Blockchain technology continues to open up new avenues, allowing developers to continuously improve and test new ways in which blockchain technology can be implemented. Well the most recent development is something called ‘Poketoshi’, which is a blockchain Pokemon game, that allows you to play Pokemon with Bitcoin.

Poketoshi is a blockchain version of the iconic Nintendo game Pokemon. Poketoshi was developed by software engineer João Almeida, and allows users to play Pokemon with bitcoin. More specifically, Poketoshi utilises lightning network microtransactios.

Blockchain Pokemon, Poketoshi

The actual Poketoshi game is hosted on the famous live stream platform, Twitch. With most “Twitch Plays Pokemon” games the commands are entered into the chat boxes by users. With Poketoshi, commands are entered through a controller which links to the lightning network.

On Poketoshi, users enter a set of command on the virtual controller. Each transactions costs 10 Satoshi’s, via Lightning Network. The cost of each command can be calculated here. Micropayments for Poketoshi are made through OpenNode, a Lightning-enabled Bitcoin payment processor for merchants.

Why play Pokemon with Bitcoin?

the blockchain Pokemon game, Poketoshi does not utilise Lightning Network in order to improve the game mechanics or the overall user experience. Poketoshi is rather used to demonstrate how Lightning Network can enable cheap and almost instantaneous transactions.

While playing Pokemon with bitcoin may not seem a good use of your bitcoins, it is more a demonstrations of just how effective the Lightning Network can be. If you want to give it a try check out the official Poketoshi website. And be sure to let us know your thoughts via social media.

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