Coinbase announced on 23rd May, 2018 that on 29th June, 2018, GDAX would evolve to become Coinbase Pro.

GDAX has been Coinbase’s professional trading platform for individuals since 2015. GDAX was one of Coinbase two core products but their trading platform will operate under their globally recognised brand name of Coinbase Pro.

Coinbase Pro is already in operation, users can sign up or sign in with their existing Coinbase accounts. However, the GDAX platform and website will intergrate into the existing Coinbase Pro platform on 29th June.

What is more exciting is that Coinbase may well offer crypto securities by the time that integration happens.

Coinbase to offer crypto securities

We announced that Coinbase are in the process to acquire a license to become a regulated security broker. Currently this is pending SEC authorisation, however should this go through. they will be able to begin to add blockchain backed security tokens. Effectively crypto-securities. This could be public stocks but purchased will stored on a blockchain (distributed ledger), rather than with brokerage firms.

It is likely that if this license is granted, then blockchain back securities or crypto securities could be added to Coinbase Pro. If this is the case we could see a whole influx of new investors who are now exposed to the cryptocurrency markets. At the same time this would drastically improve current brokerage systems by allowing 24 hour trading, instantaneous trades and a much more user friendly platform.

This would be a huge development for the entire world not just the cryptocurrency markets. The current securities markets and the way in which securities are traded are very outdated systems, if Coinbase manage to become a regulated securities broker, they can completely revolutionise both the stock market industry and the cryptocurrency industry.

Only time will tell, come check out how our cryptocurrency portfolio is doing via out Telegram channel.