BlackRock Exec Vishal Karir Joins as Chief Investment Officer, a blockchain ecosystem startup, recently announced that it has nabbed former BlackRock exec Vishal Karir to join the company as its Chief Investment Office.

Karir’s resume also boasts of 5 years of experience at Morgan Stanley, which he left as VP Prime Brokerage Technology to join BlackRock in 2009, where his last held position was as the Director of Model Portfolio.

Hiring someone with the stature of Karir is a powerful headhunting move by, since BlackRock is considered as the world’s top investment firm which holds more than $5.7 trillion in managed assets.

So what is anyway? aims to offer an easy to use cryptocurrency and fiat gateway that could facilitate seasoned cryptocurrency traders and new enthusiasts alike through a single platform.

Brought together via blockchain technology, wants to create a financial ecosystem that is not just accessible through a single point of entry but one that also has security and transparency capabilities that are worthy of the next generation of computing.

Through its offerings, wants to make it easier for anyone to have access to cryptocurrencies so that the digital assets could grow within an environment where it is not difficult for anyone to benefit from this financial phenomenon.

For this purpose, the company’s primary solution is its Universal Wallet, which acts as the one solution you need to manage virtually all of your cryptocurrency holdings.

The platform also integrates social features into the app, so that new traders could follow advice from industry veterans, while those experienced traders could also use insights derived via perspectives of these fresh pairs of eyes.

Simply put, the platform is a social-powered cryptocurrency platform that intends to make everyday trading activities easier for the everyday user.

Karir is excited to join blackrock departure

Speaking on the development, Karir mentioned that he is very confident in the capabilities of and hopes to make the company grow through his efforts.

“The paradigms of finance and investing are shifting in favor of individual investors and entrepreneurs – I am thrilled I have a part in expediting the shift.” He stated.

The Importance of Fiat Gateways & blackrock connection

Fiat gateways will allow for more ease of use and more seamless transaction processing. Fiat gateways should also for an interesting situation in regards to Bitcoin.

Will Bitcoin and Ether be able to reign supreme or will fiat gateways provide altcoins with an edge as consumers will be able to quickly and immediately access altcoins directly instead of having to purchase Ether or Bitcoin and then trade that for their intended purchases?

Furthermore, the blackrock connection is an important one because it shows that investment heavyweights are interested in seeing whats going on with the cryptocurrency industry and want to be a part of it.

We shall see!

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