Today was the first day Bitcoin Cash has been trading on live markets. Prices have fluctuated wildly, and each market values the newly created currency at a different price.

For example, the market price on YoBit.Net is 0.28 BTC, roughly £567. On however, BCC is trading at 0.11 BTC, roughly £223!

Unfortunately, YoBit is not accepting outside BCC deposits just yet, so it’s not possible to take advantage of the arbitrage opportunity.

Many new BCC holders, those whom held BTC and now have BCC, are chosing to sell up. Given the massive price dependencies, some are getting a much worse deal than others! Because there is no way yet of transferring between wallets and exchanges just yet, those desperate to sell are being forced to sell for a much lower price.

If however more people were aware of the huge inconsistencies in the prices, maybe more people would hold onto the BCC and wait until the market settles down, the price consolidates and they can get the best price possible!

The good news however is that you can buy BCC for 0.11 on

Take a look for yourself at the current prices on various markets, even on Bittrex the price is 0.25 BTC! We’re not in any way giving investment advice, just sharing the fact you can buy BCC for half the price, and as soon as wallet deposits are available, if the price is still as different, there could be a good profit involved.

You will have to deposit your HitBTC account with credit in a cryptocurency of your choice before making your purchase. You can buy Bitcoin here

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