptocurrencies. In what might have been just another similar week, things are looking [...]

Agustín Carstens Pushes Bad Weight onto Crypto Markets

Cryptocurrencies have seen their fair share of criticism. Between revered magnate Warren Buffet to the head of JPMorgan Chase, cryptocurrencies have seen a treatment that [...]

Polychain Capital Is Not Going Public Just Yet

Polychain Capital, a cryptocurrency hedge fund from San Francisco, recently announced that it will not hold its initial public offering (IPO) in Canada and that [...]

BAT, the Brave Browser Token, Is Adding Partners like the Guardian

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) has lately been garnering some attention of its own. Created as a platform to benefit online advertisers, ad publishers, and [...]

Singapore Chooses to Let Cryptocurrencies Roam

While China clamps down on the cryptocurrency industry, other countries are deciding to head towards the opposite direction. A few weeks after South Korea confirmed [...]

Banks in Different Countries Are Now Trying to Prevent Crypto Trading Through Credit Cards

As the markets continue to look bearish with a slight sprinkling of upticks, other factors seem to be jumping into the picture. As of late, [...]

The Crypto Scene in Ireland Is Booming!

While cryptocurrency is one of the most polarizing topics over the world, one thing that everyone seems to agree upon is that blockchain, the underlying [...]

Puerto Rico Is Becoming a Potential Cryptocurrency Utopia!

According to a report published in the New York Times, Puerto Rico is the next “happening” place for cryptocurrencies, or that is what a few [...]

fidentiaX and the iXledger Partnership to Expand Offerings

fidentiaX is a company based in Singapore that launched their Initial Coin Offering in November of 2017. They have successfully concluded their initial coin offering [...]

The Cryptocurrency Markets Are Still Strong in India

The cryptocurrency exchange system in India continues to build up despite all the fear uncertainty and doubt that's present in the markets today. Zebpay has [...]

  • Ripple update Ripple cryptocurrency

The Partnership Ripple Made with Credit Agricole

Red Waves and Ripple The waves of red continue to occur within the cryptocurrency markets, and the causes and explanations for it seem to be [...]

NIST Provides a Comprehensive Introduction to the World of Blockchain

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has recently provided a draft of their report on Blockchain Technology. The report gives the reader an [...]

  • Draghi bitcoin bank european

European Central Bank President, Mario Draghi Says Banks Could Soon Hold Bitcoin

It seems to be a good week for cryptocurrencies, maybe not in terms of overall market value, but certainly when it comes to establishing credibility. [...]

  • Winklevoss twins bitcoin cryptocurrency

Winklevoss Twins Say Bitcoin Has Potential To Increase 30X !

The founders of the next generation digital asset platform built for businesses and investors, Gemini, has been relatively quiet in the new year but have [...]

  • trend micro coinhive google doubleclick

Google DoubleClick Fall Victim To CoinHive Monero Mining

Trend Micro, a popular cybersecurity firm, recently published a report stating that Google DoubleClick, which runs Google ad services on multiple websites including YouTube, was [...]

The Equi ICO by Michelle Mone and Doug Barrowman

They say the ICO space might be dying down, but there are still quite a few interesting projects that could be ones to watch. There [...]

  • ripple santander partnership OnePay FX

The Relationship Between Santander Group and Ripple Continues Growing

Ripple has been on a streak of forming alliances with major banks across the world, and its latest association involves none other than banking giant [...]

China Rolls out Another Campaign on Cryptocurrencies

On a macro level, the clampdown of cryptocurrency from China makes a lot of sense. China has a significant reason to watch the development of [...]

The State of Wyoming To Lead The Way On Blockchain Development

The state of Wyoming, which could be considered as the Midwest, seems to be hitting the ground running when it comes to the blockchain and [...]

Self-Mining Platform Artemine Launches Trading of Its Genesis Addresses

Artemine, the next generation of self-mining platform Minereum, recently launched the trading of its Genesis Addresses through its website. In what is being considered as [...]

  • facts about bitcoin you need to know

The Questions Currently Plaguing Bitcoin

Bitcoin had been created with the concept of “digital cash” in mind. When it was introduced, it had painted a picture of a world where [...]

Deutsche Bank Executive on Cryptocurrencies and Regulations

From renowned personalities to global institutions, everyone seems to have a strong opinion about cryptocurrencies. While a few of those opinions rule in favor of [...]

NIST Mistakenly Says That Bitcoin Was a Fork of Bitcoin Cash

In a baffling research paper, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) claims that Bitcoin is a fork of the original network, with Bitcoin [...]

The World Gold Council Says Bitcoin Is Not Parallel to Gold

“Cryptocurrencies are no substitute for gold.” This is the title of a research paper issued by the World Gold Council (WGC), the market development organization [...]

  • cryptocurrency mining chips

Samsung Partners with a Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware Manufacturer to Make Its Own ASIC Chips

It is not just blockchain technology that is being adopted by corporations all over the world, but the crypto fever is also getting to them [...]

The South Korean Government Steps up Efforts to Ensure Cybersecurity

Now that the South Korean government has decided not to ban cryptocurrencies, it seems like it is stopping at nothing to ensure that it is [...]

  • cryptodoggies

Move Over Cryptokitties, Cryptodoggies Has Arrived!

Remember CryptoKitties, the ethereum based game which allowed users to breed, collect and trade Cryptokitties through the use of smart contracts? The game with the [...]

  • bitcoin drop in value ethereum drop in value litecoin drop in value

$4 Trillion Knocked Off Global Stock Markets! Could Investors Be Moving Into Bitcoin & Crypto

The world was shocked on Monday as stock markets took a plunge, continuing the trend into Tuesday. The Dow Jones dropped 1175 points (4.6%) on [...]

Ignis Launches and Gets Listed on Bittrex Not Long After

Ignis, the first “child chain” on the Ardor platform, recently launched its operations and opened the trading for its eponymous native token. Not long after, [...]

China’s Oldest Cryptocurrency Exchange BTCC Exchange Has Been Acquired by Another Entity

It was recently announced by BTCC, China’s oldest cryptocurrency exchange, that it has been acquired by another entity. The entity, which was only described as [...]

BlackRock Chief Thinks Cryptocurrency Needs Time to Be a Proper Asset Class

The world’s largest investment management firm is keeping a close watch on the cryptocurrency market to see if it can be turned into a viable [...]

The Issues That Are Affecting Lightning Nework’s Launch

After much discussion, extreme frustration, and a long wait by Bitcoin users, the Lightning Network was launched by Blockstream, the team of developers that have [...]

Guardtime and Metaco Launch Silo: Your Friendly Neighborhood Cryptoguard

Industrial-level security solutions provider Guardtime recently announced the launch of its cryptocurrency storage solution, dubbed as SILO. Developed in collaboration with Metaco, a Swiss blockchain [...]

Cryptocurrency Exchange Taps Former U.S. Regulator as Advisor

The cryptocurrency world is getting powerful every day as more and more people speak in its favor. However, nothing makes as good press as a [...]

Brisbane Airport to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

The pace with which blockchain technology is being adopted through various sectors around the world is unprecedented. The most recent news about blockchain’s adoption by [...]

The Decentralized and Borderless Government That Is Bitnation

Cryptocurrency, more specifically Bitcoin, had been created with the aim of having a borderless means of payment that would not get held back by governments. [...]

Cryptocurrency Custodian BitGo Acquires Kingdom Trust

The increase in cryptocurrency transactions all over the world has opened doors to opportunities for old and new businesses alike, and the most recent news [...]

The Discussions About Bitcoin at the World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum had their annual meeting last week in Davos, Switzerland. Notable minds and revered personalities from various walks of life attended the [...]

The Vice President of the People’s Bank of China on Centralized Cryptocurrency

While China maintains its rigid stance towards cryptocurrencies, its central bank is looking toward developing its digital currency for public usage. Fan Yifei, vice president [...]

Russian Ministry of Finance Drafts Bill on Cryptocurrencies

Russia has done a complete turnaround from its earlier stance of being against cryptocurrencies. The Russian Ministry of Finance recently drafted a bill that focuses [...]

U.S. Customs Steps up Efforts to Track Anonymous Cryptocurrency Transactions

Anonymity and privacy have been two major selling points for cryptocurrencies. While critics of cryptocurrency argue that these features have been facilitating criminal activities, proponents [...]

In Japan, Cash Still Remains King

China clamped down on cryptocurrencies in many regards in the past year and continued to do so in many regards this year. They are now [...]

The Regulations and Regulation Plans Affecting Bitcoin

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt, always seems to find a way to rear it’s ugly head in the marketplaces on a regular week to week basis [...]

  • ddd

The Current Status of the Top Cryptocurrencies

The waves keep crashing in this endless sea of red that seems to be a part of the picture since the turn of the year.The [...]

ConsenSys and EU Work Together on Blockchain Observatory

Individual project leaders have to take up the effort and focus on the strategic points that keep their projects running, focusing on the team, roadmaps [...]

  • Play2Live P2L press release on bitGuru

Play2Live Will Host and Broadcast Worldwide the First Esports Tournament with Crypto Prize Pool

Play2Live (P2L), the first full-blown blockchain-based streaming platform for gamers and esports fans, will host the world’s first esport tournament with crypto prize pool. The [...]

  • Uphold to add Ripple uphold xrp

Uphold gets more than $50 million to add XRP

It will not be news for anyone involved with the cryptocurrency industry that XRP, Ripple’s cryptocurrency, gets to be perceived with a particular sense of [...]

  • Legolas

This Company Wants To Bring Compliance and Transparency To The Crypto Market

There’s certainly no denying that cryptocurrency has become rather popular lately. And that’s with good reason — it offers ordinary buyers a chance to make [...]

  • South Korean ecommerce giants accept payments in cryptocurrency

One Of South Korea’s Largest Ecommerce Platforms Announces They’ll Soon Be Accepting Payments in Cryptocurrency!

A major ecommerce player in the country of South Korea has announced that they will be implementing twelve cryptocurrencies into their ecommerce platform. This basket [...]

  • Ripple update Ripple cryptocurrency

Ripple Update & The Year Ahead

What’s going on with Ripple? The pressing matter of how many companies are truly set to use Ripple is a concern that is on the [...]

  • reimbursments ordered from the fsa

Coincheck Seeks To Reimburse Customers After Recent $530 Million Hack!

Cyberattacks against cryptocurrency exchanges are unfortunately, somewhat common now. Such exchanges are finding out that they need to continue to pay attention to security on [...]

  • Oil and Gas industry to adopt blockchain technology!

Oil and Gas Giants Planning To Tap Into Blockchain Technology

Due to the possibilities that it offers with its immense potential, blockchain technology is being adopted by institutions and industries left, right and center. Therefore, [...]

  • blockchain technology

Bitcoin Blockchain To Be Used To Validate Academic Credentials

The blockchain technology is expanding from its once-conventional setting in financial markets. Due to its offered capabilities, the technology is being tested and adopted by [...]

What Is the Difference Between Ethereum and Bitcoin?

With the growing popularity of Bitcoin, the people that are not aware of the cryptocurrency industry keep thinking of it as being synonymous with the [...]

City in Vermont Launches Blockchain-Based Real Estate Platform

The City of South Burlington, Vermont, has launched a blockchain based platform in collaboration with technology firm Propy Inc. The new platform will facilitate and [...]

China’s Regulator Wants to Adopt Blockchain Technology

China and its regulatory authorities might be wary of – and at times actively against – cryptocurrency, but its associated technology of blockchain gets their [...]

  • coinbase index fund

Coinbase Seeks to Improve Customer Service Operations

Regardless of the day and age or the products and services that any company is dealing with, the one factor that determines any business’ success [...]

Ecofin to Hold Discussion About Cryptocurrencies

“We want Europe to embrace the opportunities of blockchain, the technology underlying cryptocurrencies. But to do so, we must be vigilant and prevent cryptocurrencies from [...]

Thanks to Bitcoin 50 Cent Is More Than $8 Million Richer Than He Was Before

It seems like everyone had forgotten about the Bitcoin payments that 50 Cent – whose real name is Curtis Jackson – had accepted in 2014 [...]

Expert Says The Best Time to Invest in Bitcoin Is Now

Brian Kelly, the same man who had been accused of plugging Ripple on CNBC by demonstrating its purchase process, recently stated that people should look [...]

UN Launches Blockchain-Based Climate Chain Coalition

The latest institution to accept blockchain as a potential solution for present problems is the United Nations (UN) Climate Change Secretariat, which recently announced the [...]

  • wall street rating cryptocurrencies

Here’s Why Wall Street Has No Business Rating Cryptocurrencies

Weiss Ratings, an independent American rating agency that covers stocks, mutual funds,  banks, insurance, credit unions, ETFs, and banks has stepped out of its comfort [...]

The Payments Network Stripe Ends Support for Bitcoin

Stripe will be putting an end to its deployment of Bitcoin support on its platform by April. The company will be seeking to do so [...]

The Importance of Decentralized Exchanges

If you are not new to the cryptocurrency industry, then your opinion for 2017 - from the perspective of a cryptocurrency community member - would [...]

  • Robinhood commission free cryptocurrency trading

The Mobile Trading App Robinhood Is Set to Add Crypto

You’ve heard of Robinhood, right? The company that has created a mobile trading app for both IOS and Android, an app which has gained a [...]

  • bitflyer exchange to launch in the usa

The Japanese Exchange bitFlyer Will Soon Be Operating in Europe

bitFlyer, the popular Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, recently announced that it had been granted the necessary regulatory permission to operate in Europe. This makes bitFlyer the [...]

  • facts about bitcoin you need to know

Updates and Implementations to Watch for on the Bitcoin Network

The Bitcoin network has been facing numerous problems regarding being able to facilitate timely transactions along with reasonable transaction costs, and many are quick to [...]

Bitcoin Trust Is Splitting Its Stock

The recent surge in demand for Bitcoin has not only garnered the interest of cryptocurrency traders, but it has transcended to conventional traders as well,  [...]

Global Regulatory Organization Issues an Advisory on ICOs

The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) has released an advisory document to warn potential investors about participating in initial coin offerings (ICOs). IOSCO, which [...]

Huobi’s New Token and How It’s Not an ICO

Huobi is a Chinese exchange that commanded a significant portion of the market in China when exchanges were thriving. The exchange recently announced that they [...]

BitLicense: The Hardest Maze to Get Through

Any cryptocurrency based company that has considered starting its operations in the financial hub of the U.S. would be familiar with BitLicense, a term now [...]

As More and More Businesses Adopt Blockchain, Is It Time for the Platform to Evolve?

While opinions are divided on cryptocurrencies with their proponents and critics being equally passionate about both ends of the spectrum, there is one thing that [...]

Another ICO Gets in Trouble, This Time in Massachusetts

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts recently filed a complaint against the owner of Caviar, a Cayman Islands-based company, for selling “unregistered securities” through an initial coin [...]

São Paulo Focuses on Infrastructure with Buildcoin

The government of São Paulo, Brazil, is joining hands with a U.S. firm for a cryptocurrency based initiative that aims to improve the State’s infrastructure. [...]

  • Bitcoin ETF Decision Due Within 24 Hours SEC coinbase regulated securities broker

SEC Poses Concerns over Cryptocurrency-Based ETFs

Following the debut of two blockchain-based ETFs in the country, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has posed more concerns about the future of [...]

  • Goldman Sachs Insider Trading With Bitcoin?

Goldman Sachs Analysts Bolsters Market, Scathes Bitcoin

The financial institution Goldman Sachs has stated that the pioneer cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, looks like it is forming a more significant bubble than the bubble which [...]

An Amazon Customer a Ordered Bitmain Miner, but He Got the Boss Baby Instead

As the cryptocurrency market grows, people see themselves participating in one way or another. They can either choose to join as an investor, a miner, [...]

  • Lightning network developments, lightning network issues

Lightning Network Might Not Provide The Solutions That It Promises

“A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial [...]

  • Paul Krugman disdain for bitcoin Paul Krugman bitcoin Paul Krugman tweets

Paul Krugman and His Disdain for Cryptocurrencies

You might have heard of the infamous “Bitcoin Is Evil” post. If not, then you should visit its link and read it. It is a [...]

  • Qtum updates, Qtum partnerships

Qtum is Making leaps In Blockchain Development

If you have been following the developments in blockchain technology, then chances are that you have heard of Qtum by now,  a Singapore-based blockchain platform [...]

  • Arsenal cryptocurrency deal with cash bet

Arsenal Sign First Ever Cryptocurrency Contract In The Football Industry

That's right, the highly celebrated English football team is stepping into the world of cryptocurrency. No, not by releasing their own token through an Initial [...]

The CFTC Sues Three Cryptocurrency-Based Companies

 The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has filed multiple lawsuits against three cryptocurrency based companies. Two of the companies named in the lawsuits are [...]

China Cracks down Further on Crypto

Local news sources from China reported recently that the People’s Bank of China, the country’s central bank, has issued a notice to payment processing companies [...]

The IMF’s Opinion on Bitcoin

As Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry grows, a pressing matter continues to linger, the topic of regulation and the nature of governments. Interestingly, Bitcoin was [...]

Indian Banks Temporarily Halted Crypto Accounts

It is being reported that major banks in India have frozen accounts for multiple cryptocurrency exchanges within the country, causing widespread panic among the local [...]

India’s Income Tax Department Might Be Taxing Cryptocurrencies

It had been reported last month that the Income Tax department of India was conducting an unconventional survey of cryptocurrency exchanges in major cities. During [...]

Request Network Announces a Dedicated Fund

Request Network, a cryptocurrency financial platform, recently unveiled its plans to fund new projects by allocating $30 million to a dedicated fund. The fund will [...]

South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchanges Move to Different Banks

Two of the most significant cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea have been forced to switch their account operation services to another bank in the country. [...]

Brazilian Investors Show Enthusiasm for the Cryptocurrency Market

With the way that Bitcoin and related cryptocurrencies have progressed in the past few months, any news of further improvement should not be a surprise. [...]

How VeChain Passed a Cryptocurrency Disaster Recovery Plan

In an unprecedented yet revolutionizing move, VeChain, a blockchain service provider, attempted and passed the first-ever cryptocurrency disaster recovery plan (CDRP) by PwC. This marked [...]

  • win bitcoin

A New Report States That Only 1% of All Bitcoin Is Used in Illegal Transactions

Remember all the worry by regulators and politicians on Bitcoin? Of course you do, similar lines are repeated from different legislators and authorities throughout the [...]

The Rise, Updates, and News About DASH

Dash has been on a roll lately and continues to grow in partnerships and price. DASH has undoubtedly been on a meteoric rise as of [...]

  • Bitcoin bull run on the horizon bitcoin price

Predictions for Bitcoin, the Year Ahead, and More

The year ahead The new year brings about many predictions, many that are positive and a few that are negative. The naysayers are those like [...]

The South Korean Government Is Now Planning on Levying Taxes on Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Another day, another event in South Korea. This time it's the fact that the government will be levying taxes on the emerging market of cryptocurrency exchanges. [...]

The CEO of Bitstamp Addresses Current Issues

In the past few days, there have been numerous complaints about missing deposits on Bitstamp. The customers have been creating support tickets with delayed response [...]

Blockchain.com Is Expanding Its Services to the U.S.

Blockchain.com, a popular digital wallet provider, is now planning to launch a cryptocurrency exchange service in the U. S. The announcement was made through a [...]

Blockstream Rolls out ‘Lightning Charge’

Blockstream recently announced another update to its implementation of Lightning Network, this time in the form of rolling out “Lightning Charge” on a test site. [...]

Blockchain-Based Content Sharing Platform Clout Was Listed on a Cryptocurrency Exchange

A blockchain-based content sharing platform called Clout has recently been listed on its very first cryptocurrency exchange. Clout is being listed on Coinbene, a Singaporean [...]

HitBTC Is the Second Exchange to List Electroneum

HitBTC is now going to be the second exchange to list Electroneum, announced Electroneum’s founder and director, Richard Ells. “We are happy to announce that [...]

The Co-Founder of Blockstream Greg Maxwell Has Announced His Departure from the Company

Greg Maxwell, who co-founded Blockstream and served as the company’s CTO, recently announced that he has resigned from the company. He further mentioned that he [...]

A Resident of Hong Kong Was Robbed of 175K After Being Promised ‘Discounted’ Bitcoins

A Hong Kong citizen was robbed of over 1.4 million Hong Kong Dollars ($175,000) when he went into a meeting with the intention to buy [...]

Renowned Economist and Nobel Prize Winner Robert Shiller Becomes the Next Bitcoin Critic

Bitcoin has been around for a while now, and by “a while,” we mean that it had officially launched nine years ago. That's right, nine [...]

OKCoin Is Now Expanding Its Operations to South Korea

OKCoin is now expanding its operations to South Korea. Who was OKCoin?  One of China’s most significant cryptocurrency exchanges, well, at least, one of the [...]

DASH Sponsors Rory MacDonald, the Champion of the Bellator Welterweight

Rory MacDonald, the very recent current champion of the Bellator welterweight title, sported branded Dash gear during his fighting event against now-former champion Douglas Lima. [...]

Alibaba Is NOT Launching Its Own Cryptocurrency or Mining Platform

In the last couple of days, online news platforms have been rife with updates of Alibaba, the Chinese trading giant, having launched a P2P Node [...]

Bitcoin’s Value Will Increase Again, Says BitPay Official

Bitcoin has recently seen a dip in its value of such a magnitude that has not been seen since the hack of Mt. Gox, but one [...]

Bitplay Club: An Online Blockchain-Based Lottery

The blockchain industry has come a long way from only being associated with cryptocurrencies. It has evolved to a point where it is being used [...]

BrainBlocks For RaiBlocks – A Checkout Solution

In the midst of the current scalability and transaction fee issues that are faced by Bitcoin - which might also loom over Ethereum in the [...]

Ledger Will Now Provide Support for Wallet-To-Wallet Transfers

Ledger, the famous hardware wallet, will now provide support for wallet-to-wallet transfers. The feature is being facilitated by Radar Relay, a decentralized exchange platform. Ledger [...]

Ledger Raises $75 Million In Another Funding Round

If you are a cryptocurrency user, then you must have, at the very least, heard of Ledger, the hardware cryptocurrency wallet that has been around [...]

  • Sweatcoin app

The App That Pays You for Exercising, Sweatcoin, Has Raised About Six Million

After topping the charts in the App Store and making rounds through international news publications, Sweatcoin, the app that pays people for exercising, announced that [...]

  • ripple santander partnership OnePay FX

Banco Santander Stops Then Restarts Bitcoin Transactions

Banks have slowly been coming around and changing their minds on the cryptocurrency market as of late, this is due to a variety of reasons, [...]

The Bank of Lithuania Will Now Be Providing a Blockchain-Based Service

In an innovative move, the Bank of Lithuania has announced that it will be providing a blockchain-based sandbox platform service that will help startups and [...]

Bitcoin Loses The Race To Be The First Blockchain ETF?

The talks about Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) making it to a prominent exchange have been in the news for a couple of months now, and [...]

The Calls That Were Made for Global Bitcoin Regulations

The news has lately been rife with bitcoin regulations and regulations for other cryptocurrencies. From South Korea’s contradictory stance on taking a stern approach towards [...]

Here’s What You Need to Know About Telegram’s Leaked White Paper

It was reported recently that the encryption-based messenger, Telegram, might be getting a massive update with a blockchain platform called the Telegram Open Network (TON), [...]

The Citizens of South Korea Are Protesting Against Anti-Crypto Decisions

Crypto-community is not too pleased The South Korean government’s recent slew of statements about cryptocurrency has sparked rage among the citizens, who are now publishing [...]

How UNICEF Has Been Involved in Blockchain

UNICEF and its involvement in the Blockchain  Through a recent announcement, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) expressed its intentions to start funding blockchain startups with [...]

What is Proof-of-Work?

You must have heard the phrase proof-of-work quite a few times by now. But the problem is you may still not know what it is [...]

  • bitcoin segwit 2x bounty campaign

Participate in The New Bounty Campaign by SegWit2X: Prize Fund is $120K

Dear supporters and followers of SegWit2X and B2X coin, we have amazing news for you. SegWit2X team is launching a number of bounty campaigns, which [...]

Here Are Some Cryptocurrency Expectations for 2018

It’s that time of the year again where the world wide web is to be filled with start of the year lists. Whether it is [...]

  • Bitcoin bull run

Here Are Some Cryptocurrency Tax Tips for 2018

Tax season is upon us. It begins from January 29 with the last date of filing set as April 17, 2018. To help cryptocurrency users [...]

Can Blockchain Be Adapted By The US Government For Voting?

According to statistics shared by the United States Election Project, the voter turnout for the 2016 Presidential Election was recorded at 59.7 percent of total [...]

North Korea Might Be Secretly Mining Monero

Cybersecurity company, AlienVault has discovered an application which secretly installs Monero mining scripts on vulnerable machines, and then uses the affected computers to send the mined [...]

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, Regrets Calling Bitcoin a Fraud

You might remember the remarks of JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon from last year, where he had called Bitcoin a “fraud” and had also eloquently [...]

The Predictor of Last Year’s Bitcoin Rise Now Says It Will Rise to $100,000

Initial Predictions Kay Van-Petersen, the same Saxo Bank analyst who had predicted the increase in Bitcoin’s price last year, now thinks that the cryptocurrency could [...]

Ripple Leads $25 Million Funding Round for a Startup

Ripple, the company behind the popular cryptocurrency of the same name, has established itself as a serious investor after leading the funding round of $25 [...]

  • Ripple update Ripple cryptocurrency

Ripple Keeps Moving Forward, Bringing on Another Partner

Ripple continues to take actions that help it to get closer to their end goals of being a long-term profitable company focused on banks and [...]

Over 700,000 Lumens Were Stolen Through BlackWallet Hack

A web-based wallet service called BlackWallet was recently hacked, resulting in the loss of over 700,000 Stellar Lumens worth over $300,000. According to an official [...]

Metropolitan Bank Refutes Claims of Cryptocurrency Policy Change

Metropolitan Bank Holding Corp. recently responded to allegations of “halting” its international cryptocurrency wire transfers. In a release shared on the Securities and Exchange Commission [...]

  • IBM Looking at blockchian venture for cannabis industry

Maersk and IBM Are Launching a Blockchain Platform

After months of collaboration, A. P. Moller-Maersk and IBM have announced the launch of a blockchain-based trading platform for the shipping industry. Last year, shipping [...]

Cypherium and IC3 Join Hands for Scalability Research

Cypherium and the Initiative for Cryptocurrencies and Contracts (IC3) have shaken hands to collaborate on new blockchain scaling solutions. Cypherium is a blockchain platform with [...]

PayPal Board Member and CEO of XAPO on Bitcoin

The Interview The CEO of Xapo, Wences Casares, who also serves on the board of the behemoth payments company, Paypal sat down with the current [...]

A World Famous Brothel Is Looking into Bitcoin

The Bunny Ranch or more officially known as The Moonlite BunnyRanch is a legal, licensed brothel in Mound House, Nevada, United States, 6 miles east [...]

Korean Trade Chairman Says Banning Cryptocurrency Exchanges Is Against the Law

Amidst all the chaos, there seems to be a voice of reason in the cryptomarkets in the government of South Korea. A representative of the [...]

The Dallas Mavericks Say Yes to Cryptocurrencies

All the new investors that are stepping into the crypto markets are wondering why the sky is falling all around them when they expected to [...]

SWIFT Announces Their Interest in Distributed Ledger Technology

As the battle between Swift and Ripple heats up, we are seeing a lot of movement in the marketplace by Ripple but not so much [...]

  • What is bitconnect is bitconnect a scam uk to shut down bitconnect

Bitconnect Closes Its Lending and Exchange Platform and Their Bitconnect Coins Decrease over 60% in Value

Here’s some not so surprising news. Bitconnect closes its lending and exchange platform, and the price of their Bitconnect coins fall more than 60% over [...]

Israel Releases Taxation Information on ICOs

The government of Israel has just released a draft on the potential ways that it will be regulating and viewing the concept of initial coin [...]

Arizona Looking at Accepting Tax in Crypto

A bill was introduced in the Arizona Senate on January 9, which, if passed will allow the State to receive tax payments in the form [...]

Ukraine To Start Drafting Regulations For Cryptocurrencies

Following the increasing usage of cryptocurrencies in the country, Ukraine has decided to start considering regulations for these digital assets and their trading within its [...]

Chinese Search Engine Baidu Launches Blockchain Platform

You have heard of SaaS (software as a service), now get ready for BaaS (blockchain as a service). This may become an often used acronym [...]

Vitalik Leaves Fenbushi Capital to Focus on Ethereum

The young co-founder of the blockchain-based Ethereum platform has departed from Fenbushi Capital, a venture capital firm based China, citing the need to focus further [...]

South Korea Is Seeking to Remove Anonymity from Cryptocurrency Trading

South Korea's saga continues, authorities in the country have had a recent string of assaults on players in the crypto space. Some of these can be [...]

China Expresses Further Tightening on Crypto Market

According to reports from publications like Bloomberg, the country of China might be continuing their assault on cryptocurrency markets. They’ve already shut down exchanges that [...]

  • Telegram ICO

Telegram’s $500 Million ICO

Through blockchain technology, you have, so far, seen digital currencies being traded and financial information being shared. You have heard of companies sharing their documents [...]

South Korean Banks Face Inspection For Accounts Linked To Cryptocurrency

South Korea’s Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) along with its Financial Services Commission (FSC) will be conducting joint inspections on six major banks in the country. [...]

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Stop Taking New Users Due to Excess Demand

You must have heard, or read, about the infamous oil crises in the 70s where the demand for oil was so high that it had [...]

Brian Kelly, The CEO of a Cryptocurrency Investment Firm, Invests 3 Full Bitcoins into Ripple

He stated that he is going to buy “3 Bitcoins worth of Ripple”... and he did. In case you are wondering who we are referring [...]

  • ATB Token to be used in Venezuala?

ATB Coin Offers the Government of Venezuela to Use Coins as a Payment Method

The Government of Venezuela plans to integrate cryptocurrency as a state payment method, said Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. The state considered the option of creating [...]

Are China, Japan, and South Korea Buddies in Regulating Bitcoin?

The primary financial regulator in South Korea is currently in talks with their Chinese and Japanese counterparts to fine-tune cryptocurrency regulations and guidelines. Choi Jong-Ku, [...]

An Exchange Backed by James Altucher Is Coming Soon

Investor, podcast host, entrepreneur, and writer, and investment and life guru, James Altucher, also known by some as the representative of crypto-bubble, is finding himself [...]

Venezuela Has Announced an Increase of Signups for Mining the Petro

The President of Venezuela has been rather busy as of late, or, at least his officials in charge of the cryptocurrency department of the South [...]

Blocktower Finalizes Their 140 Million Raise

Bitcoin ushered in the way for a larger interest in the field of cryptocurrencies from both retail and institutional investors, from governmental organizations, national officials, [...]

  • What is bitconnect is bitconnect a scam uk to shut down bitconnect

Bitconnect Recieved a Cease and Desist Letter After Messing with Texas

The statement, "Don’t mess with Texas," still rings true today. BitConnect, a cryptocurrency, that many believe to be a Ponzi scheme, was sent a cease [...]

The Series of Situations Plaguing That Are Troubling Bitpay

Bitpay has been around since the year of 2011, so it is not new to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, yet, it continues to find itself in [...]

Many Bitcoin Visa Cards Have Been Cancelled by a Variety of Providers

Many providers affected by Bitcoin Visa Cancellations Another event that has shocked the world of cryptocurrency is that there is a cancellation of Bitcoin Visa [...]

Ripple Has Made an Announcement on Their XRP Token

The team at Ripple firmly believes that they disrupt the current traditional system of money transfers. According to a tweet sent by the CEO of [...]

Coinbase Says No to XRP, While Coinsquare Says Maybe

Ripple has been on a wild ride lately regarding its valuation. Its founders and executives who hold XRP have also seen a significant increase in [...]

  • coinbase index fund

Coinbase Clarifies When They Will Release New Assets, Ripple Decreases in Valuation

Coinbase Recent History There has been speculation on when Coinbase will be adding new assets. Ever since the Bitcoin Cash incident which triggered a series [...]

A High Islamic Official Has Declared Bitcoin Illegal

Bankers have spoken of it, government officials have talked about it, yet, there’s one community that hasn’t been very vocal about Bitcoin, at least until [...]

An Official for the European Central Bank Wants Further Taxation on Bitcoin

A leader in the European Central Bank has decided to ring in the new year by calling for the levying of taxes on the cryptocurrency, [...]

A New Competitor Seems to Be Joining the Cryptocurrency Industry, TRON’s Prices Increase

What is TRON? No, not the movie, the cryptocurrency company. TRON is a cryptocurrency company that aims to be a decentralized entertainment content sharing platform [...]

Could Chris Larsen Actually Be the World’s Richest Man?

Bring on the Ripple love! At least, that’s what the team over there at Ripple are saying as they bask in the ripples of victory. [...]

Facebook Is Becoming the Next Big Company Integrating Cryptocurrencies into Their Platform

Everyone is welcoming in the new year in their own way; many are making new year's resolutions to lose weight, gain weight, stop drinking, work [...]

RSK Is Bringing Smart Contracts to Bitcoin

The company RSK, or Rootstock, is the first open-source smart contract platform with a 2-way peg to Bitcoin that also rewards the Bitcoin miners via [...]

Royal Bank of Canada Research Analyst Determines the Blockchain Industry Helps the Market Immensely

A representative from the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has been researching the overall blockchain and cryptocurrency market and has come to some conclusions that [...]

  • Ripple update Ripple cryptocurrency

XRP Keeps Increasing, Flying Past Two Dollars

XRP seems to continue to increase its growth rate and is starting off the new year with a bang. The currency keeps pushing numbers and [...]

Move over Bitcoin, Monero Is the New Criminal’s Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin may finally start to throw away the cloak of shame away, the shame that has been slightly plaguing it for a while. Many, including [...]

Malaysia Is Now Abstaining from Banning Cryptocurrencies

Have no fear and don’t believe the FUD. The Deputy Finance Minister of the country of Malaysia has gone on record and stated their take [...]

Billionaire Peter Thiel Invests $18 Million into Bitcoin

The Silicon Valley Founder, Investor, and author Peter Thiel has made the news lately because of his investments in the pioneer cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Many might know Peter [...]

The Co-Founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin Is Celebrating the New Year by Giving out Grants

The Ethereum Foundation wants to kick the year of 2018 with a bang. The foundation is looking forward to improving their platform to be able [...]

Bitcoin Cash Provided an Update on the Increasing Loss of Funds

Bitcoin Cash is now sitting at a price of $2,739.30 USD. It will be interesting to watch Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash this year as both [...]

  • facts about bitcoin you need to know

Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Bitmex Liquidates All of Its Bitcoin Cash Holdings

BitMEX, or Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange, is a trading platform that through the intersection of a few experts in the domains of finance, trading, front end [...]

Get Ready, Blockchain Is Going to Space

The Blockchain, this time, in Space The groups over at Vector and Nexus are teaming up to bring the world of cryptocurrency into space. They [...]

Cryptocurrency Mining Company Hashchain Technology Is Now Listed on the TSX Venture Exchange

Recently, a company called HashChain Technology, which is a cryptocurrency mining company has gone public; it was able to list on the TSX Venture Exchange [...]

Russia Is Moving Forward with the CryptoRuble

The country of Russia will be going through some major events this year. The country will have another election and people are wondering will the [...]

The American Restaurant Chain Hooters Will Be Using Blockchain Technology in the near Future

Welcome to 2018, where Hooters will be on the transparent and open Blockchain. It looks like loyal consumers of the Hooters brand will have another [...]

The Bank of England Announced Their Plans to Create a State-Backed Cryptocurrency

The Bank of England is gearing up to get into the world of cryptocurrencies. It seems that their New Year’s Resolution is to get into [...]

The Central Bank of Poland Starts Campaign Against Virtual Currencies

The central bank of Poland seems to be taking an aggressive stance against Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, telling them to stay away from them and [...]

Meet Erik Finman: The 19-Year-Old Bitcoin Millionaire

Erik Finman has been making headlines lately because of his announcement to create a world-class university. He aims to create this university in the Middle-Eastern [...]

The Indian Government Calls Bitcoin a Ponzi Scheme

Prominent members of the Indian government seem to be confused on the nature of cryptocurrencies and the value that they bring to the market. They [...]

The Economic Benefit Bitcoin Is Having on Various Nations

Countries like Japan are set to receive significant growth from the adoption of the cryptocurrency ecosystem due to the various revenues found in the system. [...]

Billionaire Tilman Fertitta’s Opinion on Bitcoin

Billionaire Tilman Fertitta has, lately, been outspoken on different economic factors such as inflation and on new developments like that of the pioneer cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. [...]

The Managing Director of EXMO Was Released After Ransom Was Paid

Pavel Lerner, the managing director of EXMO, who was recently kidnapped in the middle of the street on Tuesday, December 26th in Kiev Ukraine, was [...]

  • Ripple update Ripple cryptocurrency

The Reason Why Ripple Is Growing Significantly

Ripple currently has an excess of a $90 billion market valuation and has it’s coin sitting at 2.41$ at the time of this writing. So, [...]

Ross Ulbricht’s Latest Move: Throw a Hail Mary and File for an Appeal

Ross Ulbricht and Silk Road For those that are not in the know, Ross William Ulbricht, a former student of The University of Texas at [...]

The Founder of TenX’s Thoughts on the Cryptomarket

The founder of TenX warns of a long stretch of duration where the crypto community is expected to experience a crypto winter. This crypto winter [...]

The Cryptocurrency Exchange Exmo Is Releasing a Dividend Coin

The Dividend Coin A dividend coin is going to be released shortly by the United Kingdom-based cryptocurrency exchange platforms, EXMO. The dividend coin will be [...]

The Venezuelan Cryptocurrency Petro Will Be Launched in a Few Days

The country of Venezuela has gone through quite a few changes over the years and still is in the process of getting its bearings on [...]

CEO of ARK Catherine Wood Says Bitcoin is a ‘Bigger Idea’ than Apple

The founder of ARK, Catherine Wood, states that the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is a much bigger ‘idea’ than that of Apple. The chief of the investment [...]

You Can Get a Cryptomining Virus Through Facebook Messenger

Contracting a virus just by talking What a time to be alive. One can contract a virus merely by speaking. Yes, the rumors are true. [...]

ATBCoin is Now Facing a Class-Action Lawsuit Over Their $20 Million ICO

ATB and the class action lawsuit One can now add ATB to the list of companies that have conducted an ICO and have run into [...]

South Korean Regulators Are Conducting Checks With Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Ensure Their Safety

South Korea stepping up regulatory activities Authorities in the country of South Korea are stepping up their actions in the cryptocurrency realm. These authorities are [...]

Will Israel’s Security Regulator Ban Crypto-Related Companies on Exchanges?

Israel and the crypto economy The country of Israel has been making headlines in the news as of late for their different comments, actions and [...]

  • Goldman Sachs Insider Trading With Bitcoin?

Goldman Sachs is Planning to Launch Crypto Trading in Mid-2018

Goldman Sachs to move into the cryptocurrency sector next year Goldman Sachs will be jumping into the cryptocurrency industry in the middle of 2018. The [...]

Are Australian Banks Meddling With Crypto Transactions?

Trouble in Ausssie Cryptoland? It seems that there might be an increasing possibility that large financial institutions in the country of Australia are freezing customer [...]

  • bitcoin segwit2x hardfork

The Segwit2x fork has been successfully launched on December 28th

On December 28th, one of the main hard forks took place in Bitcoin history, Segwit2X, which revealed acute problems in the work of crypto-exchanges, wallets, [...]

What Will Happen to Bitcoin in 2018?

The growth of bitcoin has been unprecedented. The only thing that stopped its price increase was that of the massive sell-off that took place last [...]

Japanese Tech Company GMO Internet Co Deploys Cryptocurrency Mining Project

It had been reported earlier that GMO Internet Co., Ltd, a Japanese technology company, plans to launch a cryptocurrency mining business soon. It is now [...]

Estonia is Taking Further Actions With Their Cryptocurrency Integrations

Estonia Presents Further Suggestions For Its Cryptocurrency, Which It Wants to Call A Crypto Token Instead You might have heard that one of Estonia’s government [...]

Long Island Iced Tea Corp. Changed Their Name to Long Blockchain Corp, Making Their Shares Increase Rapidly

Traditional companies seeking to capitalize and  jump in on blockchain growth As the blockchain sector heats up looks, it looks like there are many companies [...]

Hedge Fund Pantera Releases Returns of Over 25,000 Percent

The year was 2013 when a then alien concept adapted in the form of a digital currency hedge fund by Princeton alumnus Dan Morehead. This [...]

Co-Founder of Blocktower Capital Ari Paul Bet One Million Dollars On Bitcoin

Ari Paul and his million dollar bet on Bitcoin The co-founder of Blocktower Capital and CIO, Ari Paul, thinks that it is possible that the [...]

tZERO Earns Over $100 Million From Their ICO

tZero, a subsidiary of Overstock.com, initiated its initial coin offering (ICO) on the 15th and has already had people invest for over $100 million, as [...]

Predictive Analytics Company Augur Gives Updates On Their Reporting Contracts

Augur is a company that has the interesting idea of combining the magic of prediction markets with the power of a decentralized network to create [...]

An Internet Solutions Company and Their Plan to Allow People to Share Their Wi-Fi

Open Garden, an internet solutions company, launched its mesh networking platform 5 years ago. A San Francisco, California based company called Open Garden, was founded [...]

Will South Korea Create Their Own Crypytocurrency?

South Korea may ponder their own state-backed cryptocurrency as members from their well respected academic institutions are researching and suggesting their central bank implements their [...]

Blockchain-based Casino Dragon Inc. Extends the Length of Their Pre-ICO

Dragon Inc., a technology company that aims to fortify the casino gaming sector with blockchain technology, launched its Pre-ICO (Initial Coin Offering) on December 8. [...]

  • Russian opinion on Bitcoin and crypto

Crypto Regulations Are on the Way for Russia

Russia to soon reveal cryptocurrency legislations The long-awaited crypto regulations from Russia are soon to be here, and they have made a portion of the [...]

The CryptoShekel: Israel’s Next Big Thing

Did the comments made by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, also known as Bibi, create a stir in the central bank of Israel? Maybe. [...]

  • bitcoin segwit 2x hard fork

Bitcoin Segwit2x Hard Fork Will Occur on 28th December!

The third had fork in the history of Bitcoin named Segwit2X, will happen on December 28th, 2017 on the block 501451. It was expected to [...]

  • What is Quantum computing quantum blochain

The First-Ever Design of a Complete Quantum Chip And What It Means For Blockchain

In what is being termed as the “Moon Landing” of quantum computing, engineers from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia, have introduced the [...]

Bitcoin Fees are Increasing at an Alarming Rate

The consistent increase in Bitcoin transaction fees is not news to anyone who has been dealing in the cryptocurrency. Recent findings further substantiate the observations [...]

How Developing Nations are Impacting Bitcoin

It seems that wherever authorities try and clamp down on cryptocurrency, the more the people want to participate, trade, and contribute toward the crypto ecosystem. [...]

  • blockchain technology

How Blockchain is Revolutionizing the World

Blockchain is reaching new heights and entering new industries. Based on the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), blockchain allows the process of sharing data across multiple sources [...]

  • coinbase index fund

Coinbase Adds Bitcoin Cash, Price Surges to $8500

Coinbase, one of the most popular cryptocurrency apps have now added Bcash (BCH) to their roster. This was a very surprising move because most thought [...]

Welcome to the Bitcoin Arena!

Rungsted Arena to Bitcoin Arena A Danish billionaire is changing the name of his local hockey stadium to “Bitcoin Arena”. In what some might consider [...]

Malaysia Released Drafts of Their Regulations on Cryptocurrencies

Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia) has recently released new draft rules for companies who are in the business of exchanging cryptocurrencies. This release comes [...]

Denmark Looking at Utilizing Blockchain to Deploy Foreign Aid?

It seems that the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is looking to use the benefits of blockchain to aid them in their efforts of deploying [...]

The EU is Reforming Taxes to Better Fit the Growing Digital Economy

Remember that famous court ruling by the European Court of Justice establishing that exchanging traditional currency for Bitcoin online is exempt from consumption taxes? Great! [...]

Tech Giant Intel Files Patent for Blockchain System to Analyze DNA

A patent application was recently released by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, pointing towards Intel’s plans to use blockchain technology for nucleobase technology in [...]

Want Liquidity? Use Bitcoin as Collateral!

In a move that could slowly yet surely change the lending industry, several financial institutions are offering loans with cryptocurrency as collateral. While major banks [...]

The Achievements and Drawbacks of Zcash Over the Year

Zcash, the new cryptocurrency that claims to be the equivalent of HTTPS in terms of cryptocurrency security, is celebrating its achievements since its launch in [...]

The Prices of Ripple Skyrocket, Increasing by 84 Percent

In what is being considered a positive and somewhat shocking improvement, Ripple’s prices surged by a record 84% in a single day. Reports from across [...]

How Failure Can Be Profitable: The Head of Mt. Gox May Receive Billions Post-Bankruptcy

None of the people associated with the Bitcoin industry could ever forget the infamous, well-publicized, and unfortunate fall of Mt. Gox, which at one point [...]

  • Goldman Sachs Insider Trading With Bitcoin?

Goldman Sachs is Creating Conditions to Control Risks on Futures Contracts

Goldman Sachs is creating certain conditions to process certain bitcoin futures-related transactions and is looking for ways to reduce their risk. The company has requested a [...]

The Effects of the New U.S. Tax Reform On Cryptocurrency

If you haven’t found yourself living under a boulder over the past few weeks, then you may have likely heard about the US Tax Reform [...]

Can Cryptocurrencies Fix the Problems Russia is Facing?

Even if the Russian government might be anti-cryptocurrencies, they do have to look at their current economic situation and make decisions from there. Their economy [...]

Can Bitcoin Get People Killed?

We’ve got another case where someone has sought to do ill while using the cryptocurrency bitcoin to facilitate the transaction. What happened this time? Well, [...]

  • Donald Trump Bitcoin Donald Trump cryptocurrency White House cryptocurrency

The Effects of Donald Trump’s National Defense Authorization Act on Blockchain Technology

This Tuesday, a widely publicized, nearly $700 billion National Defense Authorization Act was signed by the ever controversial US President Donald Trump. According to White [...]

  • Dubai Is Launching it's own cryptocurrency!

The UAE and Saudi Arabia are Coming Together to Create Their Own Digital Currency

It was reported that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is collaborating with Saudi Arabia's central bank in order to develop a digital currency that would [...]

Walmart Supports New Blockchain Initiative to Track Your Food

WALMART SUPPORTS NEW BLOCKCHAIN INITIATIVE Walmart is supporting a new blockchain effort in China that pertains to food safety and traceability, reports suggest. The initiative [...]

One Redditor has Found a New Goal, Donating Over $90 Million Dollars Worth of Bitcoin to Charity

The Philanthropic Pine Have you heard about “Pine” the bitcoin philanthropist? The individual seems to be making waves in the cryptoworld with the recent announcement [...]

Sirin Labs Raised $118 Million in 24 Hours to Fund Their New Smartphone

The Tel Aviv based, Swiss-Israeli technology firm, Sirin Labs, has announced that it has had the opportunity to raise $118 million in an initial coin [...]

Tech Giant Apple Files Patent on Blockchain

Even with the current political climate of the world, this month keeps getting better and better for the blockchain industry and the people associated with [...]

American Woman Laundered Bitcoin to Support ISIS

The day that many have feared is finally upon us. A recent event might be cause for concern in the developments of the cryptocurrency world. [...]

Japanese Tech Company GMO to Pay Employees in Bitcoin

JAPANESE TECH FIRM GMO ANNOUNCES BITCOIN PAYROLL In a move to revolutionize conventional transactions, GMO Internet Co. Ltd, a Japanese technology firm, has announced its [...]

The Prime Minister of Israel on Bitcoin

The Prime Minister of Israel  visited Paris and Brussels for a session with European Leaders, talking about various political matters including that of the recent [...]

Russian Presidential Candidate Boris Titov Wants to Legalize Bitcoin

There’s a lot going on in Russia in the cryptocurrency world these days. The latest development to come out of Russia is that one of [...]

Federal Reserve Chairperson Janet Yellen on Bitcoin

The current Federal Reserve Chairperson Janet Yellen has some statements that she wants to shout out before leaving her Federal seat. Janet Yellen became the [...]

Kickstarter Doesn’t Seem to Be as Open to ICOs as Indiegogo

Kickstarter's largest rival, Indiegogo, has recently announced that it will be partnering with Microventures to conduct vetted initial coin offerings on their site. The announcement is [...]

  • bitcoin adoption venezuela

Venezuelan Citizens Have Found a New Solution to Their Problems, Bitcoin

It looks like the economic crisis in Venezuela has not let up and has only worsened as the years progress. An increasing amount of citizens [...]

  • Bitcoin bull run

Could Blockchain Solve the Problems of Microfinance?

Microfinance, simplified, is the practice of lending very small loans to the ones who are in need of them. However, no matter how good the [...]

Bitcoin Mining is Becoming Increasingly Demanding

The energy consumption from Bitcoin mining has been a pressing cause of concern for environmentalists and corporations all over the world. Recently, the Chief Digital [...]

Moscow is Preparing to Implement a Blockchain-based Voting System

According to a report from BBC News, Moscow is piloting a project to utilize blockchain as part of its Active Citizen e-voting program. In a [...]

e-Commerce Giant eBay Pondering Virtual Currency Usage

You’ve probably used this site at least once in your life. You stumbled onto the site because you wanted to participate in an online auction [...]

Crowdfunding Platform Indiegogo is Bringing on ICOs

Well, it seems likes another big player wants to jump into the virtual currency market, but this time, it’s not a bank! It’s a crowdfunding [...]

Gibraltar is Heading Down the Blockchain Route

In a move that is first of its kind by Gibraltar’s government, a piece of legislation was passed on the 6th of December, allowing an [...]

Bitcoin Futures Are Paving the Way for ETFs

With the launch of Bitcoin futures, Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) has allowed investors to associate with Bitcoin without actually buying or selling the cryptocurrency. [...]

  • SEC Securities Exchange Commission

SEC Looks Into Cryptocurrency Usage

“When thinking about cryptocurrencies and other blockchain offerings as fund assets, are differences in their features important? How would these funds fit into the existing [...]

UBS Creates Ethereum-based System to Automate Checks for Compliance

UBS and collaborators have worked together to produce an ethereum-based compliance solution that would improve the lives of those involved in legal and financial compliance [...]

Manila to Host Massive International Bitcoin Conference

The Philippine government has had a lot to say on bitcoin as of late. Initially, the authorities wanted to make sure that they warned their citizens [...]

Bulgarian Banks Shut Down Cryptocurrency Accounts

It looks like a few banks in Bulgaria are not looking to deal with cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrency exchanges. Just recently, a few of the major [...]

R3 Distributed Ledger Consortium Announces New Member, South Korean NongHyup Bank

The latest member of the R3 distributed ledger consortium is South Korea's NongHyup Bank (NH Bank). A widely known consortium, R3's network includes more than 100 [...]

New Ethereum Payments Network, CENTRE, Raises $20 Million Dollars in Funds

Circle, or rather, a company that Circle owns, is pushing forward in the blockchain sphere as they are seeking to create an ethereum payments network. [...]

France Chooses to Allow Blockchain Trading of Unlisted Securities

In a significant move that continues its recent series of business-centric decisions, France gave its nod this Friday to trade unlisted securities through blockchain technology. [...]

Major Russian Bank, Sberbank, Seeking to Implement Blockchain

Sberbank, a state-owned Russian banking and financial services company with its headquarters in Moscow, has deployed a pilot of the first ever payment transaction to [...]

Bitcoin Futures Crash CBOE Right When They Were Released

The price of bitcoin is sitting currently at $17,871.07 in US Dollars as it has stabilized over the course of a few days. So, how did [...]

Deutsche Bank Expects Blockchains to Control 10% of the Global GDP by 2027

According to Deutsche Bank, around 10% of the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) could be regulated by blockchains by 2027. Christian Nolting, the bank’s Global Chief [...]

South Korea Banning Bitcoin Derivatives?

It seems that regulators in South Korea are reconsidering their stances on bitcoin. The country has been relatively quiet and lax on the use and [...]

Open Protocol, Stellar, Increases by 50% After Acquiring Partnership with Cryptocurrency Exchange

The price of the open protocol, Stellar, flew up by 50% on Wednesday. The blockchain-based company has recently created a partnership with a newly opened Korean [...]

Jerry Yang, Billionaire Co-Founder of Yahoo!, Endorses Bitcoin

The co-founder of the American internet company which came about in the technological revolution in the 90’s has endorsed bitcoin. Yahoo! was founded in 1995 [...]

Second Largest Bank in US, Bank of America, Secures Patent for Cryptocurrency Exchange System

Bank of America's Patent for Cryptocurrency Exchange System Application Gets Accepted Bank of America's patent application for its proposed cryptocurrency exchange system has been accepted [...]

  • coinbase index fund

Coinbase Sprints Past All Other Apps and Becomes Most Downloaded App on Apple’s App Store

It's looking to be a happy holiday season for Coinbase as it is surpassing new heights on a regular basis. Coinbase, which serves as the [...]

The Indonesian Government is Looking into Banning Bitcoin Transactions

Indonesia, the Southeastern Asian nation made up of thousands of volcanic islands and is home to many beaches, volcanoes, and Komodo dragons, think that they [...]

Massive Listings Site, Craigslist, Now Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments

Today is a big day for cryptocurrencies. Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist, has just added a feature to his site that allows users to specify [...]

  • Bitcoin bull run

Increased Transactions Cause Massive Mempool Backlog

On a regular basis, we hear about the various problems that are affecting the pioneer currency, Bitcoin, and it’s mempool. As interest in the virtual [...]

The Bulgarian Government is in Possession of Over $3 Billion Dollars Worth of Bitcoin

It seems that the Bulgarian government may be sitting on about $3 Billion dollars worth of bitcoin! How did they come into the possession of [...]

  • Crypto mining CryptoRuble Russian Government

Russia Bans Crypto Mining to Bolster Their Own Cryptocurrency, the CryptoRuble

The Russian government seems to be backtracking a bit on bitcoin and altcoins, as they are in the process of refining their legislation on what [...]

  • Saxo Bank outrageous prediction

Danish Investment Bank, Saxo Bank, Predicts Bitcoin Will Crash at 60k Next Year

Looks like we have another naysayer. Saxo Bank has come out with it’s annual, “Outrageous Predictions” and has stated that they expect bitcoin to hit [...]

  • SEC Securities Exchange Commission

Securities Exchange Commission Steps up their Game, Shutting Down Fraudulent ICO

Looks like the Securities Exchange Commission's crackdown is coming to the ICO market, its recent actions have shown that the regulator intends to do more [...]

  • Steam Bitcoin Volatility Valve

Massive Video Game Distributor, Steam, has Decided to Remove the Bitcoin as a Payment Method

Bitcoin keeps rising in price, as it has hit $17,000 lately, but not everybody is happy with this situation. Some people want bitcoin slow down, [...]

The Reason Bitcoin Evangelist, Andreas Antonopoulos, Didn’t Become Rich from Bitcoin

Andreas M. Antonopoulos, a Greek-British, California-based information security expert, tech entrepreneur, and author-turned-bitcoin evangelist had a few words to say to the community recently to [...]

  • Bitcoin bull run

Bitcoin’s Price Accelerates, Hitting 17k, Major Financial Institution Accepts First Bitcoin Transaction

The pioneer cryptocurrency, the one that fathered them all, has beaten several records over the past 48 hours. Bitcoin has surpassed $13,000, then $14,000, then [...]

  • verge pornhub partnership insider trading

One of the Largest Stock Exchanges in the World to Integrate Blockchain

One of the largest exchanges in the world, the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), has confirmed that they will be integrating blockchain technology and will be [...]

Could Blockstack Become the Next Internet?

Blockchain focused startup, Blockstack, which recently rolled out its initial coin offering, has raised about $52.8 million. It has received investment from institutions such as [...]

NiceHash? More like NiceHacked!

It seems as if the cryptoworld has experienced another tremor with this latest hack. The cryptocurrency mining marketplace, NiceHash, has reportedly been hacked. Fourteen hours [...]

  • India Bitcoin france bitcoin India cryptocurrency france cryptocurrency

Interesting Stance From France And India On Bitcoin?

France An interesting take on bitcoin was just recently shared by the Bank of France Governor Francois Villeroy de Galhau. Francois had trouble defining bitcoin [...]

One of the Largest Exchanges in Japan to Launch Futures in 2018!

We are seeing several things happening in the bitcoin industry. One, we are seeing tremendous growth. Two, we are noticing that it has attracted investors [...]

Digital Banking Alternative, Revolut, Adding Support for Crypto Trading

The digital banking alternative, Revolut, has been making strides and hitting significant milestones as of late. Revolut, which was founded in 2013 and is based [...]

PayPal Cracking Down On Users Involved in Crypto

PayPal does not seem too happy with people who are involved in crypto via their platform. If you have tried to transact cryptocurrency utilized PayPal's [...]

Would You Like Some Kittens With Your Blockchain?

A new game seems to be taking the world by storm. No, it’s not Angry Birds or Pokémon GO, it’s CryptoKitties. Yes, that’s right, CryptoKitties. [...]

  • Venezuela cryptocurrency Petro backed by mineral reserves

Venezuela Announces New Cryptocurrency ‘Petro’ to Combat U.S. Sanctions

Recently, Venezuela has been hit with an array of different problems such as their massive hyperinflation and multiple waves of U.S. sanctions. The Venezuelan president, [...]

  • Donald Trump Bitcoin Donald Trump cryptocurrency White House cryptocurrency

Trump Breaks His Silence On Cryptocurrency

You know that bitcoin is making a splash when you hear that Trump and the rest of the white house is watching closely over the [...]

  • Coinbase Screen shot UI

Coinbase Team Expanding To Cope With Unforeseen Mass Adoption

Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange which has been in the news lately after experiencing high user growth. The demand for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has increased much faster it [...]

  • Goldman Sachs Insider Trading With Bitcoin?

Goldman Sachs Step Up Their Bitcoin Investigations

Goldman Sachs, the american multinational firm which advises and facilitates financing and trades for various parties has been sitting on the sidelines and has been [...]

  • John Mcafee

John Mcafee, British- American Computer Programmer Will Eat His D*ck on National Television if Bitcoin Hasn’t Hit $1 Million by 2020

John Mcafee, British- American computer programmer and savvy business individual has had a few choice words to say on the matter of Bitcoin. Mcafee is [...]

Crypto Corrupts the Youth? South Korean Prime Minister Says So

Bitcoin is corrupting the youth says South Korean Prime Minister In an interesting turn of events, South Korea's prime minister is watching Bitcoin and not [...]

  • cme announces bitcoin futures ready to go december 18th 2017

CME Group Bitcoin Futures Set To Go Live December 18th 2017!

Bitcoin Futures Date Confirmed for CME Group! Many have been waiting for further certainty on when the Chicago based derivatives exchange operator CME, would launch, [...]

  • Cambridge university

Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance Representative states that Bitcoin is an economic revolution

Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance Representative states that Bitcoin is an economic revolution. An economic historian at the University of Cambridge and the London School [...]

  • bitflyer exchange to launch in the usa

Japan’s Biggest Exchange, Bitflyer Launches in The USA!

Looks like the investors in the US are about to receive another present, except this one is arriving before the holidays! The prominent Japanese bitcoin [...]

  • Roger Ver bitcoin cash

Roger Ver Makes Another Bet And Can’t Seem To Stop Decrying Bitcoin

Bitcoin.com CEO Roger Ver calls Bitcoin a 'Cripple Coin' On Nov. 30, back in 2011, Roger Ver made a public  bet where he told everyone [...]

  • What is circle cryptocurrency app trigger

Circle App: A Crypto Investors Best Friend

Circle, the blockchain startup that is a competitor to Coinbase is planning on going forward with their plans for the launch of their new investment [...]

  • Techcrunch founder to laucnh $100 million cryptofund

Techcrunch Founder In The Process of Raising $100 Million Crypto Fund!

Tech Heavyweights entering into the game of cryptocurrency is another signal of the legitimization of the cryptocurrency movement. The Founder of Techcrunch, Michael Arrington will [...]

  • Mark Cuban on Bitcoi crypto and icos

Bilioinaire Investor & Entrepreneur Mark Cuban on Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

Mark Cuban on Bitcoin & cryptocurrency Shark Tank Tv star and billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban has been having different frames of mind on the topic [...]

  • mt gox cause outrage after announcing possible ico

Bankrupt Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Gox Cause Outrage After Announcement of a Potential ICO

In 2013, Mt.Gox was the biggest Bitcoin exchange on the planet. The price of Bitcoin was soaring, and in December 2013, Mt.Gox declared bankrupcy and [...]

  • major exchanges down, bitcoin price falls

Bitcoin Price Falls Back Below $10k As Major Exchanges Down

It's been a whirlwind of a day for Bitcoin. The price passed the monumental $10,000 mark earlier today for the first time, rising as high [...]

  • Bitcoin price hits $10000 usd

Bitcoin Price Hits $10,000 – Monumental All Time High – Global Financial Meltdown Coming?

Bitcoin Price Hits $10,000 A monumental milestone today for Bitcoin as the market price hits $10,000 (£7511) ! The $10,000 mark is the most significant [...]

  • did elon musk create bitcoin?

Elon Musk, the Creator of Bitcoin? SpaceX Employee Thinks So

Ever since Bitcoin grew in popularity, people have wondered about the creators of the cryptocurrency, did Elon Musk create Bitcoin? Known only by the synonym Satoshi [...]

  • globitex ico globitex international money license

BTC Exchange Globitex: Receives European Electronic Money License

Globitex was founded in 2011 and serves as a professional Bitcoin marketplace, filling the need for an institutional grade exchange platform with advanced IT solutions, [...]

  • swissquote group bitcoin certificate

SwissQuote Group: Bitcoin Based Certificate To Reduce Risk.

Swisquote Group, who states that they are the leading provider of trading services', have recently provided a further offering. This time they are seeking to [...]

  • Philippines government crypto regulation

Bitcoin in the Philippines – ‘Regulating Moderately To Let The Space Progress’

Bitcoin in the Philippines “If you want something that is fast, near real-time and convenient, then there’s the benefit of using virtual currencies like bitcoin,” [...]

  • Ripple update Ripple cryptocurrency

Ripple Update: News, Developments & Announcements: Standard Chartered, Axis, ZB.Com, Ron Will, Huobi

Ripple has been on fire lately, not necessarily in terms of price when compared to Bitcoin or others, but in terms of action. Many new [...]


Finally, Ethereum Passes ATH Set in June! A Long Time Coming! $460

Ethereum Movements The price of Ethereum has hit a new high at above $450 threshold, with current price being at $460, up around 40% in [...]

  • Dan Bilzerian Bitcoin Gains

Playboy and Instagram King Dan Bilzerian on his Bitcoin gains

Dan on BTC Growth Dan Bilzerian, king of Instagram and professional poker player, has seen significant gains in his bitcoin investment and he’s told his [...]

  • Bail Bloc pay bail with cryptocurrency monero

Bail Bloc: Cryptocurrency Mining People’s Freedom

What is Bail Bloc? Bail Bloc is a project that aims to help people awaiting trial who can’t afford to post bail by mining Monero [...]

  • Nivaura Ethereum bond

UK Startup Nivaura Unveils World First Regulated Ethereum Bond

Nivaura is a startup who states that they want to make issuance and administration of financial instruments cheaper and faster while ensuring compliance. They have [...]

  • Who is Ben Lawsky joins ripple Ben Lawsky Ripple

BitLicense Architect Ben Lawsky Joins Ripple Board

Ben Lawsky has served as a New York Superintendent of Financial Services who led the BitLicense regulatory framework while in office and has now joined [...]

  • Morocco to ban cryptocurrency Morocco make cryptocurrency illegal

Morocco Authorities To Make The Use Of Cryptocurrency Illegal

The regulators in the Moroccan country, state that virtual currencies are not in accordance with their laws and specifically are in violation of their foreign [...]

  • JP Morgan bitcoin futures markets JP Morgan bitcoin Jamie Dimon scandal

JPMorgan Are Now Preparing To Enter Into Bitcoin Futures Markets’

The banking giant, J.P Morgan, seems to be considering entering into the bitcoin futures trading market by providing it's clients with access to CME's new [...]

  • Dash update Dash development

Dash Price Continues To Soar Following ZMB Deal

Privacy-centered altcoin Dash has broke past $550 for the first time as the company provides further updates and features. It's an interesting occurrence when the [...]

  • Confido ico scam alert

Confido ICO Scam – $375k Raised, Sent To a Bittrex Account and Vanished!

Confido, more like Confidon't! Confido, the cryptocurrency start up that wanted to provide a payment processing system to it's users has vanished with their investors [...]

  • Russian opinion on Bitcoin and crypto

Russian Ministers Can’t Make Up Their Mind About Bitcoin and Crypto

Russian regulators have had a love, neutral & hate experience all combined into one with Cryptocurrencies as of late. In September, the stance of the [...]

  • HODL LendEDU survey

HODL OR DIE TRYING: New Survey Shows Young Americans Will Keep Their Bitcoin

It seems that the younger American generation has a different mindset, according to reports, they like their brunch with avocado toast and they might even [...]

  • Tether hacked is tether a scam tether bitfinex

Blockchain Data Links Tether ‘Attack’ to 2015 Exchange Hack

As we reported earlier today on the Tether attack, wherein at least $31 million worth of crypto was stolen from the Hong Kong based startup, [...]

Top Hedge Fund AQR To Pave The Way When It Comes To Blockchain

AQR is a Global manager founded in 1998, they currently have 871 employees, with $208 Billion assets under management focusing on traditional and alternative investment strategies. [...]

  • State Bank of India blockchain India cryptocurrency India blockchain

India’s Largest Bank To Proceed With Rollout Of Blockchain In December

The State Bank of India will be launching two blockchain production-ready beta solutions by the end of this year, they are seeking to deploy this [...]

  • CME group announce bitcoin futures market

CME Still Yet to set a date: CME Group to Launch Bitcoin Futures Market Early December, BTC New Highs

BTC is rising to new highs as further developments happen in the fictionalisation of BTC. CME Group, the world's largest futures exchange posts announcement. CME Group Inc [...]

  • Dragon Corp floating cryptocurrency casino

Dragon Corp: Floating Cryptocurrency Casino in Macau

Would you want to go to a Floating Casino in Macau ? It seems like the team over at Dragon Corp heard about all of [...]

  • Ron Paul speaks about cryptocurrency politicians bitcoin politicians

Popular US Politician Ron Paul Has Had His Say On Bitcoin

As the interest in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies grow, many who are aligned with the ideas of decentralization look to find more ways to popularize the [...]

  • Tether hacked is tether a scam tether bitfinex

Tether: Hacked for more than 30 Million?

Tether,  is a finance start-up located in Hong Kong, that offers dollar-backed digital tokens and is dubbed as the next generation financial platform powered by [...]

  • NASDAQ powered crypto exchange Nasdaq file for blockchain patent

Second Largest Stock Exchange Nasdaq File For Blockchain Patent

Nasdaq, the second largest stock-exchange in the world are looking into the possibility of using blockchain technology for storing asset ownership information. A recent patent [...]

  • canaccord genuity crypto report

Investment Banking & Wealth Management Firm – Crypto is The Middle Ground Between Gold & Fiat

Canaccord Genuity, a company that offers corporations and institutional investors around the world an integrated platform for equity research, sales and trading, and investment banking [...]

  • Ripple update Ripple cryptocurrency

Ripple Making Waves: AMEX Deal And Ultra Secret US Bank Meeting

Ripple provides one friction-less experience to send money globally using the power of blockchain. By joining Ripple’s growing, global network, financial institutions can process their [...]

  • jamie dimon busted for money laundering

JP Morgan Busted For Money Laundering After Accusing Bitcoin of Doing The Same.

The money laundering culprit has struck again and to no one's surprise it's at another bank. Is it HSBC laundering money for Mexican cartels, Iran [...]

  • Kin ico Token sale event by Kik disappoints Kin Update

Kik’s ICO, KIN Try Desperate Attempt To Move Blockchain as Project Continues To Fail

Kik is one of the first venture backed startups to launch an ICO and provides chat functionalities for it's users and has the mission of [...]

  • What is Nitro ICO

Nitro: Blockchain To Democratise The Utility Of Video-Games Economy

What is Nitro Nitro is a project backed by the prominent mobile entertainment group in southeast Asia, iCandy interactive limited ('iCandy Interactive"). ICandy has shareholders [...]

  • monero mining scandals

The Coinjackers Are Coming To Get You – Websites Using Your CPU To Mine Crypto Without Permission

Laptop getting hotter than usual? You may be mining crypto for somebody else Everyone simply wants to get the gold, or rather cryptocurrency, some do [...]

  • steemit accelerated growth

A Partnership That Could Help Accelerate STEEM And a New Content Structure

Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. has announced a non-binding agreement to create a joint venture with Steemit Inc, to establish a $20m Steem Fund. The Steem [...]

  • what is square, square to use bitcoin

The World’s Most Downloaded Financial App, Square Are Beginning To Support Bitcoin!

Square helps millions of sellers run their business- from secure credit card processing to point of sale solutions. They state in their about us section [...]

  • What is bitconnect is bitconnect a scam uk to shut down bitconnect

Bitconnect Could Be Shut Down By UK Regulators

Bitconnect might be in danger of being forced to close down due to increasing concerns of the project being a fraudulent company who is engaging [...]

  • Bitcoin Classic have pulled the plug on their project

The Brief Wondrous Life of Bitcoin Classic

What is Bitcoin Classic? Bitcoin Classic is a fork of the Bitcoin reference implementation Bitcoin Core, that aims to increase Bitcoin's transaction processing capacity by [...]

  • blockchain projects that pay you to consume content social media

3 Blockchain Social Media Platforms That Pay You For Consuming Content

We all browse our social networks hoping to find new information on our friends, acquaintances and exes and we do this in a couple of [...]

  • DASH updates Dash cryptocurrency dash price soars

Changes To Dash: Prices Continue To Soar

The cryptocurrency increased significantly in prices reaching a price It has never before, signaling strength and interest. Dash climbed to $500 before falling back to [...]

  • united nations for logistics

United Nations Looking At Blockchain Tech For Help With The Logistics Of Providing Aid

"In early 2017, The World Food Project took the first steps of harnessing a bold technology that can transform the fight against hunger. Blockchain technology, [...]

  • Coinbase IRS lawsuit

Don’t Tax My BTC Gains. Coinbase & The IRS

Coinbase, the San Francisco-headquartered bitcoin exchange on Friday, gave an update to it's users about the Internal revenue service taxation situation. Last year, in the [...]

  • Garry Kasparov on Bitcoin Chess Prodigy

Garry Kasparov Former World Chess Champion on Bitcoin

Garry Kasparov, the author of the book, Deep Thinking: Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins and the former world chess champion attended the [...]

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprises entering the blockchain as a service space

Hewlett Packard Is Moving Into The ‘Blockchain As A Service’ Space!

Blockchain as a service is being served up by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to cater to their large clients. HP already serves a variety of [...]

  • Parity Wallet potentially lose $300 million Ethereum

Parity Wallet Update

The story of the frozen (speculative) number of $300 million in ETH loss due to human error only gets more interesting as Cappasity Inc states [...]

  • Pareto principle blockchain developments

The Pareto Principle: 26,00 Blockchain Projects. Who’s remaining?

The Pareto Principle states that there is an “unequal relationship between inputs and outputs. The Pareto principle states that 20% of the invested input is responsible [...]

  • bitcoin mining electricity in china illegal

Use Of Electricity For Bitcoin Mining Is Illegal – China!

An announcement today (14th November 2017) by Sichuan Electric Power company in China appears to suggest that electricity used to mine Bitcoin is illegal! The [...]

  • cryptocurrency investment fund

Rise Of The Cryptofunds – Cryptocurrency Investment Funds up 264% in 2017

The excitement in the year around in crypto currencies and tokens is palpable, it seems like the new gold rush, as a matter of fact, [...]

  • DASH updates Dash cryptocurrency dash price soars

An Update On Dash – Digital Cash

Quick Recap on Dash: Dash is digital cash that you can spend anywhere, utilize dash to make instant, private payments online or in store using [...]

  • chia, bittorrent founder to launch eco friendly cryptoucrrency by 2018

BitTorrent founder to launch Eco Friendly Cryptocurrency Token, Chia in 2018

If eco-friendly crypto excites you, then you'll be pleased to hear about Chia. Chia is expected to be available in 2018. The Chia Network's CEO [...]

  • Kin ico Token sale event by Kik disappoints Kin Update

Kin Token Has Dissapointed So Far As Investors Are Down Around 60%

Kin token event by Kik Just a couple of months ago the globally used messenger app known as ‘Kik’ announced they would be launching a [...]

  • overstock ico token sale

tZERO: Overstock might close out the year with the biggest ICO EVER

Just recently, the CEO of Overstock announced that their subsidiary tZERO would be having an ICO in the middle of November 2017. Upon the announcement [...]

  • Cryptocoins btc eth increase in market cap total market cap

Total Cryptocurrency Market Value Up Over 400% In 2017

We started this year with this growing cryptocurrency market at $40 Billion we are close to ending this year and the market is already at [...]

  • What is a Botnet, cryptocurrency mining Alexey Khiprov

Legal botnets , Androids and clever cryptomining

What is a botnet? A botnet is a number of Internet-connected devices, each of which is running one or more bots. Botnets can be used to perform distributed [...]

  • Chinese government building

The Cryptocurrency Exchanges of China are Dead, Officially

This wasn't a Surprise Move In September, the Chinese government announced that they were considering banning cryptocurrency exchanges. Turns out, they were pretty serious about [...]

  • What is bitcoin gold (BTG) and when will bitcoin gold launch

Bitcoin Gold (BTG): Coming Soon, News And Updates

What is Bitcoin Gold or BTG? Developers are introducing and making preparations for the launch of their bitcoin gold cryptocurrency network. Well, it’s simply an [...]

  • venture capitalists at threat from the ico and crypto boommmms

Crypto Mania – Venture Capitalists Growing Increasingly More Concerened Over Cryptocurrency

If you were talking about cryptocurrency back in the day, let’s say, 4-8 years ago, you wouldn’t have found a big community to chat with. [...]

  • SegWit2x update BitPico
  • SegWit2x update BitPico

No one likes a forced Hard Fork: SegWit2x Update

Apparently some people can’t take no for an answer, BitPico, a rather peculiar individual or group of individuals have vowed to still proceed with the [...]

  • Tennet renewable energy blockchain with Sonnen and IBM

Tennet Renewable Energy on the blockchain update

In Germany, the transmission operator Tennet has launched a blockchain pilot project, to test flexible use of household’s batter storage to reduce bottlenecks in the [...]

  • SEC issue more warnings over icos

Uh Oh, Here Comes The SEC

The Securities Exchange Commission is continuing to issue more statements and warnings on their stance on ICO’s. The latest remarks were presented in a speech [...]

  • Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin refraining from comment following the parity wallet inclident where $300 million worth or Ethereum went missing was lost

An Update On The Ethereum Parity Wallet Loss

As reported prior, there was an incident with a development company, Parity, where a human error caused a potential $300 Million to be frozen. This [...]

  • big bang theory to do an episode on bitcoin

TV Show The Big Bang Theory To Dedicate Full Show To Bitcoin!

The popular US TV series, The Big Bang Theory could open the flood gates for even greater widespread Bitcoin adoption. Watch The Big Bang [...]

  • freelance on the blockchain

How Blockchain Will Revolutionise The Freelance Industry

The Gig Economy is Booming There used to be a time when the freelance industry was deemed a last resort of sorts. Freelancing was something [...]

  • bitcoin hard fork segwit2x cancelled

Bitcoin Hard Fork Segwit2x – CANCELLED!

The camp who has been continuously advocating for the hard fork of bitcoin have chosen to cancel the plans for the event known as the [...]

  • ethereum developers devcon 3

Ethereum Foundation Developers Conference Held in Cancun, Mexico

Fall brings cold temperatures to many places, and the thought of going to Cancun, Mexico sounds great! From November 1st to the 4th, the Ethereum Foundation [...]

  • Parity Wallet potentially lose $300 million Ethereum

Where’s My $300 Million? Parity Wallet Ethereum Losses

A significant event that happened lately regarding parity wallet and the potential losses of up to $300 million Ethereum. What's worse is that there's a [...]

  • Tezos More disrupt with class action lawsuit

The cautionary tale of Tezos and flying too close to the sun

Tezos is a new decentralized blockchain that governs itself by establishing a true digital commonwealth. It facilitates formal verification, a technique which mathematically proves the [...]

  • IBM Looking at blockchian venture for cannabis industry

IBM Targets Blockchain for Cannabis Industry in British Columbia

The legalization of the cannabis industry has changed how many companies do business. IBM is now looking at how to use to the blockchain with [...]

  • Is Amazon involved in Cryptocurrency, Amazon cryptocurrency

Is Amazon Taking The Cryptocurrency Plunge At Last?

Are Amazon planning to get involved with cryptocurrencies? Ever since cryptocurrencies came into existence, the skepticism about their future has been a constant companion. Recently, [...]

Singer Bjork Giving Away Cryptocurrency With Purchases Of Her New Album ‘Utopia’

If you are music fan and also like cryptocurrency, then this news is really going to make you smile. Popular singer and musician Bjork [...]

  • OmiseGo Update what is OmiseGo

What’s New With OmiseGo?

Quick Recap: OmiseGo is company founded in 2013, it is a payments focused company, the idea is to empower everyone to transact without barriers and [...]

  • TenX update, TenX Cards

TenX (PAY): Card Updates, Global card supplier and more!

Intro and Recap : TenX was founded in 2015 by three cryptocurrency enthusiasts, Toby Hoenisch, Paul Kittiwonsunthorn, and Dr Julian Hosp. Their goal was to [...]

  • Groestlcoin logo on bitGuru what is gorestlcoin

What Is Groestlcoin? Everything You Need To Know

Groestlcoin-Volatile Yet Promising Coin The beauty of cryptocurrency is that the prices can see absolutely massive growth in a very small amount of time. [...]

  • Metal blockchain payment system to rival PayPal

Metal (MTL) Could Rival PayPal Very Soon

Metal (MTL) is a name you are likely to become familiar with very soon... Since 2002 when eBay first purchased PayPal the value has not [...]

  • Vertcoin logo

Vertcoin is booming: Everything you need to know

What is Vertcoin Vertcoin is a digital currency which can be sent peer to peer, similar to Bitcoin and Litecoin. Vertcoin is known as [...]

  • successful entrepreneurs bill gates and richard branson talk about bitcoin in interviews

Successful People Talking About Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

Successful Rich / Famous People Talking About Bitcoin Successful people like Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Max Kaiser and more talk about Bitcoin and the [...]

  • bitcoin gold logo move by 25th october hard fork deadline

The Next Bitcoin Hard Fork Is Sooner Than You Think – Bitcoin Gold, Everything You Need To Know

The next Bitcoin hard fork is happening soon! Be prepaired if you want your free Bitcoin Gold! It's often hard to keep up with [...]

  • Estonia Japan Kasakhstan state backed Cryptocurrency

3 Countries Considering Launching Their Own State Backed Cryptocurrency

State backed cryptocurrency is being seriously considered now by at least 3 governments around the world. Most people have heard of Bitcoin, many will [...]

  • Gladius DDoS Security

Gladius: Blockchain Based DDoS Security

The Gladius Network is a decentralized, Blockchain-driven platform designed to protect against DDoS attacks. Gladius’ platform allows users to rent out spare bandwidth to [...]

BitAddress.org – Beware Of Possible Scam

Bitaddress.org is a resource anyone can use in order to create a printable paper Bitcoin wallet. A paper wallet is supposedly the most secure way [...]

Update on the Ethereum Byzantium Hark Fork

The Ethereum network is set to undergo a major update in the form of a hard fork, If all goes as planned the update will [...]

  • Dubai Is Launching it's own cryptocurrency!

Dubai To Launch Its Very Own Blockchain-Based Cryptocurrency, EmCash

  Dubai has already positioned itself as an attractive destination for the rich and the famous to splurge on exorbitant experiences. There’s now one more [...]

Bitcoin Price Rising Fast As It Breaks All Time Highs Yet Again!

The Bitcoin Price today (Thursday 12th October 2017) has once again smashed past the previous all time high of £3755 ($4863) set on Friday 1st September [...]

Mine Cryptocurrency for Torrent Sites And Receive Upload Credit in Exchange

It was back in 2013 that popular torrent site The Pirate Bay began accepting donations in bitcoin. A number of torrent sites followed suit and [...]

TokenStars Democratizes Talent Scouting And Celebrity Management with The Blockchain

How do you decide if a certain athlete is good enough to make it to the big leagues? Of course, part of that responsibility lies [...]

  • monero mining scandals


If you haven’t heard the recent news, major US television and radio broadcaster, CBS, has been under some major fire in the recent news cycle. [...]


TheBitForum.com have just launched a competition which will be running only until 10th October 2017. 1 LiteCoin up for grabs, worth at the current market price [...]


How do you know cryptocurrency has been killing it lately? You could look at the unprecedented values at which bitcoin has been trading in the [...]


The topic of cryptocurrency has been getting an unprecedentedly-large amount of media attention in recent months. As the general public continues to become increasingly aware [...]


As cryptocurrencies continue to be purchased with official country-regulated currencies like the American dollar, Euro, Yen, Rupee and just about every other currency you can [...]


As a plurality of cryptocurrencies continue to attempt to coexist in a new, rapidly changing market--the community finds itself forced to draw lines that differentiate [...]


​IBM is bullish on the blockchain. The tech giant has let its actions speak for its views on the emerging technology by investing a considerable [...]


Soon, your tickets to a concert somewhere in Asia could be served up electronically through a solution built on the Ethereum blockchain. That’s thanks to [...]


China have recently become strict on the cryptocurrency markets... banning all ICO's and ordering all unlicensed cryptocurrency trading platforms to shut down by the end [...]

  • china banned ICOs


The latest announcements from China according to leaked documents have indicated that all Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges must cease operations by the end of September. They have [...]


North Korea has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately, which is generally the case whenever it’s in the news. But this [...]

  • bitcoin-falling-art2


Prior to the infamous Bitcoin hard fork deadline day on August 1st, markets were stagnating as the community awaited definitive news about what would happen with Bitcoin. [...]

  • bitcoin-legit-currency


Howard Marks, the billionaire investor and co-chairman of Oaktree Capital, appears to have softened his scathing stance on cryptocurrency. Although it isn’t quite a full volte-face, his [...]


Created back in 2014, Verge (XVG) is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies around. You would think that a digital currency created back before Ethereum (July 2015) would [...]


This past week or so has seen a fair amount of negative stories surrounding cryptocurrencies from a number of governments, the below articles from Coindesk are just a [...]


Using cryptocurrency in the real world is getting easier as time goes by. With the revolution just getting started, many enthusiast see a cashless economy [...]


For an investor looking to make money, Initial Coin Offering's (ICO's) can be very profitable if you choose the right one. They seem to be [...]


Magos AI, the first ever blockchain-based prediction software, has already gathered over $750,000 in its Initial Coin Offering (ICO). In this crowdfunding event users can [...]

  • Chinese government building


An initial coin offering is an unregulated way in which companies or individuals can raise funds in order to start up a project. ICO's are [...]


What is NAV Coin? NAV Coin is a decentralised cryptocurrency based on the latest version of Bitcoin Core. It also supports SegWit and offers extremely [...]


2017 has been a huge year for cryptocurrencies with the market cap soaring past $160 billion at its peak in the last few days, we have [...]


Monaco (MCO) has been killing it recently in terms of price increase. Marketed as the world's best cryptocurrency payment card, the cryptocurrency has increased over [...]


For many people, convincing friends and family about the success and potential behind cryptocurrency is a challenge. It does to be fair all seem just [...]


An initial Coin Offering (ICO) can be a great way to make huge potential profits in the cryptocurrency world, for example a $100 investment in [...]


Although not the reason it was created, Bitcoin gave criminals the ability to trade online with a great deal (not 100%) more anonymity than ever before. Online [...]



Just days before his legendary bout with Conor Mcgregor, Floyd Mayweather has took to Twitter to promote the Hubii Network ICO. The token sale started [...]



If you follow cryptocurrencies you more than likely know about Ripple, with the third largest market cap it is one of the most well known [...]



​Bitcoin is slowly becoming more and more popular as news spreads of it’s rapidly increasing price and the groundbreaking possibilities ahead of the coming cryptocurrency [...]

  • BitConnect


On 1st June BitConnect Coin (BCC) was trading at around £11/$15... fast forward to today and the current market price is over £90/$115, but what [...]

  • DASH updates Dash cryptocurrency dash price soars


You may have noticed in the last few days the price of Dash has soared to all time highs after months of maintaining a fairly [...]

  • ADEX


What is AdEx? AdEx is a next generation blockchain based online advertisement marketplace, it looks to solve a huge issue in the current online advertisement [...]


Here at bitGuru we've been getting a lot of messages from people new to the cryptocurrency world and asking for tips on how to get [...]

  • TENX


Based in Singapore, TenX was started in order to bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies and the every day user. At the moment it's difficult to [...]



What is the Lightning Network? As you are probably aware Bitcoin has some scaling issues, this has become more and moreapparent over recent months, transactions [...]



Although Bitcoin has been around for almost a decade, it is only recently that blockchain technology has really started taking off. Bitcoin was created simply [...]



What is OmiseGo (OMG) Crypto fans are very enthusiastic about OmiseGo and we believe it has more than the ‘OMG’ abbreviation of the token, they are attempting to unbanked the [...]



Blockchain technology is most widely known as being what underpins the infamous Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Many people struggle to understand, let alone explain exactly what it [...]



​Bitcoin's rapidly increasing price has left a wake of very rich individuals, most of whom bought in early with a solid belief that the new [...]



BITCOIN SIGN: Yesterday (12th July 2017), this guy held up a sign saying 'Buy Bitcoin' behind United States Federal Reserve chair, Janet Yellen. The 'bitcoin [...]

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