The Dividend Coin

A dividend coin is going to be released shortly by the United Kingdom-based cryptocurrency exchange platforms, EXMO. The dividend coin will be issued via the innovative vehicle of an initial coin offering. The token sale is being utilized to launch the intriguing idea of a Margin Loan Service to be shortly added to their platform.

As the cryptocurrency continues to heat up, it brings with it many opportunities and challenges depending on which side of the coin one is on. If one is an established player, then new entrants might be more of a threat than validation and support to the system. This pushes current established players to have to continuously innovate to stay relevant and not be disrupted by newer more nimble players.

Thus, EXMO, seeking to stay ahead of the curve is planning on introducing their new service, the margins loans service as a prominent differentiating factor from their competitors. The additional component will provide aggressive traders on their platform with the ability to access more funds through borrowing it on the platform. This new addition is supposed to pave a new path for traders, opening a service like this to an excess of 600,000 devoted trading enthusiasts around the world, giving them the option of taking more prominent positions without hesitation.

A co-founder of the exchange states that they can provide this service to their trading enthusiasts because they can have a token sale.

“Our idea is that we are establishing a dedicated margin loan fund,  thanks to the investment attracted during the crowdsale, so that our clients can trade more by borrowing extra funds on top of their existing balance.”

They further state:

“EXO is a token released by an existing successful business recognized around the world. We [have] researched and determined a growing demand for margin trading on the platform, and we see adding it as a part of the platform’s logical development.”

Highlights of the Crowd Offering

  • Those who invest in the EXO tokens will be able to collect half of the revenues generated from the margin loans service. Revenues will come from the utilization of funds raised in the crowd offering.
  • The Dividends on the EXO tokens will be given in proportion to how many tokens each holder has. Dividends are distributed on a monthly basis.
  • It is important to note that EXO tokens must be kept within the EXMO exchange.
  • The reason why the company is conducting this crowdsale is because they want to become the biggest and best exchange on the planet. Being able to conduct the raise allows them to gain a substantial amount of support and grow their operations.
  • EXO tokens are coming from a present operating and established business entity, something that is in sharp contrast to many players in the initial coin offering market.
  • Investors will receive EXO tokens, the growth of the tokens are directly related to the growth of the exchange and the demand for margin trading. A significant portion of the raise will be allocated toward the growth of aspects of the company that are already experiencing growth from a financial standpoint.
  • If the firm receives an excess of $ 250 million, they will focus on strategically acquiring specific competitors. This would also mean the expansion of their margin trading program on more exchanges if it is allowed.

About EXMO

EXMO is a universal investment-transaction platform allowing its users to carry out transactions in the cryptocurrency. The EXMO business model is built to enable users to buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrency without intermediaries easily. EXMO operates since 2013 for over 700,000 users from all around the world.