ETH.TOWN Cryptocurrency Game Launches Airdrop

While the concept of blockchain being used for purposes beyond cryptocurrency is not novel, it is certainly lucrative enough to generate interest from various other market segments. In some cases, new ventures propose combining the most sought after use case of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, with different industries. One such venture is ETH.TOWN, which aims to utilize blockchain and its known usage a cryptocurrency game – the electronic entertainment medium which through its casual and professional usage has established itself as a serious industry.

According to the ETH.TOWN team, the game can be briefly summarized by the tweet below:

“What is http://ETH.TOWN  about? It’s about buying and selling virtual real estate. It’s about managing crypto companies. It’s about raising your very own Vitalik :)”

As per the initial information, the game will have the players start as a real estate investor, from where they can make their way to acquire more properties. The game will also involve hand-drawn, customizable characters which the players will be able to utilize and interact with.  

The introduction also mentioned that the game will allow its top players to earn more from the benefits that they have achieved overtime, including their links to the actions of other participants.

While much technical information has not been released by the developers of ETH.TOWN in the last few days of the blockchain game’s announcement, they are concentrating on creating as much buzz as they can through their social media and marketing efforts (much like the tweet quoted above).

At first glance, the game seems like an amalgamation of SimCity and The Sims video game franchises with its mention of real estate and management of different characters. However, it adds its own twist to that by the usage of its own cryptocurrency and the mentioned real-world benefits that users can earn by playing the game or “hodling” the cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency game in which Cryptocurrency is currently being airdropped

In order to garner optimal attention for the new venture, the team behind ETH.TOWN is currently running promotional campaigns pertaining to the Airdrop of the native token for the game.

Interested parties can benefit from the Airdrop by simply subscribing through ETH.TOWN’s website, or by participating in the different contests that the platform is currently conducting on various platforms – like this particular question that asked people to guess the character, which ended up being Chuck Norris. Other hand drawn characters that were introduced during the contest include the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kim Jong-un.

The ETH.TOWN team is also accepting volunteers for Alpha testing of the game, and anyone who is interested can contact the team through the website.

Cryptocurrency in gaming

With the viral reception of cryptocurrency entertainment with crypto-kitties, cryptodoggies and other games just a couple of months ago, it seems that ETH.TOWN could have a potential market at its hands.

It just remains to be seen whether the developers would be able to deliver on gameplay features that are reminiscent of the aforementioned franchises or even the famous – or infamous, depends on who you ask – FarmVille on Facebook, which could have the potential to translate into a sure-fire success story.

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