Australian University Offering First-Ever Blockchain Course

As the demand for blockchain technology increases, it points towards a growing jobs market where IT professionals who are familiar with blockchain technology will be preferred over those that do not know much about this aspect of the computational revolution that will be integral to various solutions in the future.

Thinking along the same lines, several universities have started to look into specific programs and courses that offer their students the opportunity to learn more about blockchain, and to give them a chance to delve into detailed aspects of it, if they want to do so.

The latest institution to offer such a program and to become the first in its region to do so is RMIT University.

The university is offering an online blockchain course through its special program that offers online short courses to its students to familiarize them with the subject of their choice and help them develop a skillset for it promptly.

About the course

The blockchain technology course offered by RMIT covers the basic yet most important details about the technology and also provides further guidance on using the technology in the real world.

Spanning over a period of 8 weeks, the short course will be covering aspects of blockchain technology that goes well beyond its widely known usage of being utilized by cryptocurrencies.

Dubbed as “Developing Blockchain Strategy,” the short course will not just talk about theory and cover that approach in a detailed manner, but through its partners – such as Accenture – will be providing its students the chance to work on actual blockchain platforms and develop their solutions through them.

What sets this short course apart from other programs out there is that it is designed with entry level individuals in mind, who would be able to learn about blockchain technology from scratch, in a manner that defines the concept in their minds in a very helpful way, and then by following the developmental lessons and activities. This sort of structure will be able to ensure and help these students to put their skills to test and determine whether working on a blockchain platforms holds any interest for them.

The program will also provide one full credit to individuals that complete it. That credit can be utilized towards RMIT’s bachelor or master’s business degree programs.

The course’s fee stands at 1600 Australian Dollars. However, for now, it is being offered at a discounted price of 1300 Australian Dollars. Interested individuals can enroll in the program by clicking here.

How will this help interested individuals

One of the core concepts of blockchain technology is to strengthen the concept of decentralized solutions where no opportunities get barred by geographical restrictions.

By offering an online program that would serve people from multiple territories, RMIT has certainly taken a revolutionary step towards the objective of helping individuals take advantage of the ever-growing online jobs market; this would go a long way in helping those individuals and the usage of blockchain technology alike.

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