Rory MacDonald, the very recent current champion of the Bellator welterweight title, sported branded Dash gear during his fighting event against now-former champion Douglas Lima.

MacDonald wore Dash gear throughout the event and wore a white and turquoise themed trucker hat with the Dash logo on it even as he posed with his belt: a picture that is now circulating all over the web with the news of his victory.

However, MacDonald had not just randomly worn the cryptocurrency branded clothes for just some compensation without knowing the meaning behind them. If you have been following MacDonald on social media, you would know that he is very interested in cryptocurrency and makes frequent comments about this new yet powerful phenomenon that has lately taken the world by storm.

The decision to wear Dash branded clothing was very well thought out on MacDonald’s part, who put forth this idea by presenting a proposal to the Dash masternodes by the name of “Dash for the Belt” last month.

The proposal explained how MacDonald was willing to work towards gaining exposure for Dash by wearing branded gear through his appearances relating to the fight and during the fighting event itself.

It had also been stated that MacDonald would be tweeting about Dash and mention it during his interviews, whenever possible.

An excerpt from the proposal read:

“Rory will be tweeting about Dash and possibly mention it during interviews. During the walk-out, Dash-branded attire will be seen front and center on the t-shirt and shorts. During the fight, Dash will be visible on the shorts and after the fight with a Dash ‘trucker’ hat. A representative from GC will be at the event to insure Dash has maximum exposure.”

MacDonald had also specified a onetime payment for this deal as 330 DASH – which is around $285,000 at press time.

Voting then began by the masternodes, all of whom presented their thoughts on signing MacDonald for this arrangement. During the start, it seemed as though it was a close competition, with even MacDonald weighing in from Twitter:

“the past few days ive been watchin my @Dashpay proposal voteing pg an let me tell u its been an emotional roller coaster. 1minute i think im closing in and the next i get set back another 40 votes, thx2 all the masternodes taking their time 2consider me [sic]”

However, at the end, 885 out of 1,130 votes were cast in MacDonald’s favor, which resulted in him wearing the Dash branded gear during the event.

Now that MacDonald has won the title, it is a possibility that other MMA fighters from Bellator and UFC could also join the cryptocurrency world after learning of his experience with Dash.

Previously speaking to Forbes, MacDonald had also shared his comments about Dash and the potential benefits that both the MMA world and Dash itself could explore together.

“I think this could be a big disruptor in the MMA market,” MacDonald had said at the time. “The scale of partnerships that Dash is able to do, compared to other companies, when it comes to sponsoring fighters [are a factor]. They have a large budget and if the community supports it, and if they continue to go after the MMA market, it should be very interesting.”