BloXRoute, a scaling solution for blockchains, has just come to surface and has already started gaining noticeable attention.

The bloxroute solution aims to improve quite a few things under the surface without disturbing anything by providing solutions that do not need any protocol changes or majority adoption, but which resolve the information propagation bottleneck and allow nodes to maintain consensus over the blockchain’s state. The bloxroute solution will become more and more important as the cryptocurrency grows and has more use, demanding better efficiency as was witnessed with Kin.

But that’s not all that bloXroute solution can be used for

The most sought after feature of bloXroute seems to be its provably neutral functionality, through which it also implements a system which prevents anyone from knowing the way nodes connect with one another.

The way that most relay networks work at the moment allow the sharing of network traffic statistics, which only need a closer look to give away essential details such as the node’s IP address and its information channels, which leave it open to exploitation and allows certain entities to act against specific wallets.

But bloXroute’s solution works to eradicate that problem through its aforementioned functionalities. The data that can be exploited by other entities is never shared in the first place, and thus the problem never occurs.

Along with these nifty features, bloXroute offers “general purpose implementation”, which means that the solution remains adoptable for any blockchain, which can leverage bloXroute’s functionalities and improve its on-chain scaling as a result.

Through its one of a kind solution, bloXroute aims to provide never seen before capabilities to its users. Furthermore, by its easy to start features, bloXroute also remains simple to adopt and can be utilized by any single node on their own discretion.

Further details about bloXroute can be found through its official website.

About bloXroute

An excerpt from their whitepaper shows the core of what the company and the bloxroute solution is all about.

“To be truly useful for ordinary men and women all around the world, cryptocurrencies must scale the number of transactions
they can process by a factor of x1, 000, from 3–5 transactions per second (Bitcoin and Ethereum) to thousands of transactions per
second. In fact, hundreds of transactions per second will be required only to enable U.S. cars to pay for gas on a bi-monthly basis,
or alternatively, to process the cups of coffee purchased at Starbucks. To allow machine-to-machine micro-transactions, and realize
their potential in earnest, cryptocurrencies must scale much further.”

This is certainly true, for Bitcoin to have the value that it seeks to provide to the world, it must surpass its current limitations and progress to a much larger level where it can process quite a variety of transactions easily, reliably and efficiently.  The company seeks to help scale up blockchains.

“To overcome this limitation, and to allow all cryptocurrencies to scale to thousands of on-chain transactions per second today, we
propose bloXroute, a provably neutral transport layer which runs underneath cryptocurrencies. bloXroute allows to safely increase
the block size and to cut down the time interval between blocks, without increasing the risk of forks, and provides real-time support
for immediate transactions with zero-confirmation (0-conf).

The use of bloXroute requires no consensus, nor a protocol change, beyond adjusting system parameters. It is compatible with any off-chain scaling solutions, complementary to the native consensus protocol used, and can be gradually deployed by any node wishing to receive blocks at a higher rate. With the networking bottleneck removed, each cryptocurrency community is free to adjust its protocol to best leverage this newfound capacity, in order to increase its real-world impact and value.”

The company runs with a philosophy focused on three main aspects, these are, scaling blockchains, no protocol changes, provable neutral and gradual deployment.

Scaling Blockchains

bloXroute resolves the information propagation bottleneck, allowing all nodes to maintain the consensus over the state of the blockchain, even when mining thousands of transactions per second, on-chain.

No Protocol Changes

  • Runs underneath the consensus layer
  • Immediately available
  • Supports all blockchains

Provably Neutral

  • Fair to all nodes
  • Cannot discriminate nodes
  • Cannot censor blocks

Gradual Deployment

  • Immediately usable
  • Usable by any single node
  • Does not require majority adoption