Elon Musk, the Creator of Bitcoin? SpaceX Employee Thinks So

Ever since Bitcoin grew in popularity, people have wondered about the creators of the cryptocurrency, did Elon Musk create Bitcoin?

Known only by the synonym Satoshi Nakamoto, nobody knows the real identity of it’s creator(s).

They asked questions like, what was his motive, who is he, where is he, why is he quiet, why have we barely heard from him?

A few of these questions have been answered by Satoshi, yet, other questions linger, his identity remains a secret and speculation continues.

Some jokesters have stepped forward and have stated that they were the founder but they have been proven to not be the founder through various checks by many parties.

An example of this would have been Craig Wright, the founder of NChain. Wright claimed to be the founder at a Future of Bitcoin Conference and was immediately met with pushback by some members of the community like Wladimir van Der Laan. Wladimir was able to provide a check on this statement by being one of the of people who maintains the Bitcoin Core.

According to the developer, Sergio Lerner, Satoshi is said to have about 1 million in bitcoin. That much bitcoin means he is worth in excess of 9,000,000,000, that is, indeed, a lot of zeros.

The latest to receive this speculative honor is none other than billionaire extraordinaire, Elon Musk.


Elon Musk, History

Elon Musk has spoken out in the past about the banking/financial system and is one of the founders of PayPal, (a worldwide online payments system that supports online money transfers while serving as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders).


This would provide Musk with some sort of authority on the financial system and might have given him a leg up in being able to create a financial system like Bitcoin.

Check out his long term vision on Paypal, money, databases and Bitcoin.

Elon Musk has since then moved on to energy and Space in his investments and work in Tesla,  SpaceX and solarcity.

Elon’s motive behind all of his businesses has been the impact they would have on the future of the world. Take Tesla for example, using renewable energy rather than our finite oil reserves, a step toward a more sustainable future. SpaceX’s ultimate goal is to provide a new planet for human beings to live on.

Everything he does is centred around creating a better future on Earth.

Now, a former intern at SpaceX, Sahil Gupta, believes that Elon Musk created Bitcoin!.


Did Elon Musk Create Bitcoin ?

He starts out his thoughts by providing three bold statements, two of which are more plausible.

1. Satoshi Nakamoto is probably Elon Musk

2. Elon Musk is today’s Ben Franklin

3. Bitcoin could be more useful with Elon’s guidance


His premise lies in these three principles, Elon has the expertise in finance and economics realm, understanding the various components of banking and money exchange through his tenure at Paypal. He then was a big proponent of C++, which is what the source code of bitcoin was written in. Lastly, Elon is cross disciplinary innovator as proven with his path from finance (Paypal) to energy (Tesla, SolarCity) to space(SpaceX).

Sahil states

Satoshi is probably Elon

Is Elon capable of inventing Bitcoin? Probably.

  • The 2008 Bitcoin paper was written by someone with a deep understanding of economics and cryptography. Elon has a background in econ and wrote production-level internet software for Zip2 and X.com / Paypal.

  • Bitcoin’s source code was written by someone with a mastery of C++. Elon seems to have a firm grasp of C++, insisting it be used at X.com and at SpaceX.

  • Experience aside, Elon is a self-taught polymath. He’s repeatedly innovated across fields by reading books on a subject and applying the knowledge. It’s how he built rockets, invented the Hyperloop (which he released to the world as a paper), and could have invented Bitcoin.”


We’re waiting on Elon to confirm or deny this statement, but if he is Satoshi, it’s likely that he’ll just keep innovating and living.

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