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Bitcoin Cash is a fork of the Bitcoin core blockchain and is defined as ‘Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash’. The fork itself was decided as a result of a divide in the community between the ongoing scaling issue on the Bitcoin core blockchain. The Bitcoin Cash team state that Bitcoin Cash is in fact “fulfilling the original promise of Bitcoin”.

Here you will find all the latest Bitcoin Cash news and Bitcoin Cash price news. Here at bitGuru we aim to keep you up to date with the most relevant cryptocurrency news, Bitcoin Cash news and Bitcoin Cash price news.

Latest Bitcoin Cash News:

  • Mt. Gox Court Ruling Leads To The Return Of Over $1 Billion Worth Of Bitcoins To Victims

Mt. Gox Court Ruling Leads To The Return Of Over $1 Billion Worth Of Bitcoins To Victims

In what is quite possibly the lowest point in Bitcoins history, it looks as though the ongoing Mt. Gox saga is finally coming to an end, and it looks as though it may well be [...]

  • Coinbase Index Fund

Coinbase Index Fund: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin & Bitcoin Cash Available to Institutional Investors

Coinbase announced back in March their intent to launch an Index Fund, allowing "U.S. resident accredited investors" to invest in a cryptocurrency linked fund. The Coinbase index fund allows users to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin [...]

  • Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin Core Has Finally Arrived

Bitcoin Core has finally arrived... and we are not referring to the name Roger Ver, founder of Bitcoin Cash likes to give to Bitcoin. No this is an actual hard fork which is going to [...]

  • Bitcoin v Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin v Bitcoin Cash Beginners’ Guide

Cryptocurrencies can be confusing at first, not only do you need to learn how to buy them, trade them, store them and much more. You then discover Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Private, etc. [...]

  • litecoin vs bitcoin cash

Satoshi Lite Fuels The Fire Between Litecoin And Bitcoin Cash

It seems that the frustrations between those who subscribe to the ideology and technology of Bitcoin and those that are more in line with that of the Bitcoin Cash and it’s technological structure continues to [...]

Bodog Billionaire Building $100 Million Bitcoin Cash Resort

Calvin Ayre, the mind behind one of the world’s most famous online gambling sites, Bodog, recently announced the development of a $100 million resort in Antigua and Barbuda – the sovereign state where he currently [...]

NIST Mistakenly Says That Bitcoin Was a Fork of Bitcoin Cash

In a baffling research paper, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) claims that Bitcoin is a fork of the original network, with Bitcoin Cash actually being that original network and coin. The findings [...]

  • facts about bitcoin you need to know

Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Bitmex Liquidates All of Its Bitcoin Cash Holdings

BitMEX, or Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange, is a trading platform that through the intersection of a few experts in the domains of finance, trading, front end and back end web development experts. The company offers their [...]

  • coinbase index fund

Coinbase Adds Bitcoin Cash, Price Surges to $8500

Coinbase, one of the most popular cryptocurrency apps have now added Bcash (BCH) to their roster. This was a very surprising move because most thought that this would happen in January of next year, not [...]

  • Bitcoin Cash peer to peer electronic cash

A Brief History Of Bitcoin Cash (or BCash)

An Offspring of Necessity In the last few weeks, Bitcoin Cash has enjoyed a massive rally, and after touching a high of $1700, it’s currently priced at around $1300. Watching Bitcoin Cash scaling new heights [...]

  • bitcoin cash on a rocket to the fucking moon

Will Bitcoin Cash Stay Strong?

Bitcoin Cash had an interesting past weekend as it briefly surpassed ether to become the second largest cryptocurrency as measured by a higher market value than ether on Sunday. The market value of bitcoin cash [...]



Bitcoin Cash as you're probably aware was created at very short notice out of a split from the Bitcoin blockchain. ​It was one of the Bitcoin Improvement Proposals, (BIP) proposed to make Bitcoin better. The main difference [...]



With great anticipation about trying out the new 8MB block limit Bitcoin Cash features, bitGuru attempted to buy some Bitcoin Cash for our Live Fund. Thinking we had found a great arbitrage opportunity between the 2 [...]



Today was the first day Bitcoin Cash has been trading on live markets. Prices have fluctuated wildly, and each market values the newly created currency at a different price. For example, the market price on YoBit.Net is [...]


Bitcoin cash…It’s Official It’s official… Bitcoin Cash just mined its first block meaning the chain has now split from Bitcoin! Amid fears over what the fork would mean for the price of Bitcoin it seems [...]

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