Cryptomatoes: Bitcoin Mining Heat Will Now Grow Edible Vegetable and Fruits

After the utilization of Bitcoin by charitable operations such as the Pineapple Fund, the people and companies associated with the community are looking towards corporate social responsibility programs that go one step further, giving back to the community even when these entities are busy performing their day to day operations.

To make the initiatives more interesting than your usual affair of writing a check for charity, some of these programs go one step further in order to garner others’ attention towards charitable operations and to inspire them to perform similar activities.

One such initiative is being led by the team behind NakamotoX, a Czech cryptocurrency exchange, which involves growing fresh fruits and vegetables by leveraging excess heat that is produced through Bitcoin mining.

Fresh produce is here: bitcoin mining grows tomatoes, would grow other fruits and vegetables too!

The co-founder of NakamotoX, Kamil Brejcha, recently tweeted a picture of freshly grown tomatoes in a 5-acre greenhouse with the following text:

“Who would imagine that mining cryptocurrencies and agriculture can work together?  The first batch of cryptomatoes is ready to be harvested. We are using the excess heat for the tomato greenhouse and it is working:-)”

When one user requested for the operations to be defined, Brejcha mentioned that the team behind the initiative has developed special equipment that it has dubbed as “Cointainer”, which helps blow heat into the greenhouses where the produce is being grown.

The “cryptomatoes” and other vegetables are getting the utmost care by the team behind the project, and rightly so, as this particular project might not be the first one to link blockchain technology and food supply – as Walmart and WWF have already launched a few initiatives for that purpose. But it is certainly the first one to actually grow fresh produce by harnessing the excess heat that is generated by Bitcoin mining.

Growing vegetables from bitcoin mining is not wasting energy either

Responding to concerns over the high energy consumption that Bitcoin mining requires and the heat that is being produced by mining computers only so these vegetables could be grown, Brejcha explained that the company is actually not wasting energy, but has been able to produce its own energy to fuel its Bitcoin mining operations.

He further elaborated that the mining operations – and subsequently, this greenhouse project – get powered by “100% bio-waste produced energy,” which essentially means that the company has “closed the energy cycle loop.”

Brejcha also replied to a question about growing marijuana this way, which had pointed out that tomatoes and marijuana “grow very similar.”

“Unfortunately, because of local strict rules, we were unable to obtain a license for medical marijuana growing,” he tweeted. “So we had to choose tomatoes and other vegetables instead.”

He further mentioned that more details on these operations will be shared soon, and the action will be accompanied with a major announcement by the company.

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