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Rungsted Arena to Bitcoin Arena

A Danish billionaire is changing the name of his local hockey stadium to “Bitcoin Arena”.

In what some might consider as a twisted-yet-hilarious fact, the “Bitcoin Arena”, which is located in Rungsted, was formerly named “Saxo Bank Ice Skating Rink”.

Niklas Nikolajsen, the Bitcoin billionaire who also manages the platform Bitcoin Suisse, plans to make the changes go into effect by the end of this month in a ribbon-cutting ceremony on December 27. Nikolajsen co-owns the rink with his partner, Lars Seier Christensen.

The move was made as part of a sponsorship deal that is being reported by local news outlets as holding a “seven-digit amount”.  The deal would include branding of the stadium in Bitcoin-related imagery, including but not limited to Bitcoin hockey pucks, Bitcoin advertisements, and what could arguably be the most prominent change: a Bitcoin symbol at the center of the ice rink itself.

The symbol in question will be 9 meters in length, and Nikolajsen, by the looks of it, is leaving no stone unturned to make it as prominent as he could.

An excited Nikolajsen stated:

“It shows how far Bitcoin has really come, it is quite interesting that when the classic banks move out, we move in.”

He clearly sees the humor in the fact that the rink was previously branded with the name of a bank.

Nikolajsen said:

“And I’m going to pull on a smile when I hear the sports commentators, every time they switch over to a match in Rungsted, they have to switch to the Bitcoin Arena. It’s funny, and it’s clear that it’s a little nasty thing.”

If that’s not all, a hockey player from the same stadium wants his salary in bitcoin

A professional hockey player for the Rungsted team, Nikolaj Rosenthal has been under contract for 4 years.

In a move that is going to be considered as first of its kind in the field, Rosenthal recently agreed to have his paycheck processed by Nikolajsen’s Bitcoin Suisse.

This makes Rosenthal the only player who has chosen to receive his paycheck in Bitcoin. However, he believes that his action will only encourage his fellow teammates in having their own paychecks processed the same way.

Rosenthal said:

“I can imagine that they would, it’s really exciting to be allowed to be a pioneer with this.”

Interesting developments

As it marks the first time that a sporting facility has received this kind of pro Bitcoin branding, it would be exciting to see what kind of plans would Nikolajsen have moving forward for his Bitcoin Arena. It would also be interesting if the other players in the rink follow Rosenthal’s move to receive their paychecks in Bitcoin in order to benefit from the cryptocurrency’s recent boost.

Denmark is looking into cryptocurrency usage itself

In other Bitcoin-related news, a recent report was shared by The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs that pertained to the processing of foreign aid using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The ministry is currently looking into further developments on the suggestions and findings presented through the report and more positive news could come in the future.

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