Bitcoin Core has finally arrived… and we are not referring to the name Roger Ver, founder of Bitcoin Cash likes to give to Bitcoin. No this is an actual hard fork which is going to be name Bitcoin Core (BTCC). What’s better is this is in fact a hard fork of Bitcoin Cash. We are not sure yet if this is meant to be some sort a joke cryptocurrency but there are definitely some hints.

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What is Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin Core is what Roger Ver has been referring to as the original Bitcoin project, however, there is now an actual project which will be called Bitcoin Core, the great thing is that it is a hard fork of the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. Which in itself is a hard fork of Bitcoin… Are you confused yet?

Lets break it down;

1st August, 2017 – This was the date of the Bitcoin Cash hard fork from the original Bitcoin. However, there was a small community who wanted to address the mining issue decided to create another hard fork.

Although if you look on Bitcoin Clashic website, they state that,

“The Bitcoin Clashic mainnet launched on August 1st, 2017 and is still alive. Beware of BCash – a FakeVision, maliciously hard-forked from Clashic on November 13, 2017″

13th November, 2017 – A supposed hard fork of the Bitcoin Cash chain is supposed as an imposter of Bitcoin Clashic.

Present – There still seems to be some confusion as to which of these two chains has now hard forked again in order to become Bitcoin Core, we believe it to be the actual Bitcoin Clashic chain after not really being all that successful.

Bitcoin Core is a project which is garnering a lot of attention by disrupting an ongoing attack by Roger Ver.

Roger Ver, whom is the founder of Bitcoin Cash and also the owner of the website Roger Ver has continuously tried to refer to Bitcoin Cash as ‘Bitcoin’, whilst referring to Bitcoin (the original legacy chain), as Bitcoin Core. Unfortunately this is not breaking any laws because no one actually owns the rights to the name Bitcoin. However, this does cause a lot of confusion to new investors looking to enter the market.

This new Bitcoin Core project looks as though it may well be trolling Bitcoin Cash. They have now launched Bitcoin Core which is already trading on exchanges. A large number of people believe this could a joke and a potential next stage in the Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash ‘name war’. However, it appears the team of BTCC are taking this project seriously.

Coindesk initially reported this news and an anonymous spokesperson is reported to have told CoinDesk:

“Some members of the community decided to have some fun and leverage the publicity,” the spokesperson said. “However, the Bitcoin Core developers are committed to delivering a unique value proposition, adhering to core values and offering increased speed and enhanced privacy.”