Coinbase Says No to XRP, While Coinsquare Says Maybe

Ripple has been on a wild ride lately regarding its valuation. Its founders and executives who hold XRP have also seen a significant increase in their wealth as the price of XRP has continuously grown.

The price of XRP grew to at least a figure of three dollars and sixty cents and further, as it reached to new highs.

There have been some swings that have kept the currency below the gravity of the markets.

It has just seen a recent correction falling more than fifteen percent in the past 24 hours. This event may have been caused by remarks made by the CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, when he published on his blog and tweeted out that, his firm would not be adding new assets like Ripple at the current moment.

The CEO of Coinbase seemingly had to make these remarks because of various posts that were present in the social media hemisphere insinuating that the digital asset XRP would soon appear on the Coinbase platform.

In a defensive maneuver, Brian Armstrong, quickly put these rumors to rest, so as not to catch any flack from potential events that might have been triggered.

It seems that immediately after he sent out this statement the markets corrected their price on Ripple’s XRP and it fell slightly.

Coinsquare could say yes to XRP

Meanwhile, in Canada, an exchange has noted that they are looking into adding XRP soon.

The CEO of Coinsquare, a Canadian based exchange has commented while interviewing with a publication that they will be looking to add XRP to their platform in the future.

He stated the definition of cryptocurrencies and then told the interviewer:

“We’re going to be adding Ripple, we’re going to be adding Monero and others that have their own blockchains and can be defined as a cryptocurrency.”

Ripple Comments

The CEO of Ripple has stated their company utilizes the innovation of blockchain technology to transfer money across the globe in instantaneous settlements.

The critical aspect of Ripple is their value to banks and other financial institutions, according to Garlinghouse:

“Ripple sells a blockchain technology to banks and payment providers and other financial institutions to do real-time settlement between banks.

He further clarified by saying that if one wanted to send ten thousand dollars to England at this present moment, the quickest one would be able to do it would be, go to their nearest airport and fly it there.

But, they see a better future, the team at ripple believe that there should be the ability for transfers to happen instantly,  as opposed to a more extended stretch of time.

About Coinsquare

Canada’s leading exchange for trading bitcoin, ethereum, and other digital currencies.

Their mission is to make access to digital currencies easy, safe and secure.

They built Coinsquare for individuals.

They recognized the need for Canadian’s to have a safe, secure and “Canadian” destination to access the wonderful world of digital currency. To make the best experience possible they created an easy to use platform, with multiple funding options, and a simple verification process.

Built on the same technology as the New York Stock Exchange.

They’re committed to safe and secure trades. Because at the end of the day, individuals are trusting their money with them. They understand that, and they take that very seriously. Their system is 100% proprietary, has been stress tested and DDoS tested, and they have never (ever, since 2015) lost a single coin. They also maintain a pretty fantastic ledger that is managed about 2,346 times per day, all in the interest of ensuring that they know where every coin – whether Canadian or ethereum – is at all times.

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