An initial Coin Offering (ICO) can be a great way to make huge potential profits in the cryptocurrency world, for example a $100 investment in Ethereum on its’ ICO launch would now be worth £105,787, If you had put $100 into NEO (Formerly Antshares you would be sitting on $574,428.
Given that the world of cryptocurrencies is still very much in its’ infancy there is still a large amount of untapped potential projects which could still revolutionise the world. However launching an ICO is not easy, it requires a large team with varying skill sets in a range of different professions… and this is just to get started, the project then needs to be successful before the tokens appreciate in value.

ICOBox may be able to revolutionise the ICO industry by streamlining the whole process, they will look to make the process quicker and more efficient while maintaining a professional approach.

What is ICOBox?

ICOBox is a new product/service which will allow projects to conduct an ICO at lower costs through a more automated process, as well as introducing templates and models in all three ICO components:

  • Technology solution
  • Legal solution
  • Marketing solution

ICOBox are unique as they are the first company which will have an invested interst on both sides of the market; the party conducting the ICO will benefit through professional services offered by ICOBox and the token holder will benefit because ICOBox will hold some of the tokens offered by the ICO’s launched on their platform.

ICOBox are currently in their ICO stage which is set to run until September 15th, the ICOBox token is called the ICOS, the token itself gives holder 3 rights:

  1. Right to vote – holders will be entitled to one vote per each whole token the hold. Token holders can vote on new projects which they would like to see go to ICO stage, they can choose to use all of their tokens on one project or split them between multiple projects.
  2. Right to comment – token holders will be able comment on project which have applied for an ICO on the ICOS platform.
  3. Right to exchange their ICOS token for the new ICO projects’ token – when a new project launches a presale a set amount of their tokens will be placed on the ICOS platform, therefore ICOS token holders will be able to exchange their tokens for the new projects’ token. This will however reduce their voting rights for every ICOS token they invest.

The platform looks very promising given that it is the only one of its’ kind that we know off to date, It can not only help the ICO markets’ boom but also speed up the rate at which revolutionary projects can launch. Overall, a total of around 800 ICO’s could potentially be launched in the first year of ICOBox launching.

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