Just days before his legendary bout with Conor Mcgregor, Floyd Mayweather has took to Twitter to promote the Hubii Network ICO. The token sale started today (August 24th), and is an ERC-20 token running on the Ethereum netowork.

The Hubii network is a blockchain based decentralised content marketplace where publishers can publish their work, setting their conditions, such as how much they need to be paid. It allows for a fairer content distribution economy where those needing content can get it at a fair price, and those creating the content get what they deserve, without the need for middle men such as agencies, who often add expensive premiums on for clients.

This is the second time the boxing legend, with a 49-0 record has promoted an ICO on social media. Back in July this year, he posted this on Instagram, promoting the Stox ICO, a blockchain based future market predicition platform.


The ICO raised $33 Million in just 34 hours after it began! Impressive! Let’s see how well The Hubii Network does!

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