Roughly one month ago a renowned Islamic scholar declared that bitcoin was permissible under Sharia law. Opening up the world of cryptocurrencies to 1.6 billion muslims worldwide. Fast forward one month and a London Mosque is believed to be the first mosque in the world to accept bitcoin donations.

The Shacklewell Lane Mosque in Hacnkey recently announced they are aiming to raise around £10,000 over Ramadan. During Muslims are expected to give away 2.5% of their wealth. The Shacklewell Lane Mosque is accepting donations in both bitcoin and Ethereum.

So far the bitcoin wallet has received – 0.29934334 BTC

and the ethereum wallet has received – 0.212949 ETH

This is part of a move to appeal to a larger number of Muslims worldwide by introducing new and more technologically advanced ways of using money.

“We are trying to appeal to a wider audience with the new money,” Erkin Guney, the chairman of the board of trustees, told The Hackney Gazette.

“It’s big in the Islamic world, and we have set up a platform for wealthier Muslims outside our community to support and donate to our mosque.”

Muslims make up a quarter of the worlds population and could potentially hold large amount of bitcoin. Right now mosques generally do not accept bitcoin so they could be missing out on potentially large donations, will this spark a wave of mosques beginning to accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?