Continuing from the compilation of news from various projects, here is the next set of updates for you.

This includes announcements from both blockchain and supply chain cryptocurrency projects as well.

waltonchain announced blockchain updates and business plans for q2

Waltonchain recently shared its plans for Q2, and they sound exciting.

The platform, which uses RFID technology to revolutionize supply chain tracking through blockchain and also works as a developmental solution for new “child-chains”, mentioned that it will be releasing its Android wallet along with establishing its operations in Japan, Russia, Brazil, and Korea in the month of April.

The Android wallet will be followed by an iOS wallet release in May, as well as the introduction of the platform’s proof-of-work (PoW) mining and community bounty reward program.

Waltonchain also mentioned that it will be unveiling its first child chain prototype system within the month of June. Furthermore, the company stated that it will share the implementation of child-chains pertaining to a high-end clothing brand and catering services within the same month.

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origintrail shared updates on detailed and date-specific roadmap

Another supply-chain based blockchain platform called OriginTrail shared the updates on its roadmap, and the company has seemingly got everything under control since it shared specific dates on when its exact implementations of different products are to be released.

Some of the notable updates include a payment mechanism with test tokens, an implementation of a market bidding mechanism, and the first full implementation of blockchain fingerprinting visualization.

The company also aims to introduce different implementations of its zero-knowledge privacy layer, with the first version rolling out on May 7, which will then be followed by updated releases afterward.

This seems to be the essence of this supply chain cryptocurrency update. Let’s learn more about ambrosus.

ambrosus announces rewards for token holders

Ambrosus, a blockchain platform for food and medicine supply chain tracking, announced the release date of its AMB token’s cryptoeconomic model.

The company mentioned that it will share the blueprint of the cryptoeconomic model at the Community Ethereum Development Conference (EDCON), which is to be held during May 3 – 5.

Ambrosus CEO Angel Versetti also mentioned that the company has decided to extend the lockup period of AMB tokens for its staff, partners and advisors by 6 months. He mentioned that the company took this decision to show its commitment to the project and how it wants tangible products and services to be provided to the end users with the utmost transparency.

It was also mentioned that an incentive plan was being developed to reward AMB holders, and that it will be shared with the community soon.

That’s the details on ambrosus supply chain cryptocurrency update !

ins enhances its airdrop, includes new token holders

By being a one of its kind blockchain based solution for the grocery industry, the INS ecosystem aims to establish itself as the industry leader for facilitating B2C interaction within the consumer goods market.

The company has been holding the airdrop for its native INS token for the past 3 months, but it just announced that it will now rework the airdrop mechanism for the upcoming 3 months.

Instead of distributing 200,000 INS each month from April to June, the platform will release a collective airdrop of 600,000 INS on July 2, 2018.

INS further stated that it will also facilitate those holders who did not obtain the INS during its token sale and instead bought it later.

The company mentioned that all that the users have to do in order to benefit from the airdrop is to hold the INS tokens in their personal wallet.

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