Cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming one of the most sought-after trading and investment instruments. While the concept of Bitcoin was foreign to the average trader only a handful of years ago, recent statistics have shown that up to five percent of all individuals now possess some type of holding within the sector of digital currencies. This very same figure is expected to grow into the foreseeable future. It is for this reason that a handful of astute investors are establishing their own cryptocurrency-related websites in order to promote the industry as well as to turn a handsome side hustle. The first step is selecting an appropriate domain name and this process is actually a bit more complicated than it might initially appear. Let us look at some expert tips as well as why partnering with a reputable e-commerce provider is an excellent choice. 

Common Sense and Syntax 

There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies represent a rather complicated subject. However, this does not dictate that a domain name should be equally confusing. The best website names are those which are easy to remember and that provide a visitor with an overview of what the portal provides. Specificity also plays an important role. Let us examine two fictional examples of domain names associated with the same cryptocurrency firm: 



The first example is rather generic in nature. While there is no doubt that the site is involved with trading digital currencies, what does it specialise in? What audience does it cater to? 

The second domain name is much clearer. Not only does it immediately stress the fact that Bitcoins are the primary interest, but it also has specified a location. This helps visitors to know what is in store and perhaps more importantly, the name will rank higher within a Google search thanks to such a descriptive nature. However, those who wish to buy domain names that can leave a lasting impression have another option at their disposal. 

Leveraging the Tools of the Trade 

It can be tough to find a suitable domain name. The registration process may be even more daunting; particularly for those new to the industry. This is when the power of Shopify comes into play. The entire search and registration is made simple and results can be displayed in a matter of seconds. Assuming that the name has been chosen and confirmed, it is then possible to fashion an entire website without requiring a third-party IT specialist. From cross-channel marketing capabilities to more than 70 payment gateways and unlimited bandwidth, there are no limits in regards to growth or flexibility. 

Marketing your new online store properly is essential to the longevity and scalability of the business. Whether it’s cryptocurrency marketing for a crypto related store or digital marketing in general, choosing the right domain name can significantly improve your chances of success.

The cryptocurrency sector could very prove to overtake the Forex industry in the years to come. This is why those who are able to remain one step ahead of the game should enjoy success in the future. Establishing a well-balanced and informative digital currency website is an excellent place to begin. As a result, the power of modern domain names cannot be denied.

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