Cryptocurrency Project Updates for April 2018 – Part 1 of 3

Since Q1 is now coming to an end, several new projects are coming forward with the latest status of cryptocurrency project updates on their respective products.

Instead of having interested individuals jump from website to website looking for cryptocurrency project updates, we thought to compile a list of the most notable of cryptocurrency project updates that have been shared by new projects in the last few days.

Without further ado, let us first start reading the cryptocurrency project updates pertaining to network and commercial deployments, including mainnet alpha and beta launches.

blockport is gearing up for its beta launch

Blockport, a hybrid-decentralized and social based cryptocurrency exchange, recently announced its beta launch.

The beta launch is to take place on March 29 and aims to let potential users see the application in action.

Blockport, which is based out of Amsterdam, mentioned that the beta launch will first be offered as private beta, where a limited number of users would be able to participate in order to test the product with Euro trading pairs. According to the company, the private beta phase could take up to 2 months to complete.

Once the private beta phase is completed, Blockport will offer its product for a public beta launch.

stratis rolls out full node mainnet beta release

Stratis, the blockchain as a service platform that provides development solutions to C# developers, recently announced the beta release of its full node for mainnet.

The company, which has service partners the likes of Microsoft Azure, Ledger, and Bittrex, is very excited about this new development which has a slew of features belonging to various aspects.

The company also shared the GitHub page for the full node mainnnet and mentioned all of the improved features on its blog.

powerledger announces first commercial deployment for its platform

PowerLedger, an Australian blockchain platform which aims to be the world’s primary marketplace for renewable energy, recently rolled out the first commercial deployment for its operations.

Simply put, PowerLedger wants to make it easier for everyone to connect with interested parties to sell their excess renewable energy in order to make for a greener planet.

To make this operation possible and to obtain a more eco-friendly way of meeting energy requirements, the blockchain based platform has partnered with Greenwood Solutions, a renewal energy auditing, and installation firm.

As part of the announced commercial deployment, Greenwood Solutions will be installing solar panels at participating properties across Burwood. The owners of these properties can then rent out the excess renewable energy to people on the PowerLedger platform.

If the project deems to be successful, then PowerLedger is not just going to expand the operation’s site to more locations by the help of additional renewable energy partners, but will also look into expanding towards more renewable energy sources apart from solar power.


Ethlend registers milestones for the quarter along with the third alpha release

Peer-to-peer decentralized lending and financing platform ETHLend announced that it has reached a lending volume of over 7000 ETH through the platform ever since its first Alpha launch.

With the announcement, ETHLend shared the latest release of its Alpha 0.3, named Kogia.

ETHLend also mentioned its new milestones and features including crowdlending, on-demand lending, and gamified credit profiles. The platform also shared the update on its new graphic UI to enhance the experience of its users.


In part two updates regarding supply chains and roadmaps await you

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