Yesterday (12th July 2017), this guy held up a sign saying ‘Buy Bitcoin’ behind United States Federal Reserve chair, Janet Yellen.

The ‘bitcoin sign guy’ as he is now known in the community, went viral in a matter of hours, and just a day later has already received over £11,000 in Bitcoin to the address he shared shortly after the video. You can check the running total, along with the total number of transactions here.

Shockingly, some scam attempts have been made to the ‘bitcoin sign guy’s’ secondary sign he uploaded showing his Bitcoin address. Some people have edited the Bitcoin address using Photoshop so that generous people donating will have donated to the scammers address instead.

Still though, £11,000 and counting is a decent  haul from simply holding up a sign on live TV!

Guerrilla advertising at it’s finest, this guy clearly recognises Bitcoins future potential! Or maybe he bought in at the peak and wants to make some profit! Who knows, but either way I think it’s safe to say this guy will now be buzzing with his earnings.