Meet Erik Finman: The 19-Year-Old Bitcoin Millionaire

Erik Finman has been making headlines lately because of his announcement to create a world-class university.

He aims to create this university in the Middle-Eastern city that is said to be the Las Vegas of that region, Dubai.

He aims to tackle the problem of the broken education system and create a system that will do away with the past and bring in a brighter future.

Erik Finman plans to do all of this due to being astute and collecting the pioneer cryptocurrency, Bitcoin from the young age of twelve. He has been rewarded by the market for his “hodling” abilities and is currently, a millionaire.

Most individuals are usually discouraged from taking routes that are different from the norm and thus head in directions that are normal and considered to be safe. They are discouraged from pursuing different paths because those are typically found to be more dangerous, perilous and much more uncertain,  due to lost time and many a regret gained.

But, now and then, one succeeds, one pursues their path, and they buck the trend of the norm for one reason or another. They find themselves with wealth, fame, or both.

Fate has chosen Erik Finman to be one of the lucky ones to be able to go on the untrodden road and come out, a prosperous victor. Erik Finman, a nineteen-year-old, has been able to grow his initial investments in Bitcoin into a substantial sum of money and seeks to build a world-class university in the United Arab Emirates.

How did he source his funds to collect the precious digital currency?

He was able to receive a gift from his Grandmother. Aren’t Grandmothers nice? They gift their grandchildren money, some buy video games, candy, and indulge in other pleasures with the gifts, while others are more prudent and invest it in a rather volatile digital payments system.

When Erik was only twelve years in old, his grandmother took it upon herself to grant her grandson a generous sum of money, a  fresh stack of greenbacks, a thousand dollars.

He then had a brother named Scott, who gave him advice that changed his life and put on a different course from what it might have been if he had merely purchased an Xbox or sought immediate gratification with the money. The brother told him to invest it in an up and coming payments network, Bitcoin.

So what was the price of Bitcoin around this time? Well, Bitcoin was fluctuating around a mere twelve dollars. Erik, correctly, allocated a substantial portion of his money to the cryptocurrency and has seen a significant return on his holdings.

Erik and his ambitious goal

What’s Erik planning on doing with his newfound wealth? He wants to create a new school system. Why? He had an overall poor experience with the traditional nature of schooling and always wanted to do something about it. Now, thanks to Bitcoin, he has a chance to carry out his vision.

Erik recounted an experience where one his instructors gave him a summary of his future. The teacher told him that Erik would most likely not go anywhere in life and should cut his losses and promptly join McDonald’s.

Well, if Erik wanted to, he could undoubtedly join Mickey D’s, but not as a worker, but as a franchise owner.

Instead, he is pursuing education reform and has a history of involvement in the space. He has already utilized some his Bitcoin proceeds to start a company in the education space called Botangle. This service allowed students to find suitable teachers and facilitated learning through that of video chat. He was also able to make the rounds at various Silicon Valley companies enjoying some time in the city of San Francisco

Bitcoin Holdings

Finman possesses a total of four hundred and one Bitcoins and will be pursuing his project in Dubai.

He states:

Dubai has really become the centre of the world. It already has the tallest building, it already has the biggest malls – I think it deserves to have the best education system in the world too, and I know that fits a lot of [the UAE’s] goals.

He then commented on the entire cryptocurrency market:

But I think Bitcoin definitely has more to go, and I think cryptocurrency as a whole has a lot more to go. It’s the next big thing. The only way you can take down by Bitcoin is not through its own doing, but if you make some better alternative to it. Whatever the winning cryptocurrency is – and right now that’s Bitcoin – will get to millions of dollars of coin.

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