For many people, convincing friends and family about the success and potential behind cryptocurrency is a challenge. It does to be fair all seem just too good to be true, and anyone living in the 21st century knows that if something is too good to be true, it probably is.

Although this may seem like one of those elusively impossible money making schemes to the uninformed, the cryptocurrency market is very, VERY real, and has already made those in it from the beginning incredibly wealthy. It’s certain to make many more in the future very wealthy too, as prices are in full boom and show no sign of slowing.

All well and good if you’ve been following and profiting, but what about those sceptical, despite showing them your gains?

Well some people are hard to sway, but show them this and they may just change their mind.

The best way to get through to people is to come from a familiar place – People in general are incredibly resistant to change, especially when it comes to money, but one way to help people realise the potential, is to use what they’re familiar with.

Bank interest rates are at an all time low, whereas cryptocurrency prices are at all time highs! In the UK, you’d be lucky to find a savings account to give you a 2.5% PER YEAR interest rate, with an optimistic average of 1%! Now cryptocurrency is volatile, but consistently making gains over the long term!

The banking system has held a monopoly over the financial world for decades, forcing savers to accept lower and lower interest rates, with no alternatives in sight. Now blockchain technology has provided a realistic way for the average person to make money. Of course there is a higher level of risk, but investing small amounts to begin with is the best way to go.

Cryptocurrency gains

£100 invested into 3 of the current most popular cryptocurrencies on January 1st 2017 would now be worth:

  • Bitcoin – £413
  • Ethereum – £3307
  • NEO – £28,181

The chart on the right shows the percentage increase since 1st January for each of these 3 cryptocurrencies.

The prices are constantly on the rise, providing an insane and previously unheard of return on investment!


It will take time, and people will at first think you’re crazy, but providing the gains are consistent and the market keeps on growing, people will start to realise the potential.

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