Some names, like Oprah, really need no introduction.

However, it is not just television celebrities and entrepreneurs that hold that distinction, but brilliant minded inventors that have pushed the boundaries of conventional machines and technologies  like Elon Musk,  who fall under the same category.

Elon Musk, who is synonymous with bringing the cutting edge  Tesla automobile to life, and has since went on to initiate various technological ventures such as SpaceX, which only prove his prowess and his vision of helping humanity achieve its next milestone in terms of invention and exploration.

That is why, when he was recently spotted reading a book about cryptocurrencies, it sent the cryptocurrency community and with it, a larger section of IT enthusiasts into frenzy.

Which book was Elon musk reading that was based on cryptocurrency?

The book in question is called “Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain & ICOs & Co Simply Explained”, written by Dr. Julian Hosp.

It is an introductory book to let people have a basic idea about how crypto currencies work, what functionalities that the blockchain provides, and what popular terms such as the financial mechanism of “initial coin offering” mean.

Dr. Hosp himself has a mission to tell as many people as he can about crypto currencies, and has a personal mission to let about 1 billion people know about blockchain by the year 2025. He is currently involved with TenX, a company which focuses on bitcoin and blockchain.

Having Musk spotted with the book authored y Julian Hosp, in his hand is significant because while he has been involved with PayPal in the past, he has not really invested anything into crypto currencies by himself.

Seeing that he is learning about crypto currencies is certainly fascinating as it does not only open doors to innovation but also to influence, since if a person like Musk is to be a propagator of cryptocurrencies, then one can only imagine the back and forth comments from the supporters and critics of this financial market.

Elon Musk and crypto

Will Elon Musk utilize cryptocurrencies in his current operations or start a new blockchain based venture, possibly, but it seems unlikely, Musk already has to deal with projects like Tesla and other ventures based on renewable energy. Elon has also recently stated that he has minimal holdings in crypto currencies as well.

About Julain Hosp and Ten X :

Singaporean based startup TenX ( was founded on June 11th 2015 with its co-founders (Julian Hosp and others) wanting to solve the problem of cryptocurrencies not really being usable in everyday life yet. Most people trying to spend Bitcoin, Ethereum or many others realise quite fast that it is hard to connect this revolutionary but novel system with “real world transactions”. TenX seeks to resolve that issue with the implementation of their wallet and payment platform, making virtual currencies spendable, anytime and anywhere.