Bitcoin price in 2009

Even though Bitcoin was created in 2009, there were no exchanges trading it at that time. That means that technically the Bitcoin price in 2009 was $0. Originally it was transacted peer to peer through a small network of people communicating online on forums whom believed in it’s long term potential.

Bitcoin price in 2010

The first recorded price of Bitcoin was $0.05 on 17th July 2010. The Bitcoin price has never dipped below this price and instead rose to a 2010 all time high price on 7th November 2010 of $0.35.

2010 was also the year the first ever time Bitcoin was used for a real world transaction, where 10,000 bitcoin was used to purchase two pizzas.

If you’d bought the ATH in 2010, you could have bought 2857 Bitcoin with $1000 which would be worth at the time of writing (BTC price $9090) $29.9 Million!

Bitcoin price in 2011

In 2011 Bitcoin opened at $0.33 on January 1st where it stayed for almost two weeks when it jumped up to $0.40. In 2011 the price never dipped below $0.33.

Throughout 2011 the price of Bitcoin jumped 8760% which is 87 times! The all time high price was $29.24 on June 10th.

If you’d bought $1000 worth of Bitcoin at the ATH in 2011, you could have bought 34 Bitcoin, now worth $309,060

Bitcoin price in 2012

The lowest price for one Bitcoin in 2012 was $4.24 on February 17th, and the highest recorded price was $13.66 on December 13th.

2012 wasn’t the greatest year for Bitcoin, but compared to other stocks and investments, the gains are still very impressive, jumping 224%!

Bitcoin price in 2013

2013 was a monumental year for Bitcoin. The digital currency had started gaining traction in the real world by this point, and several exchanges had opened to facilitate the trade of Bitcoin.

The most widely used was Mt.Gox. They handled approximately 70% of all Bitcoin trades!

The highest Bitcoin was worth in 2013 was $1103 on 29th November, approximately 8500% higher than the lowest price on January 1st of just $12.63!

Mt.Gox unfortunately collapsed which led to a huge crash in the Bitcoin price and resulted in the loss of all Bitcoin stored on the exchange!

Bitcoin price in 2014

The highest price in 2014 was $956 on January 6th, but due to the Mt.Gox collapse, the price fell fairly consistently throughout the year to a low point of $309.73 on 31st December.

It was the first year (and only one so far) Bitcoin closed out a year at a lower point than it had started on and the community was speculative on whether or not a recovery was possible.

Bitcoin price in 2015

On January 15th, the Bitcoin price found it’s bottom at $192 where it found slight recovery and traded horizontally until around September when the price started increasing once again.

The highest recorded price in 2015 was $461.65 on December 19th, meaning a healthy 140% recovery.

Bitcoin price in 2016

The Bitcoin price again continued rising throughout 2016. The lowest recorded price was on 3rd February at $373.45.

The price rose as high as $970.64 on December 29th meaning another year of healthy growth, increasing around 160% from the lowest to the highest.

Bitcoin price in 2017

2017 was a year of mass awareness. The price smashed past the $1000 again early on in the year, the first time since 2013 and it just continued increasing. The lowest recorded price for one Bitcoin in 2017 was $814.97 on January 12th, but on December 17th it hit it’s current ATH price of $19,213!

That’s a 2260% increase. Not the highest it’s increased by in a given year, but the almost $20,000 price tag attracted an enormous amount of media attention and raised awareness of the previously unheard of digital currency and the idea of digital currency in general.

Bitcoin price in 2018

So far, 2018 has only seen the Bitcoin price reduce. But looking back over the past years, it would suggest investors have nothing to worry about. So far, the highest price recorded in 2018 has been $17,082, and the lowest so far has been $6220.

Will 2018 be another year like 2014 and we actually finish lower than where we started? Or will the increased media attention and hype help launch Bitcoin past it’s current all time highs and set new records?