The list of celebrity endorsements in the cryptocurrency world is continuously growing, much like the number of actual cryptocurrencies. Well now we can add another to both lists after Akon has announced he will be launching his own cryptocurrency, “Akoin”.

Akon the 45 year American, Senegalese R&B singer, announced on Monday 18th, June, at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity that he will be launching his own cryptocurrency known as “Akoin”.

What is even more impressive is that Akoin will be the native coin in his ‘Akon crypto city’, which is intended to be a 100 crypto-based city.  On the official Akoin website, the crypto city is described as a “real-life Wakanda” (the city which features in the Marvel film Black Panther).

2000 sq Acres gifted from Senegalise President Macky Sall.
Already in development. Within 5 Minutes to new international airport, short drive to Dakar and close to the coast. Mixed use, master-planned city, containing everything from residential, retail, parks, stadium, light manufacturing, universities and schools!

Akoin and the crypto city

Akon is the “chief visionary” of Akoin, and potentially using his celebrity status to promote the entire Akoin project. He was quoted as saying, “I come with the concepts and let the geeks figure it out.”

Akoin along with the crypto city will open up new revenue avenues for African citizens, as well a combining the two to create a successful eco system in which a new African revolution can flourish.

Parallel to AKoin being established as stable currency alternative throughout Africa – and fueling entrepreneurship – Akon Crypto City is in development and has opportunities for crypto experiences to be painted throughout this one of kind city; a never before opportunity for brands, businesses and high-profile individuals to do amazing things in this closed environment, welcoming anyone looking to step into the future!

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