Chris Kelsey, How To Become A F**king Millionaire

Chris Kelsey is a become a more familiar name, the self made millionaire dropped out of school at the age of 17, 6 months before graduating with 4.0 GPA to launch his third company Appsitude after two previous failed startups. Chris Kelsey who has also launched his own cryptocurrency called Kelsey Coin has recently published an article on Medium titled; “How to Become a F**king Millionaire”.

Chris Kelsey is not one for holding back, so far he has not let anything stand in his way from achieving his goals and he is very vocal about how far he has come. His article “How to Become a F**king Millionaire”, which he published on Medium is an example of this. The article seemingly gives life tips and advice on how to become a millionaire;

I became a f**king millionaire at 19. I finessed my way there and I didn’t give the time of day to anyone who wanted to stop me. Now I’m on my way to becoming the youngest self-made billionaire in the world at 21 (regardless of what Kylie Jenner’s family wants to say). Soon after I reach the billionaire mark, I will become the world’s first trillionaire.

He begins by outlining his future plans of becoming the world first trillionaire before going on to explain his top tips and how he has got to where he is currently.

How To Become A F**king Millionaire

Chris knows what it is like to go from nothing to becoming a self made millionaire. His first successful company was Appsitude, he then went on to co-found Cazza with Fernando De Los Rios. Cazza was a company focused on 3D printing building but has since folded following a dispute. Kelsey has also launched his own cryptocurrency project known as Kelsey Coin, supposedly “the world’s fairest bank” according to the official website.

“My goal is to change the world in a way that has never been done before. Most billionaires are pussies afraid to make a difference, thankfully I’m not a little bitch.”

His article includes 5 points, the first tilted “F**K YOU” which effectively states you must follow your dreams. If theres is something you need to do you must say F**k it and drop what you are doing and begin your journey immediately.

When I first started my app development company, Appsitude, I had just dropped out of high school after saying f**k that. I knew it was a waste of time and even though I had six months left to graduate and a 4.0 GPA, I considered six months to be a very valuable amount of time.

He goes on to state that “Billionaires are not role models” claiming that they generally prey on people who follow them to make more money. Using Warren Buffet as an example before making a very bold claim;

The smartest man in the world is not the one that makes the most money, it’s the one that knows how to end poverty. I will be that person.

This may seem like a bold claim but lets not forget, Kelsey has achieved everything he has said he will do so far and the old saying goes you must believe to achieve, Kelsey certainly has strong belief in himself.

We certainly hope Kelsey does achieve his goals, he could be an advocate for the cryptocurrency community as well as potentially ending poverty. Whether you like him or not you cannot fault his determination and spirit to get where he has at such a young age. Let us know your thoughts about Kelsey and his life advice using the #Millionaire

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