The Gladius Network is a decentralized, Blockchain-driven platform designed to protect against DDoS attacks. Gladius’ platform allows users to rent out spare bandwidth to help fight cyber crime. Users who rent out their bandwidth earn Gladius tokens which can then be exchanged for fiat currency at a later time.

What is a DDoS attack?

A DDoS (short for Distibuted Disruption of Service) attack is a way of taking down a website using multiple computers. Hackers use a DDoS attack in an attempt to overwhelm an online service making it unavailable. To do this attackers use a network of infected computers known as ‘botnets’, which they spread malicious software. Botnets can generate masses of traffic to overwhelm a website, once the site is infected by these botnets, it can be controlled remotely.

A DDoS attack can cost a companies huge amount of money. Companies do not only lose out on uptime and sales. Their brand credibility is damaged along with consumer trust. Their has been a significant increase in DDoS attacks in 2016 alone, as well as a significant increase in the size of the attacks. Given the growing nature of companies with an online presence this does not look like slowing down.

Information about recent DDoS attacks can be found at


How does Gladius work?

Gladius creates peer to peer, DDoS protection on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can download the Gladius desktop client which allows them to rent out their unused bandwidth and computational power for Gladius tokens. Websites can then use these pools of data to make their site run faster, making them more resilient to a DDoS attack.

With Gladius both businesses and users can benefit;
Businesses benefit from reduced costs. Effective DDoS solutions are not individually tailored and are extremely expensive. With Gladius they can pay less for the level of protection they actually need.
On the reverse users can benefit as they are able to earn money for any unused internet they are paying for.

Another major feature of the Gladius network is creating pools of users. This benefits websites as they can store their information is routed through these large pools. This means if the site is under attack, the requests will be directed the many individual users. This allows the individual nodes to verify the trusted content and block and malicious software. Businesses will therefore be less vulnerable to an attack as the malicious software is being routed through a decentralised network of individual devices.

Gladius are currently in their Pre-sale with the ICO set to launch on 1st November. To learn more visit the site here.

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