If you are music fan and also like cryptocurrency, then this news is really going to make you smile. Popular singer and musician Bjork has decided to accept cryptocurrency payments for her latest album ‘ Utopia’

The well-known Icelandic pop singer will welcome 4 types of cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Litecoin, AudioCoin and Dash. Utopia is Bjork’s 9th album and will be released soon – November 24th.

There are some special benefits if you decide to purchase her album using cryptocurrency. To do so, you must buy it either right from Bjork herself or her label (One Little Indian). You’ll receive 100 AudioCoins. The AudioCoin is a unique type of cryptocurrency that was especially created just for the music business. If you like cryptocurrencies that can easily be converted from crypto into fiat money, then you'll be excited to discover AudioCoins. This is one of the benefits of the AudioCoins, you can easily exchange them either for fiat money or many other crypto currencies.

The 100 AudioCoins that Bjork fans will receive do admittedly have a small value. Musically.com states that they are worth approximately 19 cents in total. But what is exciting is that you get the bonus of learning about a cryptocurrency that may be new to you. Your AudioCoins are put into an e-wallet created by Blockpool.

Now if you love ‘Utopia’ and are a fan of Bjork, you’ll be excited to know that over the next 2 years, fans can use cryptocurrency to purchase her music and continue to earn AudioCoins. There is the potential to not only get cryptocurrency bonus coins through buying her next album or a digital download, but also by attending a live music event too!

If you are experienced with crypto but the name ‘Bjork’ is new to you, here is a bit about this popular Icelandic singer. She is especially known for a unique musical style and an expressive, artistic way of dressing. Her music is inspired by pop, avant-garde, electronic and experimental.

Bjork has many fans, her albums have hit the top 20 on the Billboard music chart. She has had 30 songs on the Top 40 pop music lists globally. Bjork is an internationally known music superstar.

Not only is she a talented singer but also has been a record producer, DJ and even an actress. At the 2000 Cannes Film Festival, she won the Best Actress Award for her performance in the movie ‘Dancer in the Dark’

Bjork has partnered with the British blockchain startup Blockpool, to create a crypto checkout plugin at the online store. The plugin also has the ability to accept PayPal payments, credit and debit cards too.

Blockpool’s CEO Kevin Bacon, explains that their team has worked hard to create both a sign up and cryptocurrency wallet process that is ‘user friendly’ especially for those who are new to this type of currency. Because some of Bjork’s fans may not know about cryptocurrency or perhaps they are curious about it, and this is an ideal opportunity to learn more about it.

What is so exciting about this crypto partnership with a music superstar, is that this is the largest one we’ve seen so far. The excitement about cryptocurrency is building and more musicians and bands will surely jump on board, especially with the AudioCoin for the music industry.

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