Circle App: A Crypto Investors Best Friend

Circle, the blockchain startup that is a competitor to Coinbase is planning on going forward with their plans for the launch of their new investment sort of products. They are planning on releasing a new app so that consumers will have the ability to demystify their investing experience, they can invest without any issues and confusion. The release of the app will be sometime next year.

The startup has only provided a little bit of information on the matter, they were careful not to provide too many details, perhaps because they don’t want to be on the hook and raise expectations but not be able to deliver?

Some information was submitted via their blog post, found on their website. However, they have been rather secretive with in depth information such as, when exactly they will launch the application and what sort of functionalities and capabilities it will possess.

Circle and Trigger Financial

The startup has previously mentioned that their aim is to provide further tools for investors to make their lives easier when finding currencies to invest in. To address this potential problem in the marketplace they went ahead and acquired Trigger Finance.

So what does Trigger Finance do? Well, the investor would link their broker to a trigger and a trade would automatically be made based on a certain set of conditions set by the individual investor. The simple and secure integration would work with multiple brokerages and will allow one to place their trades from all of their accounts through a variety of great triggers.

The team at trigger calls themselves a mobile oriented investing platform that encourages rules-based investing for every ‘do it’ yourself investor.

The app has won awards in pushing the industry forward for a specific group of savvy investors in managing their portfolios in a more streamlined manner. The app utilizes the concepts of natural language rules and alternative orders. It is able to support execution across all asset classes (stocks, bonds, FX, commodities, indices, mutual funds) and other data sources including Twitter streams global economic events, insider SEC filings, weather and much more.

If Trigger will be one of the core integration’s into the app, that would certainly improve the experience of the investor by a hundredfold, setting certain conditions on when to sell and when to buy and in an increased set of conditions and contexts pulling various data sources. This would certainly provide value to the app that they are going to be providing in a major way.

Features of the potential app

The team at circle stated

“Be one of the first to try our new digital investment product, coming in 2018,” making note of the negligible commision structure, showing that they would provide support for a variety of coins. The image that they provided shows that they support (XRP, ETH, BTC, BCH & LTC).

On the website you can see more information in which they state

Be one of the first to try our new digital investment product, coming in 2018.

  • • No commissions

  • • Custodial account

  • • Unparalleled liquidity

  • • Variety of coins

  • • Secure storage


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