After what can only be describes as another disappointing month for bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets alike. Investors are wondering when prices will turn back around. Bitcoin began the month strongly after pushing up to around $9,900 according to CoinDesk charts, it has since fallen quite drastically to lows of around $7,300. However, with the much anticipated launch of the NASDAQ powered crypto exchange, bitcoin investors are optimistic this could spark a bitcoin bull run.

NASDAQ powered crypto exchange

DX.Exchange, is a NASDAQ-powered cryptocurrency exchange platform. The DX.Exchange is set to launch at some point in June 2018. DX.Exchange will join a long list of exchanges which have been launched it does have a number of factors which actually makes it stand out from the crowd.

The DX.Exchnage will be partnering with NASDAQ and will use their matching engine to deliver a high performance and highly secure peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange. The platform will use this technology to offer a robust ecosystem for OTC derivatives and crypto tokens.

What features does the DX.Exchange have?

DX will not only allow for the trading of various cryptocurrencies, they will also enable you to buy and sell them using fiat currencies. This will be a first as currently there is no exchange which offers such a feature.

DX will not have any trading fees. An exchange with no trading fees is almost unheard of at this moment, instead, DX will charge a monthly fee of 10 euros with an option of upgrading to the pro-version if your monthly trading volume is above 50,000 euros.

DX will be highly secure and fully compliant with statutory regulations. One of the ongoing debates right now is the level of regulations which will be imposed by governments on cryptocurrencies. DX is fully licensed by the Estonian Financial Services Authority (EFSA) and CySEC, the Cypriot market maker regulator. U.S. traders will not be able to use the platform, however, it is rumoured that they’re working to acquire a necessary license to be able to provide services to U.S. traders.

Using the security features of the NASDAQ trading platform they will protect users against hackers and malicious attacks, making the overall project look like it could well become one of the top exchanges. Whats more exciting, is this could well be the event which sparks another major bitcoin bull run. One thing is for sure… we will know in the coming weeks what effect this has on bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency market.