Major Cryptocurrency Events for April 2018

Bitcoin might be going through a tumultuous run as of late, but that has not stopped the cryptocurrency industry from moving on with its day to day life.

This is being demonstrated by the slew of major events cryptocurrency events for April 2018.

For the ease of our readers, we have compiled a short list of such planned updates and interesting cryptocurrency events for April 2018 that are creating a buzz within the cryptocurrency community.


A significant event that has happened so far with Bitcoin, is the progress made on the lightning network by Lightning labs. Further significant events that are to occur will be in regards to scaling, Segwit implementations by third parties such as Coinbase.

In regards to bitcoin futures, there are 2 days left until CME March Bitcoin Futures Last Trade & Settlement Price, according to coinmarketcal.

Request Network mainnet release

The Request Network platform is to have its mainnet release by the end of the first quarter, which should be on Saturday March 31st. The mainnet release should allow for use cases such as pay with req and more!

According to their blog,  “the mainnet release of the Request Network is a very important milestone as it enables the decentralized ecosystem of builders to launch their products on top of the platform”.

The project notes further that “the release of mainnet version is a pilot — The core platform on which many more functionalities will be developed over time by both the Foundation and the community builders.”

Another interesting announcement made by the platform is that they have an official partnership with PwC France.

This makes it a significant milestone that would pave the way for them to go to the next step of Stonehenge!

Nebulas mainnet release

Nebulas, a search engine for blockchain network that is also called  ‘Google for blockchain’ by its proponents, is planning to prove its mettle by launching its mainnet on March 29.

This holds major significance for the industry since Nebulas remains one of the most sought-after new projects due to its ambitious objective of building a search engine that connects all blockchain networks so that users could have easy access to blockchain information as they do on things around the conventional Interweb.

The supporters and even neutral spectators are waiting to see how the event would unfold for Nebulas, as this could make or break its native token, NAS.

If Nebulas is successful in showing its potential to be the equivalent to Google in the blockchain industry, then the token’s value would only rise with time.

genesis vision alpha launch

Genesis Vision, a blockchain platform built for the private trust management market, is going to hold its Alpha release no later than April 1st.

The platform aims to provide a one of a kind decentralized platform to exchanges, brokers, managers and investors within the trust management industry to ensure consistent transparency in its operations – something which is always a necessity within this market.

Along with transparency, it also offers various other features including (artificial intelligence) AI powered functionalities.

Genesis Vision is considered to be a highly vetted platform by several industry authorities, and thus its Alpha launch is anticipated by its target market as well as investors who want to benefit from its native token, GVT.

oyster pearl protocol mainnet launch

The Oyster Pearl Protocol is one of those projects which not only thinks out of the box but since the launch of its testnet, has been delivering on its unconventional ideas as well.

The protocol’s objective is to revolutionize the monetization structure of websites. Instead of using the age-old banner ads that most visitors block in the first place, the platform provides website owners with the option to utilize their visitors’ unused and free computer power to fuel the network’s operations.

Since visitors could opt for this program to use a website and access its content without being pestered by repeated requests to turn off their ad-blocker plugins, website owners can ensure monetization of their platform without bothering their users with pesky banner ads.

The Oyster Protocol will launch its mainnet sometime in April. If it could prove that this unconventional solution is beneficial for all involved parties, then it could have positive effects on its native token, PRL

The platform is also slating an airdrop for its new token SHL to take place in ten days.

zilliqa testnet launch

Zilliqa claims to be a high-throughput yet immensely secure public blockchain platform that would steer clear from the existing scalability issues faced by existing blockchain networks.

The platform claims to perform thousands of transactions per second, all without compromising the security, privacy and decentralization aspects of blockchain technology. By establishing itself as the industry example in terms of speed, consistency and security, Zilliqa also plans to be the go to platform for decentralized apps that require a truly high-throughput platform to carry out their functions optimally.

The Zilliqa team is now aiming to show the world that it does not only write these aspects on paper but can very well deliver on them.

The platform’s testnet launch is supposed to take place sometime before the end of March, and if updates are to be believed, then it would not be delayed past April.

If things go well for Zilliqa, then the launch of its testnet could have very positive effects on its native token, ZIL.

Monero hardware wallet

While the Ledger Wallet devices support popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ripple along with Ethereum and its ERC 20 tokens, Ledger’s support for Monero has been well overdue.

Monero’s growing popularity as a functional privacy coin influenced Ledger Wallet to start working on the integration a while ago, but the development team had initially stated that providing an ETA would not be possible due to the complexity of the project. However, an interesting piece of news came last month when one of the developers working on the interface stated that the implementation is close to a final release.

If rumors are to be believed, then this could happen within the month of April itself and Ledger’s users would be able to store their favorite privacy coin in their hardware wallets, away from any potential threats.

deconomy 2018

While not an event from an existing project, Deconomy 2018 is a two-day forum which is scheduled to be held during April 4 – April 5.

Focusing on blockchain technology, the important event boasts of prominent personalities from the blockchain world as its participants, including individuals such as Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin; Bithumb Vice President Junga Lee; Digicash Founder David Chaum; Blockstream CTO Samson Mow; and IBM’s CBDC Global Lead, Stanley Young.

The forum will see the first appearance of Block.One Partner Ian Grigg after the separation of controversial Partner Brock Pierce from darling startup EOS.IO, following a much-publicized segment on the company by HBO host John Oliver. Speaking of controversial figures, Roger Ver from is also scheduled to attend the event.

Ripple and R3, two institutions going head-to-head in legal battle will also have representation at the forum in the form of Chief Cryptographer David Schwartz and Director of Research Antony Lewis, respectively.

With this mix of revered and popular personalities from the blockchain world, the event could hold some updates for the future as well as tidbits on where the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries are headed.

That covers some of the major cryptocurrency events for April 2018

Are you excited for cryptocurrency events for April 2018? Do you have any suggestions on other events that you think would be a good add?

This short list aimed to note down the most talked about events that are supposed to take place within the next few weeks. If you think that there is an event which could be added to this list, then feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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