Bodog Billionaire Building $100 Million Bitcoin Cash Resort

Calvin Ayre, the mind behind one of the world’s most famous online gambling sites, Bodog, recently announced the development of a $100 million resort in Antigua and Barbuda – the sovereign state where he currently resides.

Starting construction later this year at the Valley Church Beach in Antigua, it was reported that the resort would be built using profits made from cryptocurrency investments.

Ayre is known as one of the strongest proponents of Bitcoin Cash – the Bitcoin fork that came into existence in August 2017 and has been controversial due to its claims of being better than Bitcoin and having a blockchain that is superior to other networks.

The claims made by Bitcoin Cash do not get to be met positively by Bitcoin supporters or from most of the other cryptocurrency enthusiasts, which in turn claim that Bitcoin Cash’s blockchain technicalities are not that impressive after all.

However, that controversy does not stop the likes of Ayre, who also announced that payments in Bitcoin Cash, as the resort’s choice cryptocurrency, will be encouraged through the resort and will not just be accepted online but at the resort’s point-of-sale terminals as well.

The announcement about the resort reads:

“Bitcoin Cash has been selected as the exclusive cryptocurrency of the Ayre Resorts because it is the only cryptocurrency that has low transaction fees and unrestrained scalability.” 

The prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne, spoke positively of the development and hoped that the resort would help increase tourism on the islands.

Browne stated:

“We expect the resort’s novel and exciting concept to broaden Antigua and Barbuda’s tourism product and bring a new category of tourists to our islands.”

Whereas, speaking about the venture, Ayres spoke along the same lines and stated that he hopes the resort will enhance tourism within the region.

He said:

“In my discussions with Government about the project we agreed that the new resort was very much in keeping with the government’s strategy for further upscale tourism development. This resort will attract a totally new market segment of tourism on the island – successful wellness seekers who also want to have fun.”

About Ayre and his association with bitcoin cash

A resident of Canada, Ayre started Bodog, his online gambling company, in 1994. It met with unprecedented success in the years that followed, and also delved into accepting bets from U.S. territories which landed both Ayre and Bodog into legal trouble.

However, after more than 5 years of evading the charges against himself, Ayre finally pleaded guilty through phone without ever facing the charges on U.S. soil, paying a $500,000 fine and also letting go of any claims against the collective amount of $66 million that was mostly acquired from online gamblers in U.S. and which was seized by the authorities during the investigation.

Ayre currently resides in Antigua and Barbuda, where he was given the honorary title of “His Excellency” and also serves as the Special Economic Envoy for the government.

Through his investments in Bitcoin, Ayre made a name for himself in the cryptocurrency industry by the profits that he made from it and then started propagating Bitcoin Cash once the fork was launched.

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