CryptoFuse to Offer World’s First Secure, Internet-free Transactions

Cryptofuse is the world’s first company to create secure, internet-free transactions, backed by the power of patent-pending, military-grade technology. CryptoFuse was launched in June at the Blockchain Expo in London. Offline Blockchain technology has been a hot topic of discussion across the globe, representing a critical challenge for adoption that impacts millions of people. While there are many companies that offer solutions for transactions, there is an Achilles heel in all of them: without consistent internet connectivity, it is not possible to guarantee that the transaction will be honoured once internet connectivity is restored.

Cryptofuse has solved this problem by offering a unique, patent-pending solution using proprietary hardware/software, blockchain and mesh networking. The value of the CryptoFuse solution allows “in person, face-to-face” transactions to be guaranteed. By simply using a smartphone paired with a small storage device (key fob), customers and businesses can be assured that transactions have occurred (e.g. money exchanged hands) even when internet is not available at the time of the transaction. The secure transaction is later recorded in a permanent ledger once internet connectivity is restored.

This solution will expand the usefulness of blockchain in currency transactions, smart contract execution and supply chain tracking, all with no internet connection at the time of the transaction. Use cases range from a farmer selling a truckload of fruit in a developing country to supply chain tracking of commodities in disaster areas.

As a company, CryptoFuse is a business-to-business (B2B) model. CryptoFuse will leverage the existing customer base of our business partners to provide a channel for selling products and services. Revenue is generated predominantly through transaction fees charged while conducting “off internet” transactions and sale of proprietary hardware devices. CryptoFuse has a $3.2M MOU with its fist business partner, ExperCoin. ExperCoin is a Harvard-incubated protocol for creating decentralized economies. CryptoFuse and Expercoin will join forces to pioneer the creation of “internet-free” transactions that will allow cryptocurrency and smart contract transactions to occur even when internet connectivity is not readily available.

CryptoFuse has a strong team in place to include Andrew Wayne Couch, the founder who sold his first company and ran his second company for seven years before leaving to start CryptoFuse. According to Couch, “partnerships are the best way to get this new capability into the hands of those who want it and implement mass adoption. We believe everyone should have access and the opportunity to transact money, documents and information no matter where they are, even if internet access is not readily available.”


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About Cryptofuse:

CryptoFuse offers secure, internet-free transactions, backed with the power of patent-pending, military-grade technology.

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