The growing world of blockchain has brought about all kinds of different platforms. From specific blockchains dedicated to supply chain networks to platforms that are built for the medical industry, it seems that the revolution of blockchain would leave no stone unturned to incorporate all walks of life into this future-centric technology.

However, there seemed to be one aspect that had not been touched until now, and upon some thought, it gets clear that while it was not realized before, there had indeed been a dire need for a platform for the community that it serves: a community that is integral to blockchain, software design, and almost all of technology.

Dev protocol, a blockchain platform to serve the developer community

The Dev Protocol is a revolutionary blockchain platform that has been created for the developer community by the developer community, and aims to resolve a few key issues which developers face on a day to day basis.

The protocol was developed by Codementor, an online staffing and mentoring platform for developers, and will be rolled out to the company’s portfolio of developers. The company is considered to be the largest live mentoring platform for developers, with over 9,000 experts that provide mentoring services to over 300,000 registered developers.

The Dev Protocol will work as a reputation management and payment platform where developers would not only be able to maintain their profiles on a decentralized network for potential employers to find, but would also be able to leverage blockchain’s secure and transparent facilities, so that any work that they perform for an employer gets to be secured by Escrow-like payments.

These functions will not only help the developers maintain a proper reference profile but will also mean that they will not be taken advantage of in terms of compensation, as it so unfortunately happens especially with online staffing platforms – where clients sometimes stop payments due to no reason whatsoever and the arbitration process itself seems to be difficult for developers to resolve due to the nature of their work. Furthermore, in these cases. online arbitrators hired by those platforms, typically do not get to truly understand the intricacies of the work performed like a developer would do.

However, since the Dev Platform is completely managed by developers, it ensures to resolve all such issues and hopes to be the primary platform for the developer community.

Speaking to TechCrunch, Weiting Liu, co-founder and chief executive officer of Codementor, mentioned that the Dev Protocol will solve many unspoken yet highly problematic issues that developers face while dealing with online staffing solutions.

He pointed out that a developer having a degree from an Ivy League school or even other highly prestigious institutions such as MIT or Stanford could get a lot of connections and jobs due to just having those names on their portfolio, but those who have not been that fortunate face a lot of issues, and that is what the Dev Protocol means to resolve.

“We are enabling great developers in Russia, Madison, Wisconsin, Vancouver or Alberta or in Taiwan, to have a platform for them to earn their reputation fairly and transparently.” Liu stated.