Regardless of the day and age or the products and services that any company is dealing with, the one factor that determines any business’ success lies in the core of their customers’ satisfaction.

It seems that Coinbase finally realizes this after taking a substantial hit on that front.

The company recently announced through an official statement on its website that it has hired the former Twitter Vice President of Operations and User Services, Tina Bhatnagar, to improve the customer service aspect of Coinbase.

Bhatnagar will be taking the reins as VP of Operations and Technology at Coinbase and will be leading “operational teams related to Coinbase and GDAX customers.”

It was also mentioned that Bhatnagar will aim to double the size of Coinbase’s support team over the next quarter and also ensure the provision of 24/7 phone support to Coinbase’s customers by July 2018.

While at Twitter, Bhatnagar had started off with a team of 20 people more than 5 years ago, and over the years, she helped grow her team to thousands of people that now operate from multiple locations and handle millions of support tickets a month.

Before achieving that feat, she was also able to work with other renowned corporations such as IBM and Salesforce.

In a statement, Bhatnagar explained that she is very excited to join Coinbase and looks forward to improving and enhancing the company’s operations. She stated that she understands the fact that, if Coinbase has to establish itself within the industry, then it can only be possible with a satisfied user-base.

She said in a statement:

“It’s an exciting time, with Coinbase and crypto in the public eye more than ever before, but that also means it’s an even more critical moment to stake our position. And this can only happen if we do right by our customers every single day.”

What supposedly led to this decision

After a debacle of a few days where customers faced many issues with no one heeding to them, Coinbase had received a slew of angry and frustrated comments over Twitter, Reddit, and other platforms where users registered their disappointment with what is considered as one of the primary cryptocurrency exchanges within the U.S.

However, instead of responding to customer complaints through any of the platforms, the company stayed mum on any developments for a few days.

It was a few days later, with customers still registering their issues, when Coinbase finally started replying to the frustrations expressed on online platforms and had a brief statement released by its CEO, Brian Armstrong.

However, the damage had been done by that time, and many customers swore never to use Coinbase’s services again.

Coinbase now faces serious competition

One of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, bitFlyer, recently started its operations within the U.S. while also getting the reportedly hard-to-obtain BitLicense by the regulatory authority of New York (which Coinbase also holds).

BitFlyer is currently only trading in Bitcoin, but it plans to start listing other cryptocurrencies shortly. Furthermore, to mark the start of its operations, it has currently waived off its trading fee, and the promotion will be running until the end of this month.

Needless to say, more and more people are leaning towards bitFlyer that has its operations running in Japan and now Europe as well. Even if they are not switching to it right now, the possibility that they might at least want to try it in the future cannot be a scoffing matter.

Therefore, it was high time that Coinbase started addressing the ongoing issues. Bringing someone as experienced as Bhatnagar seems like a good move, and it just may pay off for the customers of Coinbase.