An ICO list Can Help You Choose Which to Invest In

The Benefits of a List of ICOs

The world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, at first, can seem very strange. Many people have avoided getting involved in this industry because they don’t understand how it operates and believe cryptocurrencies, as well as blockchain technology, to be the latest fad. Much like snap bracelets or fidget spinners, many think that the whole industry will soon fade and vanish.  

For those who have dipped a toe in the crypto community, it is clear that this industry has a lot to offer and is here for the long term. After taking the first step and acquiring ethereum (ETH) or bitcoin (BTC), it is time to move on to the next step and invest in an Initial Coin Offering.

Initial Coin Offerings are an exciting way to use your newly purchases crypto assets. Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs, are startup projects and companies that are used in the crypto industry to raise the capital they need to get their product launched. It is very beneficial to projects, as in addition to raising capital they also raise awareness of their product and further build their brand.

As an investor, it is wise to always research any ICO before you invest. Researching the startup’s vision, whitepaper, and team will not only be very interesting, but also give you a lot of insight into the particular ICO. In this way, you can determine which ICO best fits your personal investment strategy.


Picking an ICO      

Now that you’ve made the decision to invest in an ICO, you need to know what ICOs are currently happening. It is a blessing to have the Internet at our fingertips, as it is filled with so much information about every subject. However, this can also be a curse because you have to sort through all of the information to find a good source. If you are looking for one place to find a lot of information about current and upcoming Initial Coin Offerings, then a website that publishes a list of ICOs is perfect for you.

An ongoing ICO list will tell you which ICOs are currently in their token sale. Additionally, you will find when the token sale started, what the ICO’s soft cap is, how much has been sold so far, and when the token sale ends. Looking at these dates is important. If the project’s ICO is over in a few days, and they still have not yet reached their soft cap, investing in this ICO is most likely not worth your time. If the ICO ends in a few days, you may not have the time you need to thoroughly research and investigate the project before you invest. It is important to have ample time to research the project so that your decision to invest can be fully informed.

First, read through the short descriptions provided on the ICO listing website. After reading these descriptions, make a list of different projects that offer innovative solutions or that create a product you find interesting. After you make this list, you should read a few reviews, ratings, or analyses of the projects on your short list. Remove any ICO that is thought to be a bad investment, scam, or that has an inexperienced team.

Once you’ve used this process to create a short list of projects you will consider investing in, start a deeper and more complete research of the ICO and the team behind the project. After you’ve completed all of your research, you will have the information you need to make a decision and invest in an ICO. Even after you invest and buy the ICO’s coins or tokens, continue to follow the project to see how your investment is progressing.


Looking to the Horizon

After you’ve completed your first investment in an ICO, you will see how enjoyable the experience was and will want to continue to invest in other ICOs. This fast-paced industry offers new investment options every day. Sign up to receive updates from a website that publishes an upcoming ICO list. This way, you’ll know what interesting projects will soon be launching their token sales. You may even get the opportunity to invest in an ICO’s pre-sale!

Investing in an Initial Coin Offering can be very exciting. It is important to take the decision to invest seriously and do your due diligence before purchasing an ICO’s coins or tokens. While there is potential to make a nice profit, there is also potential for loss. As such, never invest more than you are willing to lose.

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