Dash has been on a roll lately and continues to grow in partnerships and price. DASH has undoubtedly been on a meteoric rise as of late. The cryptocurrency seems to be growing at a rapid rate as the team continues to take actions, roll out updates and partner with both, strategic individuals and organizations. As of late the many members of the DASH project have voted to sponsor a recent welterweight champion and has partnered with organizations like Mercury Cash to expand their reach to consumers in Latin America. Meanwhile, the price of the cryptocurrency is currently sitting at $735.70, a slight dip from where it was at prior due to drops in the market.

What else is going on for DASH? Read on and find out!

Dash Statements

Dash is a company that exists to deploy digital cash, it is currently based in Arizona, and it has thus made some noise in the state. The company was started earlier, in 2014, it continues to amass users as it progresses.

The CEO of the company recently commented that he believes that the cryptocurrency industry is pivotal. He states:

“It is my belief that it’s going to be every bit transformative as the internet was to information. This is what digital currency is going to do to what we know as money”. He added further, “where it really derives its value from is from the new uses it has and the problems it solves. It enables commerce to take place that can’t take place with existing patent systems.”

DASH has at least 500 business that accepts their payments and the team continues to strive to bring more merchant partners on board.

DASH and Continuing Partnership with Arizona State University

The team is currently working out of offices at Arizona State University and has also contributed $300,000 to the University of Arizona to let students get up to date on cryptocurrencies.

The money given to the university will help to “accelerate research, development, and education in ways that advance blockchain transaction speed, efficiency, security, and expand its uses.”  

They’ve divided up the money to be allocated toward a scholarship program to further research in both undergraduate and graduate programs. Then, a portion of the funds will be going toward the Blockchain Research Lab and their Luminosity Lab. A part of the funds will also go toward the development of courses in regards to cryptocurrencies, a course that will be deployed to online graduate students within the coming fall semester of this year. The funding took place via a treasury proposal.

Strategic Move

More researchers are needed to jump into this field to help further the field. Just as the internet came about through partnerships between the government and academia, it’s important for further technologies to have real resources allocated to it for development, further applications and use cases to take place.

Outside assistance in research is needed because the core teams must be focused on running and growing the networks on a regular basis via partnerships and other means.

More Calls for Research

Others are also engaging in the need for research, Ethereum recently provided grants for the acceleration of growth and scaling. Bitcoin is currently furthered by universities like MIT to progress and grow the aspects of Bitcoin.

To fully realize and grow the various use cases of these cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, real research must be done, focused research that looks into further applications, use cases, and solves the current problems that are preventing this potential utilization.