One of South Korea’s Largest Exchanges, Bithumb Lists Cardano (ADA)

Bithumb list Cardano (ADA)

Bithumb is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea and today (14th June 2018) they listed Cardano (ADA)!

Good News For Cardano

Cardano was the first ever cryptocurrency project to be created and designed with scientific philosophy at its
core. Cardano is possibly one of the only projects that utilized the collaboration of worldwide team
of software engineers and brilliant academics.

A major innovation of Cardano is that it will balance the needs of users with those of regulators, and in doing so combine privacy with regulation. The vision for Cardano is that its new style of regulated computing will bring greater financial inclusion by providing open access for all to fair financial services. The first use case for Cardano was recently put into action in the form of issuing diplomas.

Bithumb List Cardano

It’s great news for Cardano because Bithumb are one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea! The exchange is also recognised globally and users from all around the world use the platform to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies.

Already the South Korean’s seem to be are buying up Cardano, possibly expecting a price increase. According to Coinmarketcap, the South Korean exchange upbit, which already lists ADA represents over 40% of Cardano trading volume today.

The cryptocurrency markets have taken a large hit once again recently as prices have been slashed and are still falling further. Cardano is down over 85% since its all time high back in January 2018 from a peak of $1.18 to the current trading price of around $0.16.

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