Changes To Dash: Prices Continue To Soar

The cryptocurrency increased significantly in prices reaching a price It has never before, signaling strength and interest. Dash climbed to $500 before falling back to down to $350 and then reaching $447.75. The coin is up more than 40 percent in the past month.

There are a variety of reasons why there was a surge in dash, as we’ve also witnessed a surge in pricing in bitcoin cash (BCH) as well. The underlying cause might be the lack of bitcoin going through with Segwit2x. The expected hard fork was cancelled and it seems to have triggered interesting market movements across the board.

Yet, there have been a variety of other changes that have been taking place with Dash itself.

Their core team has announced that they would be going through with pushing their own sort of Segwit2x to dash infrastructure, providing a 2MB block size and lower transaction fees. Increased block size and lower transaction fees being some of the concerns that people want addressed in the pioneer cryptocurrency bitcoin. Dash, taking this action might make it more interesting and stronger in the long term as a variety of things, including it’s core of being a payment network. The expected higher performance was probably priced in over the past day.

This may indicate further price increases in dash as the core team over there seeks to differentiate their already vastly different platform. Dash also has an added benefit in that it has always made itself different from the pack and has presented itself as something more than just another altcoin. To that end one will not find a lot of similarities with the other crypto coins that are present today.

Dash is focused on their scalability first plan and are choosing to go with their on chain path as opposed to bitcoin which has gone the route of payment channels as witnessed by their lightning network or even ETH with their Raiden Network.

Dash has also received praises from people like Roger Ver and Charlie Shrem who are big block enthusiasts.

Remember, even though DASH is going to be big block oriented now, some may consider not as high a priority due to the fact they don’t possess the transaction volume that would necessitate such an integration. Yet as a move to plan for the future, this can be applauded as a wise move.

DASH is instead choosing to go with their big block mentality as stated in their blog earlier this year

“Many projects in the space believe that on-chain scaling is impossible. That’s simply because they haven’t explored alternative P2P architectures for higher performance. We intend to show just how far an incentivized second tier [masternode] architecture can take a project like Dash.”

Introducing v12.2

The most notable changes are:

  • DIP0001 implementation (which is a 2MB block upgrade);
  • Transaction fee reduction 10x (activates via DIP0001 activation);
  • InstantSend vulnerability fix (activates via DIP0001 lock in);
  • PrivateSend improvement which should allow user to have mixed funds available much faster;
  • Various RPC changes;
  • Lots of backports from Bitcoin Core and refactoring of our own legacy code which should improve performance and make code more reliable and easier to review;
  • Experimental HD wallet with BIP39/BIP44 support.

You can see further changes here

They are looking to minimize transaction costs by at least 10X so that users will have a greater experience when transacting, ideally DIP0001 would help to make this happen  easily.

On a final note, it seems that Dash has a greater centralization concentration and make sure to watch for changes such as sporking as well in the updates!

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