A blockchain-based content sharing platform called Clout has recently been listed on its very first cryptocurrency exchange.

Clout is being listed on Coinbene, a Singaporean exchange that offers its trade in pairings of BTC and ETH.

This is big news for the relatively unique platform, not just because it marks the very first time that its token has been listed on an exchange, but also because it is just a month after its initial coin offering (ICO) was completed, showing that they the project leaders are interested in providing liquidity for token holders.

It was mentioned by the company that it would be listed on more exchanges by February 1.

What is clout?

Clout is a distinctive initiative as it is one of the very first blockchain based platform that revolves around content generation and sharing.

The platform aims to serve as the starting base for information about everything related to the cryptocurrency industry. It will focus on content management through the community, which will be able to decide what kind of content the platform’s users will be interested in.

The content’s contributors will also be rewarded through one of the platform’s tokens. This is to ensure that the platform would garner the attention of high-quality content contributors which will also enhance the possibility of higher user retention in the long run.

For now, the cryptocurrency community discusses daily updates, issues and suggestions through various platforms, the most popular and mainstream of them being Reddit, Twitter, individual telegrams and Steem. However, Clout is aiming to change this and bring those segregated sections of the community together by offering them one platform that provides them with everyday insight like Reddit while also connecting them to experts like Twitter.

Adding the motivation of the contributors’ efforts being rewarded tangibly, Clout could set a threshold by being the very first company that revolutionizes how information is shared over the internet.

Clout has two tokens

The first token, CLOUT, is the one that was distributed through the platform’s ICO and this the token which is currently being listed on exchanges for now.

The second token, CLC, is going to be used to incentivize the usage of the Clout platform. Holders of CLOUT will be provided with CLC over time, and additional CLC could be obtained by Clout platform users by generating content for the community. The higher quality the content is – depending on the feedback received from the community – the more chances there would be of the creator getting more CLC tokens.

Users will be rewarded with CLC by participating in other content related activities, such as sharing content created by other users and providing their feedback on the content. These activities are supposed to contribute towards the maintenance of high-quality content throughout the platform.

Clout wants to be the central hub for cryptocurrency news as well

Clout will have dedicated sections sharing the latest news from the community as well as users’ comments on it. For instance, if there is news about a new ICO, then users’ will be given the opportunity to share their thoughts about it so others could be wary of any potential scams and chances for beneficial investments.

On another note, if there is news about a particular country having a specific situation in it related to cryptocurrency, then other users could be notified about it firsthand without having to wait for an online publication to cover the story.

Ambitious & interesting

Since it is a community-based platform, only with active user interaction could we come to know of all of its benefits as well as finding out potential use cases? We’ll watch and see if it rolls out for mass usage soon so everyone could experience it and learn for themselves, the potential benefits of the platform.