Can Bitcoin Get People Killed?

We’ve got another case where someone has sought to do ill while using the cryptocurrency bitcoin to facilitate the transaction.

What happened this time? Well, in a case that seems very film noir esque,  an Italian woman sought to hire a hitman to assassinate her boyfriend. The means of payment that she used? The pioneer virtual currency, bitcoin.

Why is this a big deal? Because it may add another notch to the belt of those who are quick to point to the cryptocurrency as a culprit or party to nefarious deeds. Drawing further unwanted attention from regulators in a manner that could strangle the various utilities of this new innovation.

What was the result of the investigation? The Italian woman was sentenced to and will serve six years in a Danish prison for her crime.

In the age of Amazon, Alibaba, and companies like DoorDash and Uber, where the aim is to be consumer-centric, to meet the consumer, not just halfway, but all the way. To sort of be at the beck and call of the consumer, heeding to every demand made by the consumer, whether it be giving a ride on demand, or buying groceries on demand, or shipping over the latest supply of goods, on demand, it seems that the customer can truly have it all. It seems that all of these companies have risen due solely to the service of the consumer, looking to serve as many consumers as they can, in a somewhat personalized fashion, while only asking for a few dollars per transaction, in return for their superior service. It is, in fact, the age of the customer.

We live in 2017 and the era of convenience is just getting started.

A few dollars can get you where you need to go and maybe if one were so inclined, a hitman to take care of an ex-boyfriend. It seems that the convenience is not just increasing in areas that many consider to be “above board”, but also in many areas that governments and authorities in most countries might frown on. Activities such as an Italian woman residing in the country of Denmark, delving into the depths of the dark web and seeking to hire the services of a hitman who would eliminate her ex-boyfriend.

Cryptocurrency for Death

The woman was able to find the killer on a site (that seems to be unashamed of what it stands for and facilitates) called Crime Bay. Who would have thought that we’d have advanced to such an age where one could go to an online bay and find someone who would be willing to take a life for a few virtual coins? Apparently, the woman sent the hitman some pertinent details of the individual she wanted to be killed. She included a picture and a location of where to find the individual so that the hitman would not get confused.

The woman sought to be very thorough, detailing the methods that the hitman should use, requesting the use of a firearm suppressor and more to carry out her plot, for there was much at stake, coins and a plan that needed to be flawlessly executed.

The price? 4.1 Bitcoins or $4,000 worth of bitcoin at the initiation of the contract.

There appears to have been some hiccups with the plan because she was caught and the murder never happened.

Instead, she has been sent to a prison in Denmark for six years and is reported to be deported from Denmark after the completion of her sentence.

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