​Bitcoin is slowly becoming more and more popular as news spreads of it’s rapidly increasing price and the groundbreaking possibilities ahead of the coming cryptocurrency revolution.

Although we’re eager to spread the word about other cryptocurrencies, we decided to use Bitcoin because it’s the most publicly known about by general members of the public.

We feel that spreading these stickers around the globe (yes we’re even posting them for free), we will spark curiosity in people’s mind when they see our stickers, hopefully prompting them to investigate and learn about the cryptocurrency world.

The bitGuru website is shown on the stickers in order to give people interested in learning about the crypto world a first base to go in which to learn and explore. We have a range of pages explaining how a newcomer would go about getting started, as well as links and resources for further learning.

We also have a BTC QR code in which we hope to raise as much Bitcoin as possible, ALL OF WHICH WILL GO DIRECTLY TOWARD FURTHERSPREADING THE WORD! We’re not doing this for profit, we’re doing it for the sole purpose of further increasing awareness of decentralised cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin!

Below are a few examples of future projects we have planned:

  • Print more stickers, including different designs, bigger stickers and posters,
  • Sponsor vehicles such as lorries, buses, trains and stations,
  • Sponsor billboards,
  • Place signs in front of large, publicly broadcast events,
  • Other online and local advertising

If you think of any other creative and cost effective things we can do, please let us know at contact@bitguru.co.uk

So for now, please feel free to sign up for one of our free stickers and stick it somewhere you think will get lots of attention! Click Here for your free sticker. They’re going fast so be quick. Please only one per visitor!

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