ANTSHARES ICO’s are a fantastic way of getting in first before they potentially increase in value.

Although there are thousands of potentials to choose from, you must be very careful when investing and only invest after researching fully into the team, technology and potential market. Some ICO’s have been complete scams, taking the investment and never to be seen or heard of again. Please be careful and invest wisely.

When NEO (formerly Antshares) was in it’s ICO phase back in 2016, the tokens were available to purchase for only $0.036. Now in just over a year, the price is sitting at $18!

If you invested $100 in the Antshares (NEO) ICO, your investment would now be worth almost $50,000!

That’s some serious profit! Of course there are hundreds to choose from and with sometimes just a basic website to judge by, it’s hard to tell which ones are worth investing in.

Take a look at our ICO page for some inspiration, but do your research before making any investments!

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