HitBTC is now going to be the second exchange to list Electroneum, announced Electroneum’s founder and director, Richard Ells.

“We are happy to announce that Electroneum will soon be listed on the exchange HitBTC,” Ells wrote in a Facebook post. “We have listened to our community and recognized that more exchanges are necessary as we continue to grow and aim become the first cryptocurrency to achieve real-world mass adoption.”

Ells’ plans about Electroneum’s adoption by masses all over the world might sound farfetched even for a cryptocurrency, but if you have been following how Electroneum works, you would know that it might well be very achievable by this digital currency.

What’s so special about Electroneum?

This one of a kind cryptocurrency has been making waves ever since it was announced and ran a successful initial coin offering (ICO) of $40 million.

The success of the initial coin offering did not come about because of an endorsement by a celebrity or association with other cryptocurrencies. Instead, it has been getting attention because it is the first truly mobile-based cryptocurrency.

Even though it is based on a decentralized, blockchain-based network, the way that Electroneum functions is vastly different from its counterparts, especially when it comes to its accessibility and mining processes.

The Electroneum token is completely accessible through its mobile app, which is a highly secured but at the same time easily available way of managing the cryptocurrency.

Through the app, Electroneum holders can send and receive payments right from their phone by using a QR code scanning functionality. This makes it very easy for everyday use as compared to the more conventional cryptocurrencies.

Another functionality that sets Electroneum apart from its competition is the way that its mining works.

Using the app, any ordinary cellphone user can take part in “mining” the cryptocurrency. All they have to do is to simply have the app run in the background, which will keep mining and will earn the cellphone’s owner mining rewards in the form of new Electroneum coins.

These features make Electroneum a strong contender for its goal of mass adoption throughout the world. The very notion of earning new tokens just by downloading an app is very enticing for the everyday user. This enthusiasm is evidenced by large numbers of registered users, the app has registered more than 700,000 users since its launch in late 2017.

It was also reported by Ells that despite only listing on one exchange, Cryptopia, over $513 million of Electroneum has been traded so far in just around three months.

During Electroneum’s launch, Ells had expressed his intention of creating a cryptocurrency that would be easily accessible by the everyday user.

I realized that what the world needs is a cryptocurrency that is genuinely easy to access and use” he had said at the time. “We’ve developed Electroneum with the ordinary mobile user in mind.”

It seems that the objective of keeping this in mind has started paying off for Electroneum and the community associated with it. This will be one of the cryptocurrencies to watch this year to determine how fast it gets adopted by its target audience.