MetaMask Rolls out New UI

With the world of cryptocurrency slowly transcending the invisible boundary between itself and the everyday users – who until the last quarter of 2017 – had never even heard of a blockchain network, much less used one, the need to introduce those users to the cryptocurrency and blockchain community in a proper manner has grown more than it ever had in the past few years.

The reasoning behind it is understandable and valid too because the growth that the cryptocurrency and blockchain community aims to achieve in the next few years can only be attained by getting more people to see the benefits of these technological innovations and use them firsthand.

But that is where the biggest challenge comes in. Even if these people are technologically proficient, they expect to access blockchain on their “conventional” systems. To take full advantage of decentralized apps and what blockchain has to offer, they need to run the systems on their own – which in itself is a problem because not everyone can run a node on their computer to access a blockchain network.

That is where a revolutionary solution comes in to act as a “bridge” between conventional and blockchain applications – not just to help new users that were unfamiliar with blockchain, but also seasoned users who just wanted ease of access to their blockchain network through a usual machine without setting up blockchain access on it.

MetaMask comes to the rescue

MetaMask is a conventional web browser extension that works with popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera, as well as the new Brave browser. It works as a portal for users to access blockchain-based applications on the Ethereum network right through their usual browser window.

MetaMask provides several functionalities through its simple extension, which include but are not limited to management of different “vaults” to access different blockchains, a wallet UI for users to see their tokens and to send them to another user using MetaMask’s integration with MyEtherWallet. It also allows access to decentralized applications (DApps) seamlessly so users can take as much advantage of the blockchain technology as their systems would allow.

Ever since its launch, MetaMask has grown in popularity, and with a talented and dedicated team of developers at its helm, has made several changes to its already impressive set of features.

Its very recent update came in the form of its UI, where the developers made a few user-friendly changes to enhance the ease of use that MetaMask has come to be known about.

The new features include but are not limited to full-screen view, an overhaul of the design interface, and the order of new tokens from the extension view.

An overview of these features and how to use them can be viewed here. So far, the features – except for the notice of bug that was fixed later – have been working well. However, since most of them are still new, they might take some time to be perfected.

That being said, since this is a one of its kind venture that could help the advancement of blockchain towards greater user adoption, any development that leads to its betterment should be encouraged.

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