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Bitcoin was first created in 2009 under the synonym Satoshi Nakamoto. The real identity of it’s creator(s) is not known, however the value of the digital currency speaks for itself. It’s the first ever decentralised currency, meaning it’s not controlled by any organisation, bank or third parties. It’s controlled entirely by it’s users, transaction by transaction. What is Bitcoin used for? Bitcoin allows users to quickly and directly transfer the digital cash to any address around the globe, without the permission of any third party.

Here you will find all the latest Bitcoin news and Bitcoin price news. Here at bitGuru we aim to keep you up to date with the most relevant cryptocurrency news, Bitcoin news and Bitcoin price news.

Latest Bitcoin News:

  • Mt. Gox Court Ruling Leads To The Return Of Over $1 Billion Worth Of Bitcoins To Victims

Mt. Gox Court Ruling Leads To The Return Of Over $1 Billion Worth Of Bitcoins To Victims

In what is quite possibly the lowest point in Bitcoins history, it looks as though the ongoing Mt. Gox saga is finally coming to an end, and it looks as though it may well be [...]

  • Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin Core Has Finally Arrived

Bitcoin Core has finally arrived... and we are not referring to the name Roger Ver, founder of Bitcoin Cash likes to give to Bitcoin. No this is an actual hard fork which is going to [...]

  • Bitcoin v Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin v Bitcoin Cash Beginners’ Guide

Cryptocurrencies can be confusing at first, not only do you need to learn how to buy them, trade them, store them and much more. You then discover Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Private, etc. [...]

  • bitcoin based financial system

500,000 Swiss Citizens Vote For Bitcoin Based Financial System

Since 2009 Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have seen a meteoric rise, however, there are still some sceptics. A large number of banks are beginning to block purchases of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Since Bitcoin was [...]

  • bitcoin price

Bitcoin Price is Bouncing Again – What are the Reasons?

Bitcoin and the crypto market as a whole are similar to regular stock markets. The main difference, except for modern technology use, is an extremely high volatility of cryptocurrencies. New coins may increase in value by 10%, [...]

  • NASDAQ powered crypto exchange Nasdaq file for blockchain patent

NASDAQ Powered Crypto Exchange to Spark Next Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Bull Run

After what can only be describes as another disappointing month for bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets alike. Investors are wondering when prices will turn back around. Bitcoin began the month strongly after pushing up to around [...]

  • sharia law bitcoin bitcoin permissible under sharia law

Bitcoin Permissible Under Sharia Law As London Mosque Becomes First To Accept it

Roughly one month ago a renowned Islamic scholar declared that bitcoin was permissible under Sharia law. Opening up the world of cryptocurrencies to 1.6 billion muslims worldwide. Fast forward one month and a London Mosque [...]

  • Binance to list quarkchain what is QuarkChain

The Search For The Next Bitcoin Ends Here… QuarkChain

Bitcoin was first designed as a decentralised, permission-less,   peer-to-peer transactional system which has since took the world by storm. Before anyone discovered the true potential of blockchain technology, it was designed to offer a method [...]

  • Surprising Bitcoin Facts You Need To Know

10 Surprising Bitcoin Facts You Need To Know

In this article, we're going to dig into some surprising Bitcoin facts you need to know. The world's most popular digital currency (for now) is Bitcoin. It still holds a roughly 35% dominance over all [...]

  • December 13th Is Officially The Best Day To Own Bitcoin - Bitcoin Price Analaysis

December 13th Is Officially The Best Day To Own Bitcoin – Bitcoin Price Analysis

Its Official... December 13th is officially the best day to own Bitcoin. You are probably wondering why we have made this claim and how we have e come up with the day. Well after [...]

  • facts about bitcoin you need to know

Bitcoin Price – High’s and Low’s Every Year Since 2009!

Bitcoin price in 2009 Even though Bitcoin was created in 2009, there were no exchanges trading it at that time. That means that technically the Bitcoin price in 2009 was $0. Originally it was [...]

  • Bitcoin Quotes

Bitcoin Quotes From Famous People

Bitcoin is quite probably the most revolutionary technology to be developed since the internet. Bitcoin is allowing people all over the world to transact free of banks, governments and centralised third parties. Meaning finally people [...]

  • money transfer services vs bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

Sending Bitcoin Is Cheaper & Safer Than Any Traditional Money Transfer Service

Though Bitcoin fees are by no means the lowest in the crypto world, the cost of transacting through the Bitcoin network is still worlds away from any other traditional money transfer service so far. During [...]

  • Bitcoin bull run on the horizon bitcoin price

Next Bitcoin Bull Run On The Horizon

After the first positive signs in 2018 for the Bitcoin price after it surged above $9,000 for the fourth time during the April bull run. The Bitcoin price looks to be heading back to the [...]

  • champers bitcoin 17 millionth mined

The 17 Millionth Bitcoin Has Just Been Mined!

26th April 2018, the day the 17 Millionth Bitcoin was mined. One of the main reasons the value of Bitcoin is so high is the fact there is a finite supply of them. Fiat currencies such [...]

  • 16,000 bitcoin moved from mt. gox wallet

16,000 Bitcoin Moved From Mt. Gox Wallets

Nobuaki Kobayashi, the lawyer and trustee of the Mt Gox bitcoin exchange has sold bitcoin and bitcoin cash worth more than $400 million since September last year till March this year. At the beginning of [...]

  • Delta cryptocurrency portfolio tracker

Delta: Bitcoin, ICO & Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker

As a cryptocurrency investor you will more than likely use some sort of portfolio tracker app, and if you haven't already had a look then you absolutely should be using Delta. But what are the [...]

  • bitcoin adoption venezuela

Bitcoin Adoption At Record High’s In Venezuela

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is home to one of the worst hyperinflation crisis in the world ever. Inflation has been projected to reach as high as 13,000% this year, as the situation continues [...]

  • Best cryptocurrency exchanges to use 2018

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges To Buy Bitcoin & Altcoins in 2018!

In the world of crypto, things are moving at blinding speeds and finding the best cryptocurrency exchange to buy Bitcoin and altcoins takes trail and error. Luckily we've trialled all the contenders so you don't have [...]

  • bitcoin price

Bitcoin Price Nearing $9,000, For The Fourth Time

The cryptocurrency world is seemingly positive again after a disaster start to 2018. The Bitcoin price has been gradually recovering over the last week and there is a bullish mood for the Bitcoin price [...]

  • what has caused this Bitcoin price surge bull run or bear trap?

What Has Caused This Bitcoin Price Surge?

After an awful first 4 months for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investors alike, this week has finally seen some positive news in terms of the Bitcoin price. Rewind just 7 days to April 7th and [...]

  • 7 industries most likely to adopt blockchain technlology

7 Industries That Could Adopt Bitcoin In The Next 5 Years

Cryptocurrencies have dominated the headlines over the last year, but they have been silently creating a revolution in the world of transactions. There are widespread benefits to the use of cryptocurrencies, which are based on [...]

  • Why the Bitcoin price is irrelevant

Bitcoin Price is Irrelevant – All Currency is Worthless

As the Bitcoin price continues to decline along with the general cryptocurrency market, lets not forget three major factors. On November 10th 2017 the Bitcoin price reached an all time high of $6700 (roughly [...]

  • Bitcoin bull run

Has the 2018 Bitcoin Bull Run Started?

After an incredible year for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in 2017, the start of 2018 could not have been more different. From the bitcoin bull run at the end of 2027 to the bear run [...]

Bitcoin Foundation Cofounder Says Bitcoin Will Rise Again with Goldman Sachs Offering Futures and Options

"To the people who say bitcoin's a bubble, I would say bitcoin is the pin that's going to pop the bubble.” These are the words of Jon Matonis, co-founder and executive director of the Bitcoin [...]

  • Why the Bitcoin price is irrelevant

Newegg Now Offers Bitcoin Payments in Canada

Newegg, one of the most famous online technology stores in the North American region, announced this Wednesday that it will start accepting Bitcoin payments from its users in Canada. The newegg bitcoin relationship is a further [...]

Bitcoin Is Not Dying, Says Bill Barhydt from American Express Supported Abra

Even though all the signs currently point towards a dry spell for cryptocurrencies – if not imminent death – in the next few weeks, one industry insider is hopeful that the industry is bound to [...]

Bitcoin Searches are at their Lowest on Google

Bitcoin searches decrease It seems that Bitcoin is losing more than just its market value on the global scale. As the bitcoin level of interest decreases, so goes bitcoin searches on Google  as well, bitcoin [...]


“Bitcoin to become world’s global currency within a decade”

Jack Dorsey, (investor in Lightning Labs and the Chief Executive Officer of both Twitter and Square) had some strong statements in regards to the leading cryptocurrency,  bitcoin, the other day. He seems to have a [...]

Cryptomatoes: Bitcoin Mining Heat Will Now Grow Edible Vegetable and Fruits

After the utilization of Bitcoin by charitable operations such as the Pineapple Fund, the people and companies associated with the community are looking towards corporate social responsibility programs that go one step further, giving back [...]

  • bitcoin min9ing in china

EU Says Bitcoin Mining Is Completely Legal

When it comes to fighting the law, the law usually wins.  This has been proven with the various calls for regulation in regards to the protection of investors, fighting anti money laundering and anonymity in [...]

  • facts about bitcoin you need to know

Facts About Bitcoin You Need To Know

Bitcoin has only been around a short amount of time after being created back in 2009, a lot of people are still confused by the new phenomenon which is Bitcoin. This article lets you know [...]

  • bitcoin drop in value ethereum drop in value litecoin drop in value

SEC Statement sees a Bitcoin drop in value

The recent statement from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has sent the cryptocurrency industry into a state of panic, and that has transcended from words to the real world, where the value of [...]

  • what has caused this Bitcoin price surge bull run or bear trap?

Bitcoin Might Not Have Intrinsic Value, But So Is The Case with Dollar, Says Sheila Bair

Cryptocurrencies see more than their fair share of negative comments, which is why it is always welcomed whenever they get even a tiny bit of positivity from an authoritative figure. The recent instance of such [...]

The Difference Between Bitcoin and Ripple

As far as publicity and buzz in the cryptocurrency community goes, the recent pace of Ripple’s alliances with major financial institutions all over the world has rejuvenated the company and its native token, XRP. From [...]

Bitcoin Pizza V2 Legendary Pizza Purchaser Bought Another Pizza to Test Bitcoin Lightning Network

History repeats itself. Regarding the cryptocurrency world, it is sometimes in the form of a cryptocurrency reaching the same value from its initial days, and at others, it is in the form of a legendary [...]

  • Donald Trump Bitcoin Donald Trump cryptocurrency White House cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Regulation Is Not in the Cards Yet, Says White House Official

With recent developments on cryptocurrency trading regulations from countries such as South Korea, the cryptocurrency community is on edge for similar updates that might come from other markets. One such region is the U.S., where [...]

$4.7 Million in Bitcoin Seized from Fake ID Operation

The more popular that cryptocurrencies and their usage gets, the more creative ways to exploit them are brought to light – even if said operations had been going on for years before discovery. In the [...]

The World Gold Council Says Bitcoin Is Not Parallel to Gold

“Cryptocurrencies are no substitute for gold.” This is the title of a research paper issued by the World Gold Council (WGC), the market development organization for gold. Over time, and especially since last year, numerous [...]

  • bitcoin drop in value ethereum drop in value litecoin drop in value

$4 Trillion Knocked Off Global Stock Markets! Could Investors Be Moving Into Bitcoin & Crypto

The world was shocked on Monday as stock markets took a plunge, continuing the trend into Tuesday. The Dow Jones dropped 1175 points (4.6%) on Monday, the largest drop seen this century! The fall sparked [...]

  • buy-sell-ethereum

Can Ethereum Really Overtake Bitcoin?

Over the past few years, Bitcoin has become the hallmark of crypto currencies, being the first popular currency as well as the most popular, and has attracted many to invest. Bitcoin has made quite a [...]

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